November 17 – 29, 2008

I am so far behind on everything that it is actually becoming kind of funny in a morbid sort of way.

44 thoughts on “November 17 – 29, 2008

  1. Casey keeps getting weirder. Its harder to pretend that he’s normal and its just Barbra who makes everyone think he is strange.

  2. I don’t see anything strange with what he did in the recent comic. If he was still holding the dead mouse and it came back alive when he touch it with his hand (ala The Green Mile) then it would be strange but this can be easily explain away that he cloned or photocopied the dead mouse and is merely releasing the imitation into the wild as his minion, which is a regular thing that happens all the time.

  3. Um. He owns a snake, and since he fed the dead mouse to the snake he could let a live one go? But then why not just save it for the next feeding… Ah, I don’t know.

    Kari, you should know that yours is the only webcomic I read that even remotely keeps to a schedule, so you should feel impressed with yourself.

  4. He owns a snake, and since he fed the dead mouse to the snake he could let a live one go?

    Except that he wouldn’t have felt the need to hide in that case, would he?

    And Kari, ditto on the kudos for keeping to a schedule, and doing it with such consistent flair and funnie. Take care of yourself.

  5. Why were Marie and Barbara spying on Casey in the first place?

    From the strip, it looks like they are peeping out from behind a tree. While it could be coincidence that they were in the park at the same time, saw casey, and then hid themselves, I get the feeling something’s missing (or I missed it big time)

  6. The park is quite close to Davies. It would not be unusual for more than one Dave to pass through it at the same time…or for two Daves to see another Dave heading towards it (acting slightly oddly in the process) and change their route slightly to figure out what he was up to. This is not to say that your “spying” interpretation is not a possibility (the situation is deliberately ambiguous); I’m just pointing out a few options.

  7. If I get far enough behind in my work do I get to start back at the beginning?

    Jen, who is reading German library catalogues

  8. Jen: If you get far enough behind in your work, huge multilegged monsters from the abyss will devour you slowly. At least, that’s what my committee always used to tell me.

  9. Hm … Casey winning back everyone’s favour by resurrecting a dead mouse and playing “heavenly” music … Poor Marie.

  10. Yes, agreed. Am unable to give the accordion revelations quite the proper delight and anticipation they deserve, because am still a little ‘Um, what? That’s IT?’ re: the Casey situation.

  11. Try viewing this as an INTERLUDE in the Casey situation. Barbara’s attitude towards anything at all can’t really be regarded as an accurate indicator of the whole community’s inclination, and Steve, as you’ll eventually discover, is Steve (i.e., he doesn’t count either).

    I know everyone wants to find everything out NOW, but you must be patient, my children.

  12. Erwaro: Oh, I like the cornet (as well as the coronet, which is, of course, a small crown). I just want people to stop hatin’ on the accordion. Why not spread the mockery to other instruments that don’t deserve it? Let’s share the scorn.

  13. “I know everyone wants to find everything out NOW, but you must be patient, my children.”

    But I am not patient – I never was. Impatience is the essence of my nature – or almost. I want to know about Casey NOW! And I want the phorum back NOW!

  14. Nobilis: The funny thing is that I’m generally not patient either. However, I seem to be grinding through this storyline like a very patient person. I wonder why that is?

    The collapse of the Phorum has sent shell-shocked refugees staggering blindly about the Internet, looking for places to squat. They’re free to hang out here if they like. It’s not exciting, but there’s a good couch. And nachos.

  15. Well, I’m not retracting the offer. I know the Phorum is more exciting, but I’VE GOT NACHOS, DAMN IT.

    (And possibly slightly less drama. I’m just sayin’.)

  16. History lesson for Shoebox, Jen, Ester, and other readers who may be getting slightly confused at this point:

    A lot of these guys have come over here from a forum attached to a long-running comic (Piled Higher and Deeper). Last weekend, this forum (called “the Phorum” by its devotees because it is, after all, a “Ph.D. forum”) imploded in a particularly nasty way. It was shut down for a couple of days and has just been reopened now. With luck, the nastiness will have leached away by this point.

  17. It is, of course, well known that undergrads cannot spell. And I would very much like me some nachos.

    *chows down on the delicious nachos*

  18. Ah, it’s nice to have a place of refuge – and with a wonderful comic as well!

    And it’s nice to see that shouting “I want” actually works sometimes.
    And: Sorry to the non-phorummers for the confusion.

    Kari: Good to know that you are sort of impatient, too. I’m not the only one … And deep down I enjoy puzzling about Casey, after all.

    So Barbara is going to play with the devil?

  19. ooh! ooh! I forsee many Charlie Daniels Band references! (Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal…)

  20. So what does Oscar Wilde say about accordion? I remember seeing something like it once but I can’t seem to find it any more
    I did find another interesting quote though:
    “A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn’t.” – Anon.

    and a dictionary definition:

    Accordion, n. An instrument in harmony with the sentiments of an assassin.

  21. SunshineRain: That first quotation is the one usually attributed to Wilde, even though he probably never said it. However, almost everyone who attacks me with it cites Wilde.

  22. Yeah I thought that might have been it but the place that I got it off, some book title Better Than It Sounds!: A Dictionary of Humourous Musical Quotations, listed as Anon. Even though I thought there was also a different one.
    So are you and Barbara assassin?

  23. For some reason, I have this mental image that the folk band Barbara and Casey have joined is going to play klezmer.

  24. What the heck? I posted a comment and it didn’t appear, weird. I hope the implosion infestation hasn’t come here as well.
    As I type before, I thought that might have been the quote as well but the place that I got it off: Better Than It Sounds!: A Dictionary of Humourous Musical Quotations, put it as Anon. Although I thought there was another quote as well.
    So are you and Barbara assassin?

  25. Cool, nachos, impatience, lack of drama, and assassins playing klezmer

    *sits down on couch and munches nachos*

  26. But hey, um…Ooo, nachos! *settles in and starts munching*

    …Besides, I would have to forgive you anyway, because, today’s strip? Possibly your best yet.

  27. Shoebox: You see? All that accordion stuff was NOT a diversion! It was part of the overriding weirdness! I have a cunning plan!

    *Goes off to spend a fortune on a giant turnip*

  28. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want a cunning plan to be spoiled through the use of an unsatisfactory *discount* giant turnip.

  29. I was, indeed, the cause of the late colour comic. On the up side, however, Kari’s help did allow me to get all my stuff into my new place, so that I could read the comic today….

  30. An accordion is a fine instrument to accompany a choir – heard it today. (Only you shouldn’t try to add a classical guitar – it can’t be heard.)

    As to moving – to have fun with elevators, or to have no elevator at all, that’s the question.

  31. Oh, today’s color comic is so true, so true. Kari, you haven’t by any chance been peering through my windows for the past couple of days? Because I have literally been sitting here staring at the pile of papers, willinging myself to just START ALREADY.

  32. Oh, and I also removed the tip of my finger in an attempt to make sweet potatoes, so typing is no longer my strong suit…

  33. No, confusedlinguist…I have been peering through my own window in a desperate attempt to do anything but start on that cursed pile of marking. I HAVE to start tonight. I HAVE to. Like Barbara, however, I am having an extremely difficult time just picking up that first paper. Curses.

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