September 7 – 19, 2009

It is Orientation Week.  Bewaaaaaaaaare the froooooooooooooosssssshhhhhhh.


10 thoughts on “September 7 – 19, 2009

  1. Well – I finished my thesis in September, and my defense was in July the following year. So what is Barbara complaining about?

  2. Nobilis: wow. Why the huge gap?

    Barbara is complaining for the same reason I was complaining two years ago: she expected to be done early enough that she wouldn’t have to pay any more tuition. Instead, she’ll end up owing the university several thousand dollars more, and she won’t convocate until next June. It’s kind of problematic job-wise, too; as far as U of T is concerned, she’ll belong to one unit of the union in first term and another in second. Jobs in the two units do not overlap.

    Earthgirl: It’s kind of addictive. I shouldn’t have started; I should have been doing actual work. Ah well.

  3. Well, Kari, with three professors having to mark the thesis and write an opinion about it, it takes a while, but usually not that long. There seem to have been some misunderstandings in my case, with people waiting for each other.
    Luckily, for some reasons combined, it was not to my financial disadvantage. But the book got published to late to get the public interest a had hoped for, due to a round birthday of one of the guys I did research on. All the seminars etc. about him were already over.

  4. In my case (and Barbara’s), the other committee members had already approved the thesis, and the supervisor had already given me final comments. All she had to do was glance it over one more time and say, “Go.” It took Barbara’s supervisor a little longer than it did mine, but in both cases, it was ridiculously long.

  5. Why does the change from October to November mean that Barbara has to pay thousands of dollars more for tuition? Is it the beginning of a new term?

  6. U of T charges month by month in your last year. Each month starts on the fifteenth. Your final month ends when you submit your thesis to the faculty of graduate studies. Barbara would have had a VERY slim chance of submitting by October 15; now she will have to continue to pay until at least December 15 (she’ll probably be given a month for revisions, so it’s possible she could take until December 23 and pay tuition until January 15).

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