I hate this goddamn hard drive!  I hate it!  IHATEITIHATEITIHATEIT!

Today is the third anniversary of West of Bathurst.  I was hoping to celebrate this fact ON THE COMIC’S ACTUAL WEBSITE.  Apparently, I can’t.  Damn.  It.  Anyway.

Here’s the comic:


And here’s the bonus anniversary panel:


And here’s the blurb I was going to have after the panel:

SoWest of Bathurst is three years old.  I would like to thank my lawyer…and my other lawyer…and my other lawyer’s lawyer…and possibly Halle Berry and her lawyers.  More importantly, I would like to thank you for reading, even when the $#@%$@% site goes down every five $@%$*&^ minutes. I may just be a little irritable today.

At any rate…WoB now has a reasonable number of readers, the great majority of whom have discovered it via word of mouth.  It has a single entry on TV Tropes (no, I didn’t put it there.  I do find it quite amusing, though).  Some people seem to like the strip quite a lot.  That’s good enough for me.

The “play” mentioned in the panel above is not a reference to goofing off but a reference to a real and actual musical that a friend and I have opening at the Calgary Fringe Festival starting next Friday (oh God…starting next Friday).  If you’re in or around Calgary, come check us out.  Pertinent details can be found here.



  1. Oooh, that play actually sounds really neat! Too bad I’m on the wrong continent.

    Excellent new developments in today’s comic, by the way. At last we know! Though now we’re left wondering what sorts of things usually go wrong with Casey’s girlfriends. And if that involves tentacles and pitchforks regularly.

  2. The site is back up again. If we’re really lucky, it will stay up ALL WEEKEND. If we’re not, it will go down late this afternoon, in which case it won’t return until Monday at the earliest.

    Stupid site.

    Tentacles and pitchforks…sounds like a recipe for hentai. Brrrrrr.

  3. Quick, gotta catch ’em all before the alt-text disappear.

    I will say this again since my previous comment seem to have disappeared again:
    Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary WoB.

  4. SunshineRain: For some reason, your comment got tagged as spam. I don’t know why; you didn’t even include a link in it. Ah well. It’s up now, so you’ve wished WoB Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniverary twice.

    Thanks, by the way.

  5. Happy Birthday! And remember, the key to dealing with computer frustrations is to remind them that you are not a computer, but a flesh and blood human, and that you may do irrational things, such as throw computers out the window and bash them with sledgehammers.

  6. The strip also gets mentioned from time-to-time on the Comics Curmudgeon. That’s how I found it. 🙂

    Best wishes for your play, Kari, and congratulations on your achievement with the strip. As much as I want to smack him upside the head so hard right now (I mean, really, how hard would it have been to simply tell Marie he didn’t want to get involved in the first place?) I’m very very glad to have the old Casey back.

  7. Yes, true…I’ve noticed the CC thing as well. There’s also the Ph.D. Comics forum thing (a lot of the people who post here have come over from the Phorums, which are, sadly, currently AWOL).

    Casey does deserve a violent smack on the head, though rest assured that Marie too has noticed the silliness of his behaviour. In fact, she may just bring it up quite, quite soon.

    You guys have no idea what agony it has been writing the strip this year with everyone going, “But! But Casey! But when is this going to end?”, while I knew all along that there wouldn’t be any sort of resolution until July 18. It’s been difficult to stop myself from reassuring you that this particular plot thread will not continue indefinitely. For the record, though, I’m glad to be back to writing Nice Casey rather than Mean Casey. It was occasionally quite frustrating to write the comics while knowing that Marie and Casey wouldn’t be able to play off each other in their usual dysfunctional way. The Marie/Rahim and Marie/Barbara dynamics are quite different.

    This is not to say that things are necessarily going to be quite back to normal. Marie doesn’t look very happy in Friday’s comic, does she?

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