Well, I posted the comic, but the BLOODY DAMN SITE seems to have gone down again.  I shall tear out my hair and throw things at walls.

Here is the comic (which should be up here within the hour as well):



9 thoughts on “

  1. OK, I am so totally lost at this point. My only nagging suspicion is that it has something to do with Ursula the Tim Horton’s girl. Except that she clearly has no connexion to whatever happens to Marie on July 18th.

    So yeah, still totally lost…

  2. I don’t think you have to have a connection between Ursula and July 18th. July 18th is a traumatic date for Marie, and I think Casey realised that and cared enough to overrule whatever was causing him to antagonise Marie.

  3. Up again…for the moment. The computer guys have acquired software that tells them when the site goes down, so I’m not supposed to bug them any more; the problem is that they don’t DO anything when the software tells them the site has gone down. I waited for a day and a half, then broke down and asked them please to give us our site back. It reappeared within minutes.

    I just don’t know how long it will be before the next crash. Possibly…minutes.

    Your speculations are all very interesting.

  4. So Kari, is socialized health care as terrible as they say? We’re debating health care reform here in the US, and all of the Republicans are running about, waving their arms and saying, “Dear God, who would want to be like the CANADIANS???” And those of us who are uninsured grad students are giving them the finger.

  5. Yes, dear LORD…who would like to be like the CANADIANS? They with their universal access, their habit of not charging through the nose every time you find a lump in your breast or have to spend the night in the hospital, their guarantee of looking after you if you are freaking sick (no matter whether or not you have an insurance provider or who that provider is), their annoying practice of not bumping you to the front of the line if you are a rich person with a boo-boo who just HAS to get in in front of that desperately ill cancer-ridden homeless person…

    No, the Canadian system is not perfect. In particular, waiting lists are occasionally longer than they should be. However, for Americans to go OMIGOD THE CANADIANZ SAVE US FROM TEH DIRTY SOCIALISTS!!!1! while completely ignoring the rampant unfairness and disfunctionality of their own seriously broken system makes me want to RANT and SCREAM. (The ranting and screaming are not directed at you, earthgirl. I know that you are sane.)

    No system is perfect. Socialised health care works. That is all.

    *Takes deep breath*

    Sorry for the vehemence. I am having a bad day. This counts as Venting.

  6. But it is communism! First they give us cheap access to medical care, and then they shoot us all in the head and send us to the hospital! And the rich people will be unable to have their hangnails taken care of in a timely manner! We must stop this injustice! Also, I may have to make more contacts to get a job if this thing goes through. Think of the actuaries! Or just have the government re-hire them!

  7. Thanks, Kari. This is pretty much what I suspected, and believe me, I agree with you. The sad thing is, from what I hear, socialized medicine isn’t even what we’re talking about implementing; the moderate democrats and the republicans would full-on revolt. Instead we’re talking about making some kind of hybrid thing with a public option for the uninsured… truth be told, I don’t even understand it. I just hope we stop pretending that the illnesses of poor people don’t matter.

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