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October 20, 2008

October 20 – November 1, 2008

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This is the way the world ends…not with a bang but with twenty billion midterms to mark and no time to mark them in!



October 7, 2008

Well, You Asked For It (Mark Two)…

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The following welcome message was originally published on a Blogger blog.  Blogger promptly labelled the whole blog as spam.  As it was also forcing people who wanted to comment to get a Google account, I decided to defect.  Ta-da.

This is probably the longest post you will see on this “blog.” The fact is that it is mostly a convenient way for me to allow people to comment on West of Bathurst without me having to create a whole forum that will just sit there, day after day, week after week, year after year, filling up with terrible, terrible spam.

Here, on the other hand, you don’t have to register if you want to comment.  You do have to enter your name (or some name, at least) and e-mail address (which will not be made public).  After that, the world, or at least the tiny portion of the world represented by the comments section of this blog, is your oyster.

This is how it’s going to work:

1) Every second Monday, as I begin a new mini-cycle of comics (a mini-cycle is here a fortnight-long storyline that ends with a colour strip), I shall start a new post on this blog. Each post will contain one sentence that has nothing to do with anything at all and may or may not be completely nonsensical; you will therefore not be missing anything if you choose never to visit this site again.

2) If you wish to make a comment pertaining to anything WoB-related, especially anything WoB-related that also relates to relatively recent WoB comics, please click on the “Comments” link and, well, comment.

3) This blog will be linked on each WoB page from here on in. It may even be that I shall eventually get off my butt and link it from my mirror site on Comic Genesis.

4) If you choose to comment, please be aware that the Massey/Davies Rule of Courtesy extends all the way to this blog. In other words, be polite. It’s sometimes rather too easy to destroy someone on the Internet…so pretend you’re not on the Internet. Respect the feelings of others. Do not stand astride the body of your foe, screaming with maniacal laughter. Et cetera, et cetera.

5) I shall be checking the blog for spam at least once a day. I may not respond to every comment, but I’ll be reading them all. However, if you want to get in touch with me more quickly, there’s this amazing invention called e-mail. I like it a lot. I check mine too often. I think I scare my students by occasionally responding to them ten seconds after they contact me.  If I am somehow unable to figure out how to post my address on this site, you can find it back on the main WoB page.

Thanks for reading. Oh…and this initial post constitutes this week’s (metaphorical) nonsensical sentence. Comment away.

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