December 29, 2008 – January 10, 2009

Aaargh!  It’s almost 2009!  I’m not ready!  I haven’t finished stuff!  Help me!

Early warning:  it’s possible I’m going to get stuck in bloody Calgary on the way back to Toronto, just as I got stuck in bloody Edmonton on the way here to Vancouver Island.  If such is the case, Friday’s comic will be late.

Ah well…what can you do?


27 thoughts on “December 29, 2008 – January 10, 2009

  1. I smell a conspiracy a foot, hahahahaha get it? A foot? Oh wait I haven’t explain the theory yet so I guess the pun wouldn’t have kicked in hehehehehe.

    Don’t you think it’s strange that as soon as Rahim lost his mobility, Casey was then able to run? Seem to me like some sort of satanic power transference ritual was done or maybe a soul swap like Freaky Friday or Like Father Like Son or Bugsy Malone or my favourite and most memorable one, Vice Versa. Almost feel like it’s time they make another one of these movie again.

  2. At the risk of being label as spam again.
    Happy 2009 to all the WoB fans and author out there, may this new year bring you the thing that you need but didn’t know that you want and not the stuff that you want but didn’t need.

  3. Ah, Casey is afraid of Marie … She should make use of that in some way or another.

    Happy New Year, Kari and WoB Fans!

  4. Yes, very interesting INDEED! My only question is” “Will Rahim’s crutch burst into flames if he hits Casey? or will Rahim be smote?”

    I always wanted to use the word smote 🙂

    Happy new year everyone.

  5. Boy, I go away for two weeks and all hell breaks loose! I love it. 🙂 All the best in the new year, fellow fans.

    Gotta love Casey’s self-awareness level. Ever consider TELLING your side of the story, Devil-Boy? About anything? And he’s still completely shocked – SHOCKED! – when everybody believes the worst of him. Oh yes, I’m gonna enjoy this conversation.

  6. Shoebox — But they shoulda asked me!!!!

    You may have a point, Devil Boy, albeit a small one. But since I saw him never even try to hear Marie out, it never occurred to me that anyone else should have tried to ask.

  7. Oh please almighty being that control the WoB universe, please do not let the next strip be of Rahim and Casey kissing. I mean their faces are awfully close to each other on that last panel and the look in their eyes suggest some sort of explosive chemistry happening.
    Not that there is anything wrong with 2 guys kissing, if that’s their thing, I just don’t want WoB to turn into another 90210 or that other trashy show the kids are watching these days I think it’s call Gossip Girl or something, where everybody is kissing everybody else.

    What do you think that means? Perhaps windmill represent some sort of circular, repetition type events and it not working means that this vicious cycle has finally been broken. Or perhaps it is the other way, a repressed childhood memory representing a toy windmill that one play with and the dream of being able to fly with it to freedom if one could spin it fast enough but is one day broken by the shattering sound of reality screaming at you: “WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.”.

    Well at least I am glad that they didn’t kiss…..yet.

  9. The line about windmills is a reference to some book. Probably. And I would argue that windmills do work that way. That you are unwilling to give us data is itself data, which we can use to draw conclusions. Obviously something major is happening, which the author desires not to be known in advance. Additionally, the author desires all conclusions to be guesswork, so that even if the correct conclusion is drawn, the concluder will be suprised. It is therefore intuitively obvious that windmills do, in fact, work that way.

  10. Right. It then follows that the crucial clue lies in those same windmills, or perhaps their behaviour…hmmmm…wind power…electricity…lightning bolts…from on high…awww, geez, Rahim’s about to get totally smited, isn’t he?

  11. I’m pretty sure it’s a Morbo meme from Futurama, but hesitate to speak out lest I’m wrong and my fellow geeks laugh and point fingers.

  12. No, you’re right. Morbo screams it at the camera in one of the episodes (I forget which). I would provide a YouTube clip, but (*gasp*) there doesn’t seem to be one.

  13. It’s the first episode of Season 5 (TV season) and Season 4 Disk 2 Episode 3 of the DVD: Crimes of the Hot. It’s about 6 minutes into it, and here is the video for all you cool WoB mat out there. Enjoy it and hopefully I won’t encounter any of those 30th Century goons:

  14. Wow…you just posted that, didn’t you? Your dedication to the enlightenment of your fellow WoB readers is admirable, SunshineRain.

  15. Anything to help spread the philosophy of Futurama, Kari.

    He was doing it to protect her, now where is my 5 bucks, earthgirl, I accept money order or candies in amount of $5.

    Looking at the comic again, I am a bit confused about what Casey says on the last panel. Is he referring to his own action toward Marie or Rahim’s action toward him? My initial thought was the latter but after obsessing over the secret message I am not so sure now.

  16. SunshineRain: That is, indeed, the question. Don’t collect your $5 yet; there is a certain ambiguity in that final panel.

    Oooooooooooooooh. Ambiguuuuuuuuuuity.

    Okay, okay…I shall post the next comic now.

  17. That last comic didn’t help at all, as Hermes once say: “That just raises further questions!”

  18. All good comics steadfastly refuse to provide any answers, just as I steadfastly refuse to do any work. Come on self, the laundry isn’t hard! And the authors contemporaries need a chance to laugh at the writing skills of math majors.

  19. Bwwwaaaahahahahahaha!!

    I laughed out loud at today’s comic – “Where did you get the outfit?” – classic!

    Kari, I love you – If I wasn’t already engaged I would propose.

  20. Yeah, I love that we’ve gotten to the point, with Barbara, where the fact that she’s in the outfit is totally take for granted.

    Otherwise, this comic has revived a theory I have been offhandedly considering for a few weeks now: does all this have anything to do with…forgotten her name, darnit!…Mysterious Tim Horton’s Girl? Maybe she’s holding Casey to something, romantic-wise?

    …which of course doesn’t explain why he keeps dragging Marie along to their assignations, does it? [sigh].

  21. Maybe he was dragging Marie there so that she would get a hint that he was ‘taken’, in which case all of the current drama would have been avoided… but that would be too boring and I reject it – reject it I say!!

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