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January 26, 2009

January 26 – February 7, 2009

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Happy Lunar New Year, all.

SunshineRain, I may as well try to answer your question here, though I’m not entirely sure what you mean by it (everyone else who wants to know what I’m talking about should see the very end of the last thread).  Are you asking how tall Frankie and Baldwin are?  I think of Frankie as being around my height, or possibly a little taller.  I’m 5 foot 9.  Baldwin is a head shorter, so probably around 5 feet, or even 4 foot 11.  Marie is about an inch taller than Baldwin and Barbara maybe an inch shorter than Frankie.  Casey is around 6 feet tall and Rahim probably 6 foot 2.  Steve is approximately the same height as Baldwin…perhaps very slightly taller, though it could just be the poofy hair.

Of course, I’m kind of making this all up…plus as certain people have noted while busy mocking me for my inconsistency, the characters’ heights tend to change depending on how steady my right hand is on any particular day.  The characters were originally much closer to each other in height, but I eventually realised how silly it looked for there to be only two heights (tall and short) in the comic.


January 12, 2009

January 12 – 24, 2009

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Happy birthday to meeeee…

*Blows lonely little party noisemaker, then goes back to writing lecture*

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