December 15 – 27, 2008

Curse all marking.  Curse it.  Curse it up and down and all around.  Curse it until its eyes fall out.  Curse it, curse it, curse it.


25 thoughts on “December 15 – 27, 2008

  1. So, um, the marking thing…not going well, then?

    As for the comic…oh, Rahim. Yes, I can relate, in terms of both black ice and grandmothers (actually, mother, in my case. “It’s OK! I’ll just put some ice on it when I get home, don’t worry!”)

  2. Are these curses like swearing curses or is this the kind where you use your broomstick to stir a cauldron of jelly babies, snakes and lollies while you mutter in an incomprehensible language?

    Sorry to ask so many question but living on the opposite side of the human world, I have no idea what Black ice are? Is this something that only happen in hel… I mean Cananda?

  3. Shoebox: Marking never goes well. That is why it is “marking.”

    My grandmother once broke her arm. She insisted on having a bath and dressing in fresh clothes before she went to the hospital.

    SunshineRain: Black ice is ice (on pavement) that is very hard to see until it has already knocked you off your feet or sent your car spinning into a telephone pole. Last winter, Toronto was absolutely coated in the stuff. We’ve already had some this year as well. In many ways, black ice is more dangerous than snow; at least you can see snow. I have never broken limbs because of black ice (though as I say in the alt text, a friend has), but I’ve cracked my tailbone, bashed in my knee, and destroyed my sushi dinner (in the final instance, I and the sushi went flying in the middle of an intersection; I ended up both bruised and hungry).

  4. Off topic, but, Plantgirl, if you wander in here, could you send me an email? It’s erm207 at lehigh dot edu. I have a question about the NYC meetup and I don’t want to post it in the phorum…

  5. For some odd reason, this strip makes me see flashing alarms go off…
    I don’t supposed you are going to have Rahim come and confess to Marie the he’s liked her forever and ever and ever are you?

  6. Aww. It’s so cute when they worry about each other.

    However, the Red Cross instructor that lives in a corner of my brain would like to point out that she ought to have brought a blanket, for the shock if not for the cold. And Rahim should have told her that.

  7. Earthgirl: Yes, he should have, but notice his “I don’t want to be a bother” attitude. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to put her out, or maybe he assumed she would think of it on her own…but she doesn’t have even minimal first-aid training, and she didn’t. Then, when she arrived, he didn’t like to send her back again. As I said earlier, Rahim is sometimes a lot like my grandmother (who was, incidentally, a nurse as well). He’s fine at looking after other people, but he sometimes falls down a bit at looking after himself.

    To be fair, Marie does know he should be kept warm, which is why the hugging is happening.

  8. Marie and Rahim? No way! Ewwww that’s just gross. Gross I tell ye.

    Interesting, I was actually thinking that Rahim was going to develop some hypothesis as to why he was shaking (being a nursing phd student and all that), whether it was from the cold, the pain, the shock or that the author of the comic herself was shaking when drawing the hand because of the cold and has to think of a reason as to why the hand is all over the place.

  9. Interestingly, I did consider having Rahim spend four panels analysing his symptoms, but I decided against it in the end. I think he probably knows exactly why he’s shaking and is likely about to start explaining it when Marie makes the comment about him being calm.

    Why would it be gross if Marie and Rahim hooked up? I know what Rahim’s objections are (as he’s already pointed out, he’s ten years older than she is), but I’m interested in hearing yours.

  10. I did not know or remember that Rahim was TEN years older than she is, now not only is it gross but also WRONG.

    I don’t know if you recall but I also thought Marie and Casey together was gross (ala the kiss) so Marie and Rahim hooking up is gross for grossness stake. So the reason it is gross is because IT IS gross. Ewwwwwwwwww people getting together, and at this time of the year as well, what are they thinking? Most despicable indeed.

  11. *bats away SR* Don’t listen to him, Kari! If I’m getting nothing, Marie should, at least!

    In other news, my computer apparently had a trojan, but now mysteriously does not. i don’t know.

  12. Now, now, earthgirl. It’s no good living vicariously through comic-strip characters. If we all did that, we would spend our lives longing to be unaging Vikings who eternally found themselves in the same six situations or housewives who had been thirty for seventy-seven years. Or, you know, talking dogs.

  13. Re: 10 year age difference,

    a 10 year age difference should make people pause and consiter, but its not automatically “wrong.” for some people that are right for each other, the age difference doesn’t matter (so long as noone is jailbait)

  14. Rin and SunshineRain: In this case, I think the problem is less that a ten-year age difference is “wrong” than it is that for whatever reason, Rahim feels it’s wrong. We don’t know what Marie thinks about it; she’s never said.

  15. I don’t think it would be gross. Though, I get the feeling it wouldn’t be in Marie’s nature to agree to it.
    The way I see it, what would happen is that Rahim does lot of introspection and then gets the courage to tell Marie, only to have her reject him in one way or the other (because of her feelings for the other guy).
    It’ll end up with Marie loosing another friend and Rahim getting a broken heart. :-/

  16. I don’t see anything inherently wrong with any age gap – to me it’s all rather relative (in that the ages of the people matter). I would see 10 years as a problem if one of the people were a teenager, but as Marie is certainly in her 20s and Rahim his 30s then I don’t see a problem. Cause that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea – but I don’t see the age thing as a disqualifying factor. I’m more for the ratio idea of yuk situations with age differences. 2:1 is definitely wrong to me, 2:3 – not such an issue. Really depends on where people are with their life and where they want to go.

    Hope you make it home reasonably quickly and with all your luggage Kari. I was looking forward to today’s comic, but anticipation is meant to make things better – isn’t it?

  17. You people are sick, how can you say an age difference of 10 be okay? That’s like a 190 years old dating a 200 years old, I feel sick to my stomach. This is why pre-arrange marriage is so great, you never have to worry about the age difference.

    Re: The latest Christmas Eve comic strip, what are those circle with the up arrow and the X? Is that some weird alien holy mother of type thing dropping from the sky or is that something in the background?
    Nuts! Will have to wait til the comic is uploaded to the proper site for the alt-text.

    Kari, I hope you were able to make it back home “early” but in either case hope you have a Merry X-mas.

  18. I have spent two days in airports and ferry terminals, but at last, I’m home. Some of the other people from my flight are still stuck in Edmonton.

    SunshineRain: The X and the arrow are in the background; they are very rough approximations of the symbols you get on doors in Toronto to indicate exits and entrances.

    Merry Christmas, all.

  19. Thanks again Kari, I am glad you got home safe. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to you while the whole WoB thing is still unresolved.

    X and arrow for exits and entrances eh? We don’t have those in Oz, of course we have Xs and arrows, we just don’t have exits and entrances. They sure have some crazy invention these days, what’s next I wonder? Some sort of irregular shape metallic object that only let certain individual use these exits and entrances.

    I finally was able to read the alt-text too, very funny and that last panel of Rahim is just priceless. He look like he is half crazy and half doped up on painkiller.

  20. Merry Christmas, all. SunshineRain, your concern is…well, I’m not sure that “touching” is really the word, but you get the general idea.

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