August 24 – September 5, 2009

Well, here we are; after a summer of pure, unadulterated hell, we have now returned to our regular scheduled programming.  With luck, there won’t be another disruption until the site has to move back to its original server (if that ever happens at all).


10 thoughts on “August 24 – September 5, 2009

  1. Oh, hey…I didn’t know she’d done that. Of course, I’ll have to take your word for it, as I can’t see anything on that page. Maybe the “server difficulties” are to blame. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who has server difficulties.

    Veronica Mars is sort of a female teenage Philip Marlowe. In other words, she is quite, quite awesome (for the first two seasons, at least).

  2. Hate to reference back to previous comments but yesterday late-night(12am) I just watched for the first time ever the movie “Field of Dreams” (for some reason whenever I hear reference about this movie I had always thought they were talking about “Angels in the Outfield”). I wonder if the misquoting of “they” instead of “he” was due to the fact that near the end, Terence Mann used the phrase “they will come” or “people will come” so often in his speech.

  3. Regarding today’s rant: whoa. Do they have the monopoly on guitar sales and repair over there? Because this is just insane!

    Regarding today’s comic: mmmm… we’ll have to wait at least another year, I guess?

  4. Remenyi does not have a monopoly on guitar sales and repair. I have no idea why they were such dicks about this situation. I really hate people who take advantage of customers who aren’t willing to be obnoxious assholes and demand compensation for bad service. What…you punish me because I’m NOT a loudmouthed jerkwad?

    It hurts to swear I’ll never go to Remenyi again. It’s a pretty good store (albeit unreasonably expensive), and it’s conveniently located. However, this behaviour is unforgivable.

    Re. the comic: yeah, sorry about that. The best I can do is point out that Ursula and Casey are clearly counting down to something. Eventually, they’ll reach the point at which the counting must stop.

  5. Unfortunately, in retail, shouting usually does help. I’ve had several managers in the years I worked in a department store, and with one exception things would go like this:

    Stefan: *brings unpleasant news about repairs costing money because the customer mistreated his device*
    Customer: *Gets angry*
    Stefan: *Stays patient, says he’s sorry, but that’s how it works*
    Customer: *Gets angrier*
    Stefan: *Has to follow his instructions*
    Customer: *Shouts, demands manager*
    Manager: *Comes to an unreasonable agreement that will cost the shop a lot of money*

    The trouble (in my case) was that managers have different objectives. These seem to be “get shouting customers out of view, because it reflects badly on the store.”

    Now our customer service was terrible, with weeks of waiting time even for legitimate repairs and usually no replacement item to use while waiting, but if our repairs would mess up, we’d fix or replace the item.

  6. It’s pretty annoying when the only way to get service–justified or otherwise–is to be an obnoxious bastard. I, like my polite friend, am intimidated by people behind desks and tend not to be pushy, even when I’m obviously being screwed over. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if the music store had pulled that little “It was going to break anyway” bit on me.

    Amusingly, I just talked to another member of my friend’s band (let us call this other member “Janet”) about the situation. Janet had been a bit wrapped up in her work at the time of the Great Guitar Massacre and had only vaguely registered that our friend “wasn’t using Kari’s guitar any more.” When I told her yesterday what had actually happened, she expressed regret that she hadn’t known about it at the time, as she would have accompanied our friend to the store and unleashed a righteous fury upon the employees. Janet is very good at that kind of thing.

    Someone else (I was at a party when the subject came up) opined that he would simply have walked out without paying, leaving the broken guitar at the store. My friend didn’t really have this option, as it wasn’t her guitar…but I doubt I would have had the guts to do that either.

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