January 26 – February 7, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year, all.

SunshineRain, I may as well try to answer your question here, though I’m not entirely sure what you mean by it (everyone else who wants to know what I’m talking about should see the very end of the last thread).  Are you asking how tall Frankie and Baldwin are?  I think of Frankie as being around my height, or possibly a little taller.  I’m 5 foot 9.  Baldwin is a head shorter, so probably around 5 feet, or even 4 foot 11.  Marie is about an inch taller than Baldwin and Barbara maybe an inch shorter than Frankie.  Casey is around 6 feet tall and Rahim probably 6 foot 2.  Steve is approximately the same height as Baldwin…perhaps very slightly taller, though it could just be the poofy hair.

Of course, I’m kind of making this all up…plus as certain people have noted while busy mocking me for my inconsistency, the characters’ heights tend to change depending on how steady my right hand is on any particular day.  The characters were originally much closer to each other in height, but I eventually realised how silly it looked for there to be only two heights (tall and short) in the comic.


14 thoughts on “January 26 – February 7, 2009

  1. Thanks for the stat, Kari and yes I did mean what were their measurement. They do say the trick to a good lie is in the detail afterall. Of course that new TV show “Lie to Me”‘s tagline is “the truth is written on all our faces.” and maybe you have been holding Casey’s secret for so long that it’s affecting your drawing. Maybe it’s time to let it out……….. oh come on.

    So are we gambling on WoB now? Afterall gambling is a main tradition of Lunar new year and we wouldn’t want to break tradition. So do you take money order or is this going to be paypal only?

  2. Gambling how? Are you regarding the characters as being in some sort of horse race? I’ll offer you good odds on Steve, though since I’m not entirely sure how this metaphor works, I have no idea why.

    Or are we playing poker with the characters?

  3. I was referring to the alt-text of: “Who will win the “Who can make Casey cry the most often?” pool?” (wow that’s a lot of quotation and question mark, both symbol name also start with q hmm). You see, I am an undercover agent trying to bust the biggest gambling ring that WoB has ever see – in this comic I drew.. on this napkin…

  4. I didn’t realise Marie was so violent, any WoBer remember if she has ever hit anybody intentionally before? I have always imagine her to be a pacifist, maybe I am just stereotyping. Well it’s still better than typing in mono.

  5. but but but.. the bricks are fun and nice and pretty and so on… You draw good bricks, why do you not like them?

  6. I guess that would depend on what he is doing under the table, I mean is he naked or did he think that it was a costume party and nobody told him it wasn’t and he ended up dressing up as Catwoman.

  7. I wouldn’t expect Santa or Satan to do battle in conventional ways, this is after all the 21st century. I did however expect them to do some sort of contemporary dance fight instead.
    By the way, are they hiding under the table that Marie and Rahim are seating at?

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