February 23 – March 7, 2009

The existence of marking is clear proof that we are all living in Hell.


8 thoughts on “February 23 – March 7, 2009

  1. That goes without saying – frustrating though that I need it in order to survive while working to get out of hell at the same time

  2. argle!!!!!
    my officemate just asked me why I’m humming a christmas song… I… can’t… get… it… out… of… my… head… two hours and counting.

  3. I had the same thing run through my head after reading the second panel, before seeing the third. Drat it.

    Oh well, still better than last year, when I had “Walking in a winter wonderland” stuck in my head for *six weeks*.

  4. Well, when you are in marking hell you do your best to spread the misery around – I know, I’m in marking hell right now.

    Besides, what better way to spread the killjoy than getting Christmas songs stuck in everyone’s heads?

  5. Wow I haven’t heard that song for ages, had to youtube it up to see what song it was after so many people made a fuss about it.

    So does this “The Elvis” thing jiggle about and blare out an Elvis song when it’s turned on? You know, like those little Santa Claus toy they have at Xmas time before their eyes turn red and start a bloody Valentine day like massacre.

  6. Nope…it’s just a golden plaster Elvis that has been broken into pieces and glued back together half a dozen times. It is beautifully kitschy.

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