Argh argh argh…COME ON, computer guys!

The computer guys have successfully ignored me for two solid days.  Now it’s the weekend, and I expect they’ll be ignoring me for at least two more solid days.  I have no idea when the site is going to come back.  I’m really sorry about this.  Remember that you can also access the less pretty alternate WoB site (it does not, alas, have an archive page or any other extras) here (though it won’t be up until between midnight and 1:00 a.m. EDT).

Saturday’s comic:


5 thoughts on “Argh argh argh…COME ON, computer guys!

  1. Don’t stress about it Kari (unless of course you are into that type of things), I am sure it will eventually work itself out. Hakuna Matata and Que Sera, Sera and all that other stuff. Saturday comic looking good as usual, though it’s lacking a certain bricky quality to it.

  2. There aren’t many bricks in the basement…and the comic is set in the basement because that’s where the billiard balls (and, incidentally, the DVD player) are kept.

    With luck, we’ll get the site back eventually. And yeah, I’m pretty good at stressing.

  3. Computers were put on this planet to test our patience. Sometimes, screaming helps. There are also people whose mere presence can scare a computer into behaving. Those are useful people to have as friends.

  4. Good luck in getting up the site again!

    Are tourists in Toronto really that bad? Or is Marie going crazy?

  5. Nobilis: There may be some SLIGHT caricaturing going on, but yeah, the Massey summer residents can sometimes go a bit crazy with the stealing. Don’t get me wrong: most of them are fine. It’s just that we have lost (among other things) DVD and VCR players, DVDs, bikes, bits and pieces of our sound system, and a hell of a lot of food. Apparently, it’s fair game if it isn’t nailed down.

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