Comic: Friday, July 31

The site is down again.  WHAT A SHOCKING, SHOCKING SURPRISE. Our play opens tonight (i.e., on Friday night.  It is actually Thursday right now, but the comic is Friday’s comic, so I am pretending it is Friday).  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Advertisements

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Comic and Rant: July 27, 2009

Stupid.  Site.  Damn it. Comic: Rant: Monday, July 27, 2009:  Calgary’s Transit System is Probably the Devil I’m not sure what it is about buses in Calgary.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would be able to top the forty-minutes-by-bus, ten-minutes-by-car antics of the public bus to Trent University, and I’m still not entirely convinced anyone […]

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And that is all I have to say about that. I am seriously on the verge of spending huge gobs of money I don’t have to host the comic independently.  This is ridiculous. (Well, that was almost all I had to say about that.)



I hate this goddamn hard drive!  I hate it!  IHATEITIHATEITIHATEIT! Today is the third anniversary of West of Bathurst.  I was hoping to celebrate this fact ON THE COMIC’S ACTUAL WEBSITE.  Apparently, I can’t.  Damn.  It.  Anyway. Here’s the comic: And here’s the bonus anniversary panel: And here’s the blurb I was going to have […]


Well, I posted the comic, but the BLOODY DAMN SITE seems to have gone down again.  I shall tear out my hair and throw things at walls. Here is the comic (which should be up here within the hour as well):

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At the Moment…

…the site is up.  Here’s what’s going on: People had a meeting yesterday to discuss spending money on a new hard drive.  I believe the upshot of this meeting was that everybody agreed “more study was needed.”  Resnet Guy #1 tells me it may be “some time” before anything actually happens. My heartfelt plea for […]

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