March 9 – 21, 2009

Well, I saw Watchmen, and it was…just sort of there.  Now I’m back to marking way too many midterms.  Go, team.


24 thoughts on “March 9 – 21, 2009

  1. Why is Marie suddenly suicidal?

    I liked Watchmen. But then, I never read the comic/book, so I don’t have an especial attachment.

  2. I have no idea what watchmen is other than what I can infer from the comic. I’m so out of touch…..

    I think it would be interesting if Casey is also running for DEF co-chair….

  3. I apparently was. It seems my Monday comic resonated with certain members of the LMF. I was thinking of the jell-o shots of days of yore. Massey used to have a “House crawl” during which everyone would get appallingly wasted; it was scotched (pun sort of intended) when it got out of hand. However, I was informed on Tuesday that there was a jell-o-shots incident at the Hallowe’en party this year. I had forgotten that one of the co-chairs had been handing out the shots, and I hadn’t realised that some people still had nightmares about them.

    Watchmen, by the way, is a great book that really does deserve to be read.

  4. Ohhhh another chance for another Friday the 13th strip, and I heard this one is going to be THE greatest strip ever.

  5. Maybe Casey is really a faculty who is on sabbatical pretending to be a student so he already knows lots of stuff about his field, and he either already has the background to write a fast thesis or he doesn’t have to do the actual work cause the faculty know he already has a PhD, or he is re-using his original PhD thesis and didn’t have to write one this time. maybe that’s why he won’t date Marie- for the same age reason as Rahim.

    maybe I am having too much fun trying to predict the future in a comic strip…

    (Kari, please don’t analyse my post to closely for grammar….)

  6. Rin: depends. Will it give you extra money? Is it a decent assignment? As much as I complain about lack of grammar and student fuckwittery, my current TAing really isn’t that bad.

    In other news, my desire to slap Casey grows further.

  7. You should TA. Then you could tell me about all the idiotic things students turn in, and I can laugh and provide you with snarky comments. It’s a win-win!

  8. Marking is pain, I know. It was just that the panel with the Petrach hyperlink was almost verbatim from a recent paper I read, and I had a flashback. It was like PTSD.

  9. Aaargh…marking-induced PTSD. I get that too. Every time someone uses the words “death” and “sperm” in the same sentence, I have to resist the urge to gouge out my eyes with my fingernails. The closer the words get to one another, the more anxious I become.

    No, you probably don’t want to ask.

  10. Re: TAing

    I had to pass on the TA opportunity at the recomendation of my advisor. something about studying for my oral exam… (major comprehensive oral exam on all of the classes I took and my thesis proposal- they could ask me *anything*)

  11. OK, I just noticed the death-sperm thing, and despite your warning… I just have to ask. How on earth does one manage to get “death” and “sperm” into the same sentence? What on earth were you having your students write about?

  12. I was a TA at the time, and I must say that the student’s bizarre sentence was not my fault. The prof had told the students that in the film The Terminator, Kyle Reese was the Benevolent Father and the Terminator himself the Obscene Father (these are Lacanian psychoanalytic terms). Though Reese was John Connor’s literal father (via sperm), the Terminator also contributed symbolic sperm in a sort of reverse engendering, as he was trying to unmake John.

    I do not like psychoanalytic analysis at the best of times, but my hatred of it was cemented on that fateful day when I found myself reading about the Terminator and the role of his “death sperm.”

  13. Ahh… Yes, I can see how that could cause marking-induced PTSD. It also caused coffee to come out my nose and go all over my screen.

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