May 18 – 30, 2009

I’m all tired again.  Why am I all tired again?  At least there is no more marking.


27 thoughts on “May 18 – 30, 2009

  1. Wow, a showdown between Casey and Rahim. Please, Kem, make Rahim make Casey to admit why he’s acting like an …. whatever.
    And congrats to having finished marking! Hope you have some marking-free time ahead!

  2. I would prefer it if they had a cane duel. I wonder, Kari, if you were trying to show us the duality of their personality on that third comic panel by showing us almost a mirror image of the two.

    Maybe you are so relieved from marking that you feel tired, like a marathon runner after they finish a marathon.

  3. Please, Kem, make Rahim make Casey to admit why he’s acting like an …. whatever.

    Yeah – although I gather it’s not going to happen in the immediate future – this whole Casey-acts-like-a-jerk-then-runs pattern is crying out for a detour of some kind. He has reached the point where it’s either justify his actions (even partially) or become the acknowledged villain of the piece…and I’d really rather not go with option b) just yet. 🙂

    Maybe you are so relieved from marking that you feel tired, like a marathon runner after they finish a marathon.

    This’d be my guess too. The human body has a way of making it clear when it’s been pushed too far.

  4. Shoebox (and nobilis): You’re right, of course. The situation has reached its breaking point. Don’t worry; I truly do have a destination in mind here. I’m not just dragging out the agony to torture you all.

    Well…torture is fun…but you know what I mean.

  5. Speaking of torture, do I see a Bible verse upon Marie’s door? IV:14 or Galatians 4:14:
    “And my temptation which was in my flesh ye despised not, nor rejected; but received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus.”

    Ooooh a clue to what is to come perhaps?

  6. …Or perhaps it is the room number she has had for the past three years?

    Massey/Davies is organised in “Houses”; each room number starts with a House number. Marie lives in House IV, room 14. Over behind Rahim and Casey, you can see Casey’s door: IV:13.

    So…how long did you spend looking through the Bible, trying to find the book with the most appropriate verse at 4:14? I ask merely for information.

  7. As a computer scientist I have them all memorised, from King James to New and Old Testament to Luther and Easy-to-Read.

    It was surprisingly easy, suspiciously too easy. Just had to type in “IV:14” and it was the first link… erm first thing that pop into my head. After all there are a lot of crazy people on the Internet.. erm in my head?

  8. Y’know what? I looked at that line yesterday and found myself thinking it sounded vaguely dirty, but I couldn’t figure out why. Now I can. Thank you for scarring me for life. *Shudder*

  9. Ah women and their one tracked mind.

    I thought going mad was one of the fashionable things to do these days, no? Just me then?

  10. Ah, men and their hypocritical habit of implying that women are fixated on the male organ.

    Who’s going mad now? And why?

  11. What male organ now? I thought we were talking about the th*sis hehehe.

    Referring to the alt-text: “West of Bathurst is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or situations is completely in your head. You may even be going mad. I’m just saying.”
    As they say if you ain’t at least a tiny bit mad you don’t belong here or there or on that clown’s head.

  12. It looks as if the bloody site is down again. Every time the Massey resnet stops working, the computer guys casually destroy the alum site so they can provide the ten or eleven students still living in the building with a server. If the site doesn’t return by this evening, I’ll post the comic here (and change the site format again to accommodate it…sorry, SunshineRain).

  13. Looks like your passive cursing of the resnet people worked, I thought it was strange when I was trying for the site earlier and it didn’t work but I thought that you would eventually say something about it anyway, thanks for the hard work Kari.

    Alt-text: Somehow I have this feeling that in the future Murphy’s law will become like the ten commandment and a religion will start surrounding it.

  14. Well, I also did some active e-mailing of the resnet people, though admittedly, they didn’t reply. I don’t know why the site came back up.

    This may happen again. If the site is down at Comic Time, I will always post the relevant strip here.

  15. Won’t it take at least three month to get mail from Ontario to British Columbia? What have you heard about our postal service?

    I may have been exaggerating with the “10 or 11 people,” though if it had been late July, I wouldn’t have been. Massey houses about 60 students, and not all of them stick around for the summer. They are replaced by “summer residents,” who, as far as I know, don’t get Internet in their rooms.

  16. Oh… When you said Georgia Straight, I assumed you meant the area down near South Georgia Island, ie the little stretch of water between the tip of Argentina and Antarctica.

  17. Nah…Georgia Strait is the area between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island. It contains a number of islands, some quite tiny, known collectively as the Gulf Islands. Yes…Gulf Islands in a strait…but it’s less confusing when you realise that Georgia Strait has two other names as well: the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf of Georgia. The Georgia Straight is actually a free weekly newspaper rather than a geological feature. You see all the things you learn when you read these comments?

  18. Indeed, every one is an education!

    Also — do you ever call the PhD thesis a dissertation? Because in the US, the thesis is for the master’s degree, a PhD student writes a dissertation.

  19. Educational indeed, just look at all my posts.

    Here in the land down under we use th*sis as well, for master’s degree we call them minor th*sis.

    To further antagonise Kari: Colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic, colour comic.

  20. I’ve always just referred to everything as a thesis, an honours thesis, project thesis, masters thesis, phd thesis – where what you are talking about is taken from what the person you are talking about is actually doing.

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