Well, You Asked For It (Mark Two)…

The following welcome message was originally published on a Blogger blog.  Blogger promptly labelled the whole blog as spam.  As it was also forcing people who wanted to comment to get a Google account, I decided to defect.  Ta-da.

This is probably the longest post you will see on this “blog.” The fact is that it is mostly a convenient way for me to allow people to comment on West of Bathurst without me having to create a whole forum that will just sit there, day after day, week after week, year after year, filling up with terrible, terrible spam.

Here, on the other hand, you don’t have to register if you want to comment.  You do have to enter your name (or some name, at least) and e-mail address (which will not be made public).  After that, the world, or at least the tiny portion of the world represented by the comments section of this blog, is your oyster.

This is how it’s going to work:

1) Every second Monday, as I begin a new mini-cycle of comics (a mini-cycle is here a fortnight-long storyline that ends with a colour strip), I shall start a new post on this blog. Each post will contain one sentence that has nothing to do with anything at all and may or may not be completely nonsensical; you will therefore not be missing anything if you choose never to visit this site again.

2) If you wish to make a comment pertaining to anything WoB-related, especially anything WoB-related that also relates to relatively recent WoB comics, please click on the “Comments” link and, well, comment.

3) This blog will be linked on each WoB page from here on in. It may even be that I shall eventually get off my butt and link it from my mirror site on Comic Genesis.

4) If you choose to comment, please be aware that the Massey/Davies Rule of Courtesy extends all the way to this blog. In other words, be polite. It’s sometimes rather too easy to destroy someone on the Internet…so pretend you’re not on the Internet. Respect the feelings of others. Do not stand astride the body of your foe, screaming with maniacal laughter. Et cetera, et cetera.

5) I shall be checking the blog for spam at least once a day. I may not respond to every comment, but I’ll be reading them all. However, if you want to get in touch with me more quickly, there’s this amazing invention called e-mail. I like it a lot. I check mine too often. I think I scare my students by occasionally responding to them ten seconds after they contact me.  If I am somehow unable to figure out how to post my address on this site, you can find it back on the main WoB page.

Thanks for reading. Oh…and this initial post constitutes this week’s (metaphorical) nonsensical sentence. Comment away.


46 thoughts on “Well, You Asked For It (Mark Two)…

  1. /me waves!
    Ah, so this is the new site. Nice. 🙂

    ok, so WoB related comment-
    Marie’s state, we see.. How about Casey’s ?
    Surely something’s going through his head.

  2. Yay!

    in other news, the word ‘fortnight’ should be used far more often.

    The one where Rahim wanted to bawl out Casey just made me love him even more.

  3. Ditto to all of the above, especially the comment about Rahim (although Barbara is a close second when it comes to favourite characters!).

    But no, I don’t wonder what Casey is up to. He is Satan after all.

  4. SunshineRain: The taste of a Nanaimo bar is difficult to describe without using the phrase “very, very, very sweet.” It is one of the richest desserts in existence. The chocolate and the custard conspire together to make you feel, after the consumption of a single small square, as if you have devoured an entire cake.

    I don’t know if you can find these things in Europe, but they definitely exist in the States. Wikipedia links to an article that says New Yorkers claim THEY invented the dessert; they call it the “New York Slice.” No Canadian gives any credit to this story.

  5. Heh thanks Kari, I got that from reading the wiki article that it was going to be sweeter then sweet. I was actually wondering what the texture would be like. I wonder if my cousins in Canada would know of this? I will try to remember this if I ever go to Canada especially since the recipe was reprinted in the book “Sex, Life Itself, and the Original Nanaimo Bar Recipe”.
    I do believe I have heard/seen of the “New York Slice” here before, hmm I thought it was a cake. Well it would be interesting to see a chocolate bar that has custard in it.

  6. The texture is odd. The chocolate on top is smooth; the custard is slightly less smooth; the bottom layer is chewy and sometimes on the verge of being crunchy. If you eat the bar when it’s cold, the chocolate will be hard and will squish the custard all over your hands; if you eat it when it’s at room temperature, the chocolate will be soft and will get all over your hands anyway.

  7. hmm, as a random internet person, I seem to recognise a lot of the other random internet people. Its a conspiracy!

    what is plm? (from monday’s comic)

  8. If you are obsessive-compulsive and willing to check back on the strips in which Steve first appears, you may be able to figure out what “PLM” means.

