Damn It…the Damn Site is Damn Well Down Again


Monday’s comic is below.  You will also be able to see it at the other site sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. EDT.

If you’ve missed any of the older comics, they’re there as well.


12 thoughts on “Damn It…the Damn Site is Damn Well Down Again

  1. Thanks Kari for delivering the Monday comic this way. Hope the site is going to get up soon …

    Good to know that Casey is acting kind again (at least he seems to be…). But poor Marie!!!

  2. The site is up again…no thanks to bloody goddamn Vista. I know it’s a cliche to loathe Vista, but honestly…I hate it so very much.

  3. I was very sad that the site was down, when I had such important Canadian questions to ask you! (I couldn’t remember the name of this blog to search for it til just now.)

    So here are my questions:

    1) Was Canada always seen as separate from the other American colonies, and if so, why? It seems to me that you all aren’t that far away; you were settled by the same people, more or less. So why weren’t we the 18 Colonies or whatever? And why didn’t you all rebel with us?

    2) What on earth is a caucus? I was listening to the CBC, and they were saying how under Harper, MPs have to ask permission to speak in caucus, and this is very bad. If this is similar to us having a session of Senate, that is very bad. And they said there’s no deputy prime minister because Harper didn’t want one? Is that like a vice president, and if so… you can do that?

  4. 1) Well…that’s the kind of question that would take about a year to answer. The best I can do is to say that Canada and the States have rather different sorts of histories. Just for starters, you might note the important presence of the French in Canadian history. The Canadian colonies remained loyal to Britain when the American colonies did their whole thing with the tea. Again, it would take way too long to go into the minute reasons here, and as I’m not an historian, I would probably get stuff wrong.

    2) “Caucus” is a word with various meanings (you’ve got caucuses in the States too); in Canada, a caucus is all members of a given political party in Parliament (including MPs and Senators). A caucus meeting would involve all these people (probably mostly or wholly MPs). Harper has a reputation of keeping a tight rein on his MPs, partly because some of them are wingnuts who say idiotic things in public and partly (in my humble and biased opinion) because he is a dictatorial little bastard who needs to be slapped upside the head with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    “Deputy Prime Minister” is an honourary position. The PM is not obliged to appoint one, though most do. However, the first deputy PM was appointed in 1977, and it’s by no means an essential position in the government. Harper does have people he has authorised to take over if he can’t fulfil his duties; they just don’t have the title or the Deputy PM’s other (not very strenuous) roles.

    The Canadian and American political structures are actually quite different. I know it may be tempting to judge us by the US–historically and politically speaking–but it doesn’t really work. You should try doing a bit of reading on Canadian history. Its reputation as “boring” is actually unfair. (No, really…I swear.)

  5. Thanks Kari! Yeah, I know I tend to look at Canada thru a US-tinted lens, but it’s really because I don’t know much Canadian history. I’ll have to read up…

    Sounds like you have the same opinion of Harper as the people on the CBC did. He doesn’t sound like a fantastic guy.

  6. Coincidentally the latest season (season 5) of House (spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert) have Dr. House ending up in a psychiatric hospital at the end, not that I am accusing you of stealing plot line or anything but I hope that this season of WOB won’t end that way as well… wait do WOB even have seasons? (yes I do realise that they have Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, for those of you who want to be a smarty pants and try to point that out)

  7. Dude, it isn’t exactly uncommon for psychiatric hospitals to pop up in fiction. And Marie’s situation isn’t quite equivalent to House’s; she has one major psychotic episode per year (plus possibly a seeing-people-who-aren’t-there problem; it could be that Evil Marie is simply imaginary), and it never seems to last past midnight on July 18. House’s psychosis appears to be long-standing and profound. Of course, Marie’s condition hasn’t been fully explored yet…but for now, I wouldn’t regard this development as echoing the _House_ finale. (Plus I’ve been planning it for three years, you know.)

    WoB does not have TV-type seasons, but it is certainly nearing the end of its third year of existence.

  8. You mean Evil Marie might NOT be a figment of her imagination – that’s scary to think of. And this had better not be echoing the House finale – cause that would imply that it was some sort of finale. You went and got me hooked on this comic it would be extremely impolite of you to make me give it up. I somehow doubt there are many support groups for this sort of addict.

  9. Well, it isn’t clear what Evil Marie is. She could be a figment, a hallucination, or real. There is evidence for all three possibilities (Marie clearly thinks of EM as imaginary; she tends to see EM when she is sick, tired, or under extreme emotional stress; Casey once appeared to see EM, though Marie did have a high temperature at the time).

    The House finale is only a season finale. House and co. will doubtless be back to terrorising patients next fall. And no, WoB will not end soon.

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