March 23 – April 4, 2009

So long, BSG.  Oh, wait…what am I saying?  There are several million prequels to come.  Okay, never mind.


18 thoughts on “March 23 – April 4, 2009

  1. ” I know of at least one person to end up trapped in there;”

    Those essays must really be quite the corrupting influences.
    I was worry that you might start to write like them after reading too much, look like I might be too late.
    Devils, come out!

  2. It isn’t THAT bad. In fact, it’s not grammatically incorrect at all. Yes, it’s a little convoluted. I reserve the right to write convoluted sentences. So there.

    *Sticks tongue out at SunshineRain*

  3. Today..hrmm yesterday no Wednesday ahhh the March 25, 2009 comic bought back a memory I had in high school where we were having a discussion with a teacher in regard to “having excess of anything is bad for you”, to which he countered with “having an excess of fruit and vegetable is okay”. I have always wonder if this was true or if he was just trying to make us eat our fruit and veggies, damn teachers always making us eat fruit and veggies.

  4. An excess of fruit can sometimes cause…digestive problems. Oh, forget euphemisms: an excess of fruit can sometimes cause diarrhoea. I don’t think vegetables have the same effect.

  5. Grey: I would never diss Finding Nemo. I am simply dissing fluffy Finding Nemo slippers. I find the idea of wearing orange fluffy Nemos on my feet repugnant. Nemo does not deserve to be made into footwear! No no no no no!

  6. Hmm, all of my male friends in college knew about my embarrassing nightwear, so that would not have worked on me.

  7. Casey probably knows, as he and Barbara have lived next door to Marie for three years, but Rahim is in a different area of the College. He is also the sort of person you really don’t want to know about your pink pyjamas with Care Bears on them.

  8. I’m so confused…first it was Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and St. Sneaky Pete’s day, plus a generic summer holiday, and now I just generally seem to have stepped into another universe. And someone took out the garbage! All of it! That stuff had been piled there for months, and someone took it out! I demand answers, internet!

  9. Wait a minute, something seem to be wrong with today’s comic….. wasn’t blond hair girl carrying a gun on the last comic? And I thought glasses dude had on a black jacket with circular frame on his glasses.

  10. SunshineRain: You may be thinking of Harry Potter and the Afternoon of Espionage, J. K. Rowling’s new graphic project. It’s quite intriguing so far, but I’m not sure I buy Harry’s recent tendency to swear constantly and pick up hookers.

  11. Incidently, this comic triggered a dream in which I had a showdown with two people with superpowers before developing a superpower myself and fighting back. My power was shields. It was pretty awesome. After that I followed the decesion of a species of aquatic bugs to become parasitic.

  12. Kari: Oh you are right, your comic usually has more nudity in it. You can’t really blame Harry after all, he has been high on coke ever since his parents were killed (which explain the constant fainting and all that disillusion about magic etc.).

    Erwaro: So what were the other two people’s superpower? The power to generate relatively warm heat and the power to see 30 second into the future?

  13. Actually, one of them did have the power of fire. The other one had the power to conjure sharp blade-disk things and throw them at people. Good refelexes, too, but that might have just been normal reflexes. She (blade-power person was female) dodged when I figured out how to use my shield to grab the blade things and wing ’em back at her.

  14. For a second I thought Baldwin ways saying that her group won illegally, ie by him fixing it.

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