June 29 – July 11, 2009

Yes, I do absolutely realise it’s not July eighteenth yet.

(I just wanted to get that out of the way.)

15 thoughts on “June 29 – July 11, 2009

  1. This is very promising. Very promising indeed. And I am happy to see Casey not acting like a jerk for once. I like(d) Casey. I would like to like him again.

  2. “I like(d) Casey. I would like to like him again.” Me too.

    July 18th: and there goes another year. WoB always reminds me how fast time passes. Each time I think: “It can’t be a year already, Marie’s last panic was about five months ago, not more!”

  3. “I like(d) Casey. I would like to like him again.” Me too.

    Thirded. Also, because it can’t be said enough, stripey shorts! Hee.

  4. So will we be time skipping back into the in between dates of the current date and July 18th? Cause I would like to also note that we skipped out on the 1 year anniversary of Barbara moving out. Funny enough the traditional gift for 1 year is Paper.

  5. Huh. It’s a good thing you provided the alt-text, because in my Toronto vernacular “St Mike’s” is St Michael’s hospital downtown, and boy was *that* a peculiar little storyline twist before I read the explanation…

  6. Clearly, Toronto has too many institutions named after Saint Michael. I forgot about the hospital (and actually didn’t even know where it was until I googled it). To a U of T (non-medical) student, St. Mike`s is definitely the college and/or the library. There`s also a St. Michael`s Cathedral, plus probably some other churches of that name as well.

    Crazy, crazy Toronto.

    Apropos of nothing: my new laptop DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY ON THIS SITE. I cannot used quotation marks. Hitting the SHIFT key works when I use it with letters, but with certain (apparently random) other keys, SHIFT sends me to a third or fourth option (e.g.: the apostrophe key has a single quotation mark as its third option; it skips right over the second option, the double quotation mark). My very favourite, however, has to be the forward-slash key; even without the SHIFT, it gives me an e acute). There seems to be abso-bloody-lutely nothing I can do about this. Changing the keyboard language doesn`t help. And none of this stuff happens OUTSIDE this comments section, or perhaps comments sections in general. I. Hate. Vista.

    It also doesn`t help that the blasted keyboard has the damn SHIFT and ENTER keys in the wrong damn places.

    End of Rant.

  7. Why is Casey still resident? He has been there before Marie (and long enough to convince Barbara that he is the devil), so why is he allowed to stay longer? Is it his special powers again?

    Good for Casey that he has to hunt Marie only in a library, not to try to find her new flat somewhere in Toronto!

  8. Casey arrived the same year Marie did. He turned up a few days earlier than Marie. Barbara decided he was the devil almost immediately. Like Marie, he will be moving out of Davies this summer.

    Rahim, not Casey, is the one in the slightly odd situation. He actually belonged to Davies for a year before Marie turned up; however, he started as a non-resident. He moved into the College the summer before Casey and Marie came to the university.

    Marie isn’t moving to her new flat until August 1, by the way.

  9. I see. Thanks, Kari.

    (Casey will find an excellent apartment with balcony and garden and whatever for a very low price within one hour after beginning to look, won’t he?)

  10. This is insane – on safari I can see today’s comic, it’s clearly there – yet when I swap into IE so I can catch up on the alt-text today’s comic is gone/ Even clearing the histories and caches etc. doesn’t bring it up! Is this some sort of conspiracy of me ever reading the alt texts?

  11. Yep I can confirm it is certainly a conspiracy, this is also why the sky is blue. It’s all connected you see.

    Actually the Safari alt-text thing is a common “problem”, Safari conform to the actual standard of use for the alt-text (the alt=”” attribute) which is for screen reading application for the visually impair. The correct tag/attribute to use for what we found in IE/Firefox is the title (title=”Floating text here!”) tag/attribute. So it is actually the fault of some naughty web developer that we see this type of problem when using different web browser.

    Ahem… right back to the comic, ooohh look at all them pretty trees and bushes. I wonder if they are shrubbery.

  12. Mer — I can’t see it in firefox. I always right click and hit properties, and then you can read it in the box.

  13. Thanks Earthgirl – that’s certainly a lot easier way for me to view it than firing up IE (which requires I run a windows emulator since I don’t have a windows computer).

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