November 3-16, 2008

Bloody stupid piece of festering garbage who stole my bike…go to bleeding hell.


18 thoughts on “November 3-16, 2008

  1. Another bike stolen? Maybe it’s time for Broomgirl to make an appearance and “sweep” the street of festering garbage. Now where has that Broom signal gone to.

    The last panel on today’s comic look really funny when I first saw it, it looked like Baldwin was pulling Marie by the hair with one finger. Not that I am advocating girl hair pulling.

  2. Aw, Kari, I’m sorry about your bike.

    I’m also kinda torn about today’s strip. On the one hand, my inner four-year-old is jumping up and down screaming WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CASEY AND BARBARA TALKING WANT GET BACK THERE RIGHT NAOW!…

    …on the other, Wolfgang + Baldwin = really really funny, if for not other reason that Wolfgang reminds me a lot of people I’ve met on forums in RL and it’s nice to know that it wasn’t just me, they really are that crazy-making. So…uh…as you were, I guess. 🙂

  3. I’m afraid it was time for a change of scene. The problem is that the strip happens more or less in real time; if I spend too long on a certain situation, I find myself having to jump ahead by a month and a half or so. Fortunately, I’d already taken the jump to Hallowe’en, but even so, it was time to move on. Don’t worry: Casey and Barbara will have other conversations.

    There are certainly people like Wolfgang out there. I have met them. I have run away from them. I have cringed every time they have stood up at meetings and started going on about minutiae. They have no senses of humour, and they don’t understand why you become angry and/or impatient whenever they bring up Robert’s Rules of Order. If any of them are reading this comment right now, they will not recognise themselves in it.

  4. Heh. I know those people too. I have sad in cold, dewy grass as the sun set for two hours, listening to them argue about proper Robert’s Rules conduct so that we could just elect some damn officers, already.

  5. Omg omg omg omg, due to the stress of the last few weeks Marie has become a liar liar pants on fire.

  6. At least the mouse Baldwin found didn’t die because it was trapped on a piece of sticky paper and had to try to rip off its little limbs to get free…

    Ah…yes. Yes, that’s very helpful, thank you.

    Kudos for a nice turn-on-a-dime moment for Wolfgang there.

  7. Shoebox: The thing is…that stuff exists, and the super at Massey really does use it to kill mice. It is truly horrible stuff. Some resident Masseyites, while appalled at the number of rodents that have been popping out of the woodwork this year (it’s a forty-five-year-old building; it happens), have been looking into the possibility of humane traps. Even the oldfashioned snap-traps seem less cruel than that terrible sticky paper.

  8. Och…*imagines little squeeks of pain and terror emanating from behind random couches* That’s terrible. I didn’t even realise they used sticky paper for any higher life form than flies…

  9. To use quantities of water inconsistent with the stated principles of the founders of this college…


  10. I’m sorry to hear about the bike. ((Kari)).
    /me leaves you a large bar of chocolate.

    The part about not having a sense of humor sounds very familiar. I work with one such person. Though said person normally does not start quoting rules and sub sections, this person can start droning about the incompetence of admin and why only their idea/way/method makes any sense etc etc etc

    That being said, where’s Casey, and why are the two of them refusing to sit down and talk about it?

  11. Casey’s around. He’ll turn up quite soon. And MARIE isn’t refusing to sit down and talk about it; that’s what she wants. CASEY is refusing to admit that there’s anything to talk about at all.

  12. So I’m assuming the dead mouse is part of some unholy ritual sacrifice Casey must perform in order to maintain his human form?

    …Come to think of it, in all seriousness, have we ever seen the inside of Casey’s room?

  13. Stefan: As I would say to my students: what do YOU think?

    Shoebox: Yes, we have…at least three times (after everybody found out about his foot and he invited Marie in to talk about it, plus twice after Marie’s freak-outs on July 18). Marie, Rahim, and Barbara have all been in there. If there are ritual sacrifices in view, they’re subtle ones.

  14. Damn it…my headache has clearly destroyed my brain. The first of those examples takes place in Marie’s room. The other two, however, are definitely in Casey’s.

    Yes, I’m anal. Why do you ask?

  15. Yes, I’m anal. Why do you ask?

    *grin* Don’t sweat it, I appreciate your taking the time to dig that out of memory at all. (Although it does occur that any demon worth his salt would be able to cast a spell to hide his dark activities from prying eyes…)

    In other news, I love Marie’s Casey ‘impersonation’ in the penultimate panel. the whole comic is so, so unfortunately true to my experience with morning people…it’s much worse when they’re your Mom, though.

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