Comic and Rant: Monday, August 3




Monday, August 3, 2009:  Calgary`s Transit System is Definitely the Devil

I know I did a Rant on Calgary transit last week, but damn, is this a terrible system.  I think it may actually be out to get everybody who has to use it.

Yesterday, a friend and I needed to get from Kensington to Inglewood, with a brief stop at Staples to photocopy some stuff.  The trip from Kensington to Staples is a 25-minute walk or a 3-minute journey on the C-Train (plus a 10-minute walk).  Then there was supposed to be another 10-minute walk and a 15-minute bus journey.


We arrived at the C-Train station and waited for 15 minutes (unusual, even for a Saturday).  I would like to stress that there were no notices visible at this station.

The train arrived, and everyone got off.  We figured this was odd, but we got on anyway.  The train sat there for five minutes.  We probably should have noticed that things were already going wrong, but it was 30 degrees C outside, and we weren`t at our sharpest.

A voice announced that this train was going back towards Sait Station, not downtown.  We tried to get off the train.  The doors wouldn`t open.

We took at unscheduled journey to Sait, where we stood waiting for at least another fifteen minutes for the damn train to come back so we could return to Sunnyside Station.

We could have waited for the shuttle, but we were already running late.  We took the 25-minute walk to Staples.  The shuttle didn`t pass us, so it was probably a wise decision.  Afterwards, however, we realised that the street down which the trains and our bus normally ran was completely shut down, and we had no idea where else to catch the bus except way back in Kensington.  We walked back to Kensington.  Unbeknownst to us, if we had glanced slightly to the right at a certain intersection, we would have seen a stop at which we could have caught the bus.

The bus we were trying to catch passed us when we were a minute`s walk away from the stop.  We actually stood there on the wrong side of a red light and watched it idling at the intersection, mocking us.  We had to wait twenty more minutes for the bus.

About five minutes before we reached our destination on transfers that had actually already expired, though we didn`t realise it at the time, a guy who was even more angry at the Calgary transit system than we were stormed onto the bus and sat down just behind us.  He treated us to a loud, detailed monologue on how Calgary transit was the Worst Thing Ever.

We ran into a street festival just before we needed to get off the bus.  Though we requested a stop before we reached the detour, the bus just kept going, taking us about four blocks out of our way.

We arrived at our destination nearly two hours after we had left.

This afternoon, my friend found me a bike.


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