May 4 – 16, 2009

I have been marking so steadily that I actually think I have harmed my eyesight.  This page looks all blurry and wrong.  I really hate marking.


14 thoughts on “May 4 – 16, 2009

  1. Oh here it is, I knew I was still crazy!
    Why is it not showing up on the first page anymore but only when I click on May 2009?

  2. Eh, it’s back on the first page now, I have only one word to say: conspiracytheory

  3. The Wednesday comic has the wrong date on the page. It probably has something to do with all that marking 🙂

    /me hands the author some virtual chocolate

  4. Thanks, Kitty. Funnily enough, JUST as you posted, a friend sent me a message asking where the new comic was (he had been fooled by the date). The correct date is up now.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know that Casey has that sort of mystical power where when you speak about he who shall not be name and he just suddenly appear.

  6. I know that they can be that loud; I used to be one. Evidently I figured out about the wierd thing with my dad’s hearing early on. Like my hearing loss, he hears high pitched sounds much louder than other sounds. My mom told me that she came home one day and heard me crying in a much higher pitch, and my dad cringing against the wall and asking her to please, please, please figure out how to get me to stop.

  7. Do you get any type of gift certificate or anything with that award? Cause I think I might have a shot, although the chance is getting slimier now that the harsh years of winter are catching up to me.

  8. Ohhh angry mob, that’s quite tempting. I have always wanted me one of those, it gives quite a bit of credibility in my line of work and these days with all that pacifism and not being able to take the law into your own hand it’s getting harder harder to find a good one.
    Tell me what type of angry mob is being offered? Torches and pitchfork? Gun totting? Or the good old fashion hangman’s noose and hoods?

  9. Just a note: it looks as if the Massey server is down. Not only is the site currently invisible, I can’t even upload the comic. I don’t know what’s going on; I do know it’s been going on for something like six hours now, so it’s possible it won’t be fixed soon. The comic will PROBABLY go up on the alternate site between midnight and 1:00 a.m. EDT, though that site’s updater is somewhat erratic, so I can make no promises. If things get really bad and nothing is updating anywhere, I’ll post the comic here, though I’m afraid it will probably come out kind of small (I may be able to change the format of the blog to allow for a wider field, but I may not).

    The alternate site can be found here.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate it when the Massey server goes down because I have no control over it and no way to tell most people what’s happening. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. Okay…it seems the Massey resnet guys have gone and replaced the faulty resnet hard drive with the one that usually hosts the alum site’s server. The guys claim the site will be up again tomorrow. It is anyone’s guess whether I will have access at that point. I guess the resnet dudes figured the alum site was unimportant enough to destroy while they tried to work out the bugs in the residence Internet system. Ah well.

    Sorry about that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do.

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