April 20 – May 2, 2009

I should probably apologise here for the picture of the centipede in Saturday’s comic.  If it makes you feel any less creeped out, I didn’t want to draw the blasted thing.  Brrrrrrrr…


36 thoughts on “April 20 – May 2, 2009

  1. So what’s the special occasion that we are blessed with another Saturday comic (albeit without the colour)? I know they say not to look a gift horse in the mouth, not that I am calling you a horse or anything… would you like a sugar cube? I should probably go now.

  2. Er…it’s actually Sunday night? I used to put up my Monday comics habitually at this time; it’s only lately, due to stupid, STUPID marking, that I’ve had to move the posting time later. Today, I procrastinated on marking this morning by finishing the comic, so I was able to get it up by 9:00 p.m.

  3. SO I guess the rush must explain why you called it the “Saturday, April 18, 2009” comic, I was trying to be subtle about it but I guess maybe I was a little bit too erm subtle? I will make sure to….. attack more next time maybe use a more stronger spell like Fire 3.

  4. I wonder if anybody else has this problem: Whenever I am on a new computer and I want to check to see if there is a new WoB comic out (and since the link is usually too long to remember or maybe just too lazy to type the whole thing) I usually just use google. But instead of typing “West of Bathurst”, I type “west of bathrust” (it still work) even though Bathrust is not even a word. And of course you can’t just type WoB cause you will get WorldofBritney instead, so I wonder if anybody else do this as well or better yet if Kari can do something to fix it.

  5. You mean like rename the comic West of Bathrust so you aren’t mistyping anymore? or destroy WorldofBritney so West of Bathurst comes up first? Since I only use 2 computers I don’t really have to worry about it – and it is bookmarked in all 4 browsers I use I believe

  6. I just make sure to type it right. It is awkward to search for. Perhaps we could come up with a unique yet easy to spell phrase here, and reach the comic that way. Something like half of a muffin phaser.

  7. Or you could just search for:

    wob massey.

    Google second-guesses this term and gives the first couple of results for “Bob Massey,” but WoB turns up three or four listings down.

  8. P.S.: I would LIKE to have my very own domain–http://www.westofbathurst.com, for instance–but I can’t really afford it right now, especially since I don’t make any money off the comic. I know webspace isn’t THAT expensive, but I HAVE got over 500 pages of image-heavy material here.

  9. To keep the link small, if you use Firefox, you can set up a Keyword as part of your bookmark. Then if you type in the keyword, Firefox will whisk you away to that page.

    I have it set up for the comic. The bookmark is saved with the keyword “wob” in my browser. Hence to get to the comic, all I have to do is to type in wob into my addressbar and its brings me to the comic.

    To set a keyword, right click on the bookmark and select Properties, then enter the keyword in the appropriate box.

  10. It is possible to register just the domain and have it point to the current location- that way you won’t have to move all the data to a new host and pay for the space, but still be able to send people to http://www.example.com and have them arrive at the current page.

  11. Yes…the problem is that the current location is a sub-site of a domain that I do not maintain (massey.utoronto.ca). I maintain the sub-domain massey.utoronto.ca/alumni and have created a sub-sub-domain, massey.utoronto.ca/alumni/westofbathurst. I am not sure I will be able to do the thing with the domain pointing to the current location (though it’s possible; I’m not sure how these things work).

  12. Well if I was using a computer that I commonly use all I have to do is type in “wes” and Firefox usually bring it up as the first address, the problem occur when using somebody’s else computer or one that delete all Firefox setting when you quit.

    Actually I thought that Kari, through the use of her exceptional English and lyrical skill, could write a poem or rhythm or song or even a simple ballade to help us remember it. Something like: “There was a man from the west of bathurst who peek up an alumni’s dress….”

  13. 500 eh? Wow that’s like half a millennium, five centuries and if you were a person that would have been five generations, five life times unless you were a vampire then it would only have been one life time, are you a vampire WoB? Man, that’s real old.

  14. Thank you. It’s not quite Birthday Time for WoB yet (that happens in July), but close enough.

    SunshineRain: Of course WoB is a vampire. Try to keep garlic away from it, please.

  15. Awww, I didn’t see any goatherds when I went to BC…

    Although I did get a chili bread bowl, so I guess it all evens out.

    And wishing people happy birthday is a general message of congratulations and/or greeting with me. I find it does an excellent job of convincing people that I am highly strange, and should be given pizza.

  16. I’m confused… (ha ha pun intended).

    Do Frankie and the goatherd have a history? Did they date before she started dating short guy? (Sorry, I keep forgetting names.) Is that why she’s so mad that he’s gay now? Was he not gay before?

  17. Confusedlinguist: Go here. This comic and the few that follow it will introduce you to Steve and, incidentally, to his relationship with Frankie.

    Frankie and Steve dated for a while a few years ago. They did not part on good terms. Neither realised that the other would be a Davies Fellow this year; in other words, they were surprised to see each other in September. Steve was, indeed, gay before, but he was also closeted, a fact that Frankie is only just finding out now.

  18. Anything’s possible. You may have noticed that I like to streeeeeeeeetch thiiiiiiiiiiings oooooouuuuuuuuuut. This trait has led many people to wish to strangle me.

  19. me being one of them Kari – although two things stopped me from carrying that out – one you are such a long way away and I have better ways of spending my money, and secondly if I strangled you I’d never find out what was happening.

  20. I believe the popular term for what Steve is currently suffering from is call “Word Vomit”, no?

  21. That brings back memories of high school. I got an exam back, and I foolishly said “This can’t be right, I didn’t even answer this many questions!” and it turned out the teacher had accidentally doubled the score, which was corrected. I have tried to remember to keep my mouth shut, with limited success. Although I have taken up mumbling. That helps a bit.

  22. No worries…it’s almost gone. The most frustrating thing about it was that it reached its peak on a day I had to mark for about twelve hours straight. I ended up almost unable to see straight.

  23. The plants do apologize for your severe allergies. Please don’t hate us. We’re just trying to live here. And make sweet, sweet plant love.

  24. Hmmmm is my sanity coming back to me? Or wasn’t there a new blog entry just a moment ago about marking and blurry eyes?

  25. Having just re-read that sentence, I am wondering what “it” you were referring to that I have lost, the blog entry or my sanity? Or perhaps you were *gasp* making a joke?

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