Comic: Friday, July 31

The site is down again.  WHAT A SHOCKING, SHOCKING SURPRISE.


Our play opens tonight (i.e., on Friday night.  It is actually Thursday right now, but the comic is Friday’s comic, so I am pretending it is Friday).  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.


9 thoughts on “Comic: Friday, July 31

  1. Anybody else got reminded of the movie Joe Versus the Volcano? No? Just me then? Okay nothing to see here, move along.

  2. Break a leg, Kari! (er, is that what you say to the playwright?)

    Also wanted to mention that I’m really loving the artwork on this latest series. Marie’s shifting facial expressions as she reacts to Casey are seriously well done.

  3. I’m the pianist as well, so “Break a leg” is fine. If it all goes pear-shaped, I shall be right there, staring at the stony, unforgiving faces of the three or four people in the audience.

    I’m glad you like Marie’s expressions. Poor Marie really NEEDS a lot of expressions for this one.

  4. How can you not like that movie? It starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, TOM HANKS and MEG RYAN!

    In other news:
    The British are coming! The British are coming!… I mean The Regulars are coming out.. no wait that’s not it either, oh right it’s The Phorum is back! The Phorum is back! The Phorum is back!

  5. Thanks, Sunshi, for the phorum alert!

    on topic: I love Marie’s faical expression in panel 2.

  6. Emily: It’s there. Try refreshing the page.

    I think you’ll find, SunshineRain, that it’s the eagles that are coming.

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