October 5 – 17, 2009

Well, I still have the flu, and all I can say is:  get out of my body, you stupid energy-sapping virus from hell!


14 thoughts on “October 5 – 17, 2009

  1. The alt-text say “It gets really fun when there’s some sort of external event going in and the guy in the Yoda PJs gets eyed by old ladies in evening dresses.”

    Is it really meant to be “going in” or is that the fever acting and it’s suppose to be “going on”?

    Hope you get well soon Kari.

  2. Mysterious pyjamas guy actually looks rather like me, but I don’t recall ever going to Davies. I hope I’m not going mad like in Fight Club.

  3. I actually was such a mysterious person: in my first week here in Canada I stayed in some college (they gave me the VIP room!). But the only occasion on which I walked in pyjamas outside my room was when the fire alarm went off at 3am 😦 It was the first week of term, and everyone had just moved in.

    Even more confusing for the residents: the VIP room is located in the girls wing…

  4. I have one question for you, Kari: Is butterscotch to Canadian women what chocolate is to American women?

  5. Er…where did this question come from?

    Chocolate is to Canadian women what chocolate is to American women, as well as women in many, many other places, and quite a few men. I am also very fond of butterscotch. Are Americans not? Why would anybody not be fond of butterscotch? What a terrible, terrible thought.

  6. That question came from here:


    It might not play due to country restrictions, blah blah blah, but if that’s so, it’s “How I Met Your Mother,” which has a Canadian character, and sometimes they throw bizarre supposed Canadianