June 15 – 27, 2009

At last, the site is up.  Hurrah.  You now have access to your precious alt-text again.

Sorry for all the confusion, everyone.  The IT guys sometimes take a bit of time to respond to messages, and they occasionally contradict each other for fun.


34 thoughts on “June 15 – 27, 2009

  1. As a person who believe in causality, I see that my suggestion of hitting it actually work.

  2. Yay! for original site.

    FWIW, perhaps its time you looked into a domain of your own – With just a domain name, it will give you the ability to redirect (manually or automatically) to some other host/web-space provider if the primary host goes offline.

    Or go completely independent and host your own space.

  3. Nuttycat: Yeah, I should probably look into that, though I’m not sure how to start. The real problem is that I’m responsible for the whole Massey alumni site, and it keeps BLOODY SHUTTING DOWN. It’s down again now. The IT dudes have explained that they have switched the old massey.utoronto.ca hard drive, which worked perfectly, with the defective Massey resnet hard drive. I do understand that the resnet is a priority, but this is just no good. Freaking hell.

  4. Oh…and I don’t want Comic Genesis to be my primary host. The interface is far too difficult to use unless you have mad html skills, which I don’t. I can’t even figure out how to load images besides the banner and the comic itself on the CG site; the “help” pages are not helpful (I’ve followed the instructions exactly, with zero results). I actually kind of hate CG.

  5. Kari or should I call you Next from now? Did you happen to notice that if you go to Wednesday’s comic, instead of the Next link it has Kari instead. An Easter egg? or perhaps the Oxford dictionary people finally decided to replace Next with Kari instead?

  6. Goodness gracious me…how the bleeding heck did I do that? I swear I’m not a narcissist.

    I’m tempted to leave it, but…nah. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Actually, it was replacing the “Last” button…but you may call me Next if you like, as that suggests an association with Thursday Next, and Thursday Next (from a series of bizarre crime/fantasy/time-travel novels by Jasper Fforde) is fairly awesome.

  7. You may want to consider starting by getting a domain name registered (atleast for the comic) pointing to the current WoB site- that should help get you acquainted with the basics of domain names and DNS entries and stuff.

    Yahoo has some good explanations about the two basic concepts you will need:
    Registering domains: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/domains/domaininfo/
    Domain forwarding : http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/domains/domainfeatures/forwarding/

    You may want to shop around for a good price on the domain registration – I don’t know how Yahoo compares in price to other registrars located in Canada. Some of the big ones in the US are GoDaddy, Register.com and Network Solutions.

    If you talk to the big hosting companies, most of them should be able to help move your entire alumni site to their systems fairly seamlessly (but they will likely charge you $$$ for it)

  8. “Actually, it was replacing the “Last” button…but you may call me Next if you like, as that suggests an association with Thursday Next, and Thursday Next (from a series of bizarre crime/fantasy/time-travel novels by Jasper Fforde) is fairly awesome.”

    Really? But doesn’t that also associate you with that horrible Nicolas Cage’s movie: Next (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0435705/) or the Ice Cube movie: Next Friday (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0195945/) and its sequel Friday After Next (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293815/).
    Actually Kari’s Friday and Friday After Kari doesn’t sound like too bad of a title for a movie, maybe some sort of romantic comedy or romantic horror, wonder who should play Kari.

    I think the site is pretty okay for now, I mean it’s not like you are making big money off the comic at the moment to put so much work into it (non-artistic wise, you should always put a lot of work into it artistic wise).

  9. Father’s day? Isn’t that in September? Or is this other one of those weird Canada I will change the date as I please kind of thing?

    Oh no, I told those damn kids to not to complain about the spam so much, oh my poor phorum. R.I.P (at least for now).

  10. Actually, SunshineRain, the demon Wikipedia informs us that Father’s Day is “celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 52 of the world’s countries and on other days elsewhere.” I expect Canada isn’t the one arbitrarily changing the date. (Nudge.)

    You guys are free to camp out here until the Phorums return. I shall give you COOKIES.

    Re. the hosting issue: the problem is that I make no money off the comic and can’t really afford to host my own site. The Massey Alumni Association also has no actual money of its own and really needs to use a College server. I could afford a domain name, but I wouldn’t want to attach it to a sub-site hosted by Massey; I already feel somewhat guilty for piggy-backing my comic on the Massey server. If I got a domain name of my very own, I would also want a site of my very own.

    Ah well…we’ll see.

  11. Holy Raccoon! Marie is loaded and for some reason her flat 2D image is beginning to look more attractive, I mean I have always wanted to date a rich lady ermmmm I might have sounded a tad shallow there what I meant to say is that I have always wanted to date money.

    COOKIES! When you say “give”, you meant that metaphorically right? Cause that’s a long wait for me to have lunch.

  12. Dude, Marie is loaded because her parents died horribly in a fire. Your extraordinary shallowness disturbs me.

    The cookies are indeed virtual, alas, but they do have chocolate chips in them.

  13. Yes, I am quite extraordinary, thank you.
    All joking aside, it is interesting to have more of Marie’s past reveal to us, I do wonder though when the same can be say about Casey. Actually thinking about it now many of the character on WOB has strange and mysterious past don’t they?

    Mmmmm chocolate chip cookies, for some reason I have this image of Kari living in a ginger bread house, must be related to that broom she keep behind her.

  14. Not to be an ignorant undergrad, but what is a “solarium”? Unless I spelled it wrong. In that case, what is this thing that the comic is talking about?

  15. I think a Solarium is like a room to sit in that has glass everywhere so it gets lots of light, and in my world lots of heat so not a good idea.

    But I don’t see how Marie can move out – I mean surely the comic isn’t about to become based in an apartment building, and without Marie it just wouldn’t be the same. Besides, I’m sure Kari would miss having all those bricks to draw.

    I also don’t see any problems with the current site – sure it goes down occasionally but I more often miss comics cause my own internet goes down or I just couldn’t be bothered hooking up my computer and having a look. We’ll all survive with the current system I’m sure.

  16. Mer has defined a solarium accurately. As Toronto is a land of ice and snow for six or seven months of the year, solaria are rather more valued here than they would be in Australia.

    Massey/Davies allows Junior Fellows to be in residences for only three years. You may remember that Barbara moved out last year. Now Marie, Rahim, and Casey are going to have to follow her. However, Massey/Davies also allows Junior Fellows to belong to the College for a total of five years. Marie is now a non-resident Junior Fellow (as Frankie has always been). She has also recently been elected DEF co-chair. Believe me, she’ll be hanging around Davies plenty, and the comic will not change its focus.

    Slightly more interesting is the case of Barbara, who is actually not going to be a Junior Fellow in the coming year. She still has a year left in her fellowship, but she’s also about to finish her degree and therefore can’t belong to Davies any more. Yet…I have not been a Junior Fellow for five years, and I still find excuses to hang around the College. Don’t worry. Time does happen in the comic, so it’s not going to be able to last and/or stay the same forever, but the current dynamic hasn’t run its course quite yet.

  17. Thanks for the reassurance Kari. I never noticed that Frankie didn’t actually live there – I guess the idea of being a non-resident and still being a member seems quite strange to me. Despite living in a College the whole concept is still pretty alien to me (and ours is very very different to what you portray yet scarily the same in so many ways).

  18. Melanie: The whole non-res thing can be kind of odd. Certain non-residents are around so often that even resident Junior Fellows think they’re residents; some never show up at all and apply for the College only for the “prestige.” I belonged to the former category.

    Frankie’s apartment appeared last fall when she held a birthday party there and only Marie and Casey showed up. Barbara’s appeared briefly in a colour comic when she was explaining to Marie why she had taken up juggling (plus there was a Week of Moving last summer).

  19. Today’s comic about the feral cats made me laugh. My wife finished (US) med school about a year ago. When she was on her clinical rotations she was complaining one day that “trained monkeys could do what she was doing”. I pointed out that, while she was correct, trained monkeys wouldn’t pay $50,000/year for the privilege. I don’t think I helped.

    On an unrelated note, last week I wandered into Canada for the first time in about 10 years and spent an afternoon there. No where near Toronto, but you all are friends up there anyways, right? 🙂

  20. It disappeared on Monday – there was a major attack of the spams so I’m guessing that this was the motivation for the close down. Hopefully it’ll be back soon.

  21. You should see what happens if I’m in the room when the phrase “west of Bathurst” comes up in casual conversation (which, in Toronto, it tends to do occasionally). It usually goes a bit like this:

    Person 1: Wanna go to Clinton’s tonight?

    Person 2: Where’s that?

    Person 3: It’s west of Bathurst.

    Everyone Present: *Looks at me knowingly and giggles*

    Occasionally, someone will also elbow me and go, “Hey, west of Bathurst, right? Right? Ha ha ha ha!”

  22. Ah the pain of being a celebrity, I know this not at all. Probably not a good question to ask since this place is so righteous and moral but have you ever try to use your celebrity status to get free stuff?

  23. I am a celebrity in about the same way your mom is a celebrity for baking cookies and handing them out to the neighbourhood kids, so no, no free stuff.

  24. Since my mom is an Asian type of mom, the responsibility of baking cookies has fallen on to me instead. Now that you mention it, I am quite popular for baking cookies muahahahaha. Although I wouldn’t go around handing them out to kids, seem kinda I don’t know unsettling.

    Now about this song, any chance we could get a sample? Preferably a audio file with you singing it? or else I would just settle for the lyric and have to imagine you sing it instead.

  25. Not right now. I’ve got my hands full recording music for a musical I’ve been scoring (so the cast can hear the songs). I am in a race against time and cannot, alas, afford to do any extraneous recording.

  26. Kari: Is it the grad school musical? Can we hear something of it?

    Phorum: “Please check back in a week or so.” Hope it doesn’t remain “in a week” forever…

  27. Jeez. I just graduated and I’m excited to switch categories. But instead, I’m stuck in jobless limbo, working for my old advisor. I can’t leave!!!

  28. Howdy, I believe your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    Whenever I look at your website in Safari, it
    looks fine however, if opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Apart from that, excellent site!

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