January 12 – 24, 2009

Happy birthday to meeeee…

*Blows lonely little party noisemaker, then goes back to writing lecture*

28 thoughts on “January 12 – 24, 2009

  1. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    *pops one of those weak party popper thingies that make confetti come out*

    (hey, it may be pathetic, but it’s the best I got)

  2. Happy Birthday !!! 😀 😀 😀
    Many many happy returns of the day and may this year be full of joy, laughter and success in all your endeavors.

    /me hands you a virtual box of chocolates

  3. Happy birthday, Kari!

    However, you are a very mean author/artist, inflicting Wendy upon the band (and us).

  4. I am going to assume that Casey is all ‘Be gentle’ as a result of his recent comeuppance from Rahim. That way, I don’t have to boot his hypocritical little butt into the next century.

    …speaking of not being gentle, I’m starting to really like Steve a lot. More him and Frankie, please?

  5. Yes…I would like to have more Frankie and Steve as well. The problem is that the Casey/Marie story has more or less taken over. Never fear, however; eventually, you’ll find out more about the Frankie/Steve dynamic. Both of them are characters I first created a rather long time ago for another comic, so they were fully developed before they ever appeared in WoB. For now, you can just assume that Frankie has successfully been avoiding Steve, despite the fact that he is friends with her current boyfriend.

  6. Is this Reg person new to the comic? I don’t seem to recall her ever being introduced, the face and name also seem unfamilar (as much as one can recognise faces on a comic).

  7. Reg was introduced in September of 2007; however, I never got around to revealing her name, which I’ve known since before her first appearance. She’s had a few speaking parts, but nothing major.

  8. Is she the newbie asking Marie for help on the Monday, September 3, 2007 (westofbathurst070903.html) comic? Ohhhh look like she changed her shirt, that’s WHY I didn’t recognise her.

  9. Is it me or does Casey’s head look disportionally (wait is that even a word?) larger on that last panel? He look like one of those head knockers/bobble heads thing.

  10. Oh, sure…mock my lousy drawing skills! Moooooooooock theeeeeeeem…

    That was actually my failed attempt to portray him looking down. Ah well…I tried.

  11. Hey look on the bright side Kari, it still look a lot better than xkcd’s comic. On the other hand you do know when their characters are looking down….hmmm.

  12. ermm.. ah… eh..uh…how can I put this without getting any death threats? What is that thing on the first panel sticking out of the left side of Casey’s head that sort of look like a giant mouse’s ear?

  13. Casey is mutating into a giant mouse, obviously.

    …Or it could be a very badly drawn convex mirror BEHIND Casey (Massey’s got them in corners of its twisty basement; they were put up a long time ago after some sexual harassment issues so that people would not be surprised by people lurking around the corners).

  14. You have a toque? Wow a professional cook as well as a famous web comic author, is there anything you can’t do?

  15. Dear, dear SunshineRain…always deliberately misunderstanding stuff for fun.

    “Toque” is a perfectly legitimate alternate spelling of “tuque.” While the word “toque” can refer to a chef’s hat, a narrow-brimmed or brimless medieval French hat, or a knitted Canadian winter hat, one could probably use one’s sleuthing skills to discover the fact that I am using the third meaning (as I am Canadian and all). This is a toque:


    You should visit the Mysterious Land of Canada someday, SunshineRain. The Canoodlians wander around in those things all winter. They’re funny-looking, but they’re warm.

  16. *grin* I love how every time we’ve decided that Barbara’s completely lost it, lately, the very next strip she’s all ‘OK, one more aspect of my cunning plan…’

  17. Earthgirl: Why would you do that when you have a perfectly good word such as “toque”? Silly Americans.

    We don’t just wear toques skiing or tobogganing; we wear them all winter so we won’t freeze our ears off. My current favourite toque was made for me by my mom.

    I am sad that CafePress doesn’t make toques. If it did, there would definitely be a WoB toque. Zazzle doesn’t do toques either. What is wrong with these people?

  18. Sometime my imagination get the better of me, that’s when I would sneak up behind it and jab it real good, hah! Now who is crazy, imagination?

    Plus the idea of a web comic author by day, Broomgirl by night and err professional cook by afternoon has a sort of good ring to it don’t you think?

    Actually I have cousins in Canada, in Toronto I believe, my parents and sister has visited them before but I was busy with eh “study” at the time.

  19. Happy Lunar New Year fellow WoBer. Also happy Australia day.

    I didn’t realise that Baldwin was so much shorter than Frankie, they are a odd pair ain’t they? Like that couple on the “news” that got marry recently I think she was over 200 cm and he was about under 150 cm, by the way what are they stat?

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