  9. Hey Rin heh, I would assume he is referring to Baldwin as PLM which I think is Poor Little Man. I might be wrong I have this way of remembering these strange detail and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read it. I am not sure which comic Kari is referring to though.

    So a Nanaimo Bar is difficult to eat too eh? Well as they say the harder they are to eat the more harder you have to bite, causing you to lose all your teeth and making it ulitmatly the last thing you eat and so is the best thing you ever remember eating. I mean it must be real good if you are willing to lose all your teeth over it.

  10. Marie should start wearing a bell round her neck, so people could be warned of her coming and stop gossiping about her. She’d escape hearing gossip about her and might sleep better …

  11. Wearing a bell ? Marie ? She ain’t a cat 😀

    That being said, I didn’t realize (or remember) that either M or C drink. I seem to have this vision of both of them being the non alcohol consuming types. Interesting.

  12. Marie drinks; Casey doesn’t. However, I am a non-drinker, and I am still invited to “birthday drinks things.” Generally, I end up drinking Coke or Pepsi if the drinks thing is at a pub and whatever non-alcoholic beverage is on offer if the drinks thing is in someone’s home. The point is the conviviality, not the alcohol per se.

  13. Ohhh the suspense is killing me.
    Not sure why Catty there mention drinking but I actually remember that strip where Casey gave away his free beer to the girls (including Marie) because he doesn’t drink and they had that “conversation” about drinker and non-drinker. Mainly because it was the first strip I ever saw of WOB, ah the memories.

  14. Ah yes, fashionable lateness is a bitch. I’ve been in similar situations, only minus the failed relationship awkwardness.

  15. [Wanders in, looks around] Hey, nice setup you’ve got here. Nanaimo bars, too! Mmmmm.

    …erm, right, the comic. Am glad to see Casey looking a little shamefaced in the last panel. This should be one extremely interesting conversation.

  16. …Also, the mouseover blurb is hilarious and should definitely be reused as a comic concept itself, involving Barbara if possible…let’s see, what else?

    Oh, yeah – I agree, Rahim, or more specifically his awkward-but-instinctive protective streak re: Marie, is my favourite thing about this strip. (The running gag involving Frankie’s possessions being set on fire is one of several things vying for a close second; wonder if her couch will survive this next arc?)

  17. Rahim should have coordinated with Marie to carpool/walk over there together (etc). to avoid just such a situation. That would raise more speculation to the Rahim-Marie thing though 😉

    On the other hand, I put a vote into this whole thing being a setup to make them talk. They were the only 2 actually invited.

    Fasionably late is one thing. but noone else showing up for 2 hours? seems unlikley, though I guess it depends on how long the whole party is supposed to go anyway.

  18. Rin: Actually, the “fashionably late” thing sometimes gets a little out of control in Toronto. I have shown up two hours late to a party and been the first one there. I cordially hate fashionable lateness. If a damn party starts at 8:00, it should bloody well start at 8:00.

    Part of the skill of Torontonian Party Negotiation lies in figuring out which parties will involve fashionable lateness and which won’t. Sometimes, the party really does start at 8:00. Sometimes, it claims to start at 8:00 but actually gets going at 11:00. In order to tell the difference, you need to develop psychic powers.

  19. Oh I see. When you say forum, I thought I had stumble upon some more juicy gossip concerning a certain phorum but I guess you meant the Roman kind. Hmm the Thunderdome? At least the wheel would certainly make discussion rather short.

  20. I am having a hard time trying to understand the latest comic (October 17, 2008) and I am smart, not book smart or street smart but something.
    What does it mean when Marie say “And what a satisfying smash it has made.”? I don’t particularly understand this ‘smash’ reference. And also the alt-text “Just don’t step on the slivers; they’ll go right through your shoes.”, eh silvers?

  21. what crazy voodoo stuff do I have to do to see this alt text? It doesn’t come up on either computer once the comic loads – leaving the option of yanking the cord out half loaded to read them – so I generally only both if loading is really slow.

  22. SunshineRain: Marie is referring to the fact that her friendship with Casey has apparently just been irrevocably destroyed; she imagines that it has smashed into a thousand pieces. The alt-text is talking about stepping on the “slivers” of that friendship.

    Me: I’m really sorry about that. I’ve done the alt-text wrong. Someday, when I have some actual time, I shall fix it…but as that will involve fixing every single page individually, it’s going to take a while. For now, I believe the alt-text should work okay if you use Explorer (yes, I know that sucks).

  23. Hmm okay thanks eh Kari. I sorta get that smash reference now but I still don’t understand this ‘silvers’ thing. Maybe this is a metaphorical term that we don’t use down here but I have never heard of the word silvers use in relation to friendship, every cloud has a silver lining perhaps, silver bullet to kill a werewolf, silver cross for vampire etc.. Maybe you can give an example or a link, if it’s not too much to ask.

  24. Oh great now I look like an idiot… I mean I knew that eh the stuff ah shoot I wrote too much about “silvers” to recover from this.
    Thanks Kari for clearing that up, and here I thought it was some weird Canadian phrase that I have never heard of, like “Beware the silver tongued friendship”.

  25. SunshineRain: Don’t worry about it. I actually wondered if I had typed “silvers” for “slivers”; I had to go back and check. It’s not difficult to mix those words up.

  26. Ok, so — here’s why I still think Marie wasn’t imagining things: If I were in Casey’s shoes, and a friend came up to me demanding we talk about an unspecified event, I would try to figure out what he was talking about. Because Marie never states *what* she wants to talk about, exactly. Yet instead of trying to figure out what’s the deal with his dear, sweet, best friend, Casey just immediately starts denying anything happened and insinuating that she’s crazy.

    Although today’s comic did make me wonder…

  27. For the alt-text, you can right-click the image and then select “Properties”. That will show you a bunch of information including the alternative text.

  28. Sorry, Moosie. I still had some colouring to do when I left to see a movie tonight. I have just now finished the comic…so refresh at will. It’s up.

  29. Why is Casey crying? I hold with earthgirl that he must know what Marie wants to talk about. So why is he cruel to her when losing her friendship makes him cry? There must be strong (external?) reasons for his denial.

  30. Just found one of the alt-texts:

    When you are so HUGELY mad at someone that you don’t even care how miserable you are making life for everyone around you, it’s time to pause, take a deep breath, and start a cathartic fistfight in a public forum.


  31. Ah, geez. This better be a temporary development, or I may turn into one of those cranks who have nothing better to do than write in to complain about their favourite comic strip. 🙂

    **So why is he cruel to her when losing her friendship makes him cry? There must be strong (external?) reasons for his denial.**

    Mm. Regardless, though, the denial certainly could’ve been phrased better. A version of “I’m sorry, shouldn’t have happened, there are some things I just can’t talk about” would be at least less brutal, and much more in-character.

    The best I can come up with is some sort of…disassociation? He knows he’s screwed up somehow, but doesn’t want to talk about why he can’t remember how. Right, it makes no sense, but then very little about Casey does…

  32. Shoebox2 and others baffled by the Casey thing:

    Obviously, I can’t give anything essential away here, but it’s worth noting that Marie KNOWS Casey’s behaviour is out of character. EVERYONE knows his behaviour is out of character. That’s what is baffling the hell out of Marie (and thus her comment re. cruelty), but it’s also what is making her second-guess That Little Encounter (he wouldn’t be acting like this if it had REALLY HAPPENED, would he? Wait…it DID really happen. Wait…). I’m hoping it’s not just coming across as bad writing.

    I should not be commenting! I am a terrible person!

  33. Quasihumanist: You should’ve seen the first panel before I fixed it. Her hair was arranged in such a way that the broom looked as if it were sticking right through her brain. It’s slightly better now. In hindsight, the broom probably isn’t in the best possible position to be a background decoration.

    However, it also actually exists. It is hanging above me right now. Yes, it’s true: I have a broom on my wall. Please don’t ask.

  34. Comic book artist by day, crime fighter “sweeping” the street of injustice by night. It’s Broomgirl?
    A quick google search has reveal that there isn’t such a superhero, which is a relief, there was a lot of references to “Girls Who Bite Back” though hmmm….

  35. Thanks Kari – I can see them pretty well on IE – now I’ll just have to go back and re-read everything (hmm – maybe I should take back that thanks )

  36. Kari — it’s not coming across as bad writing at all. It’s just mysterious, and it’s puzzling the hell out of us. Congratulations, you succeeded. 🙂

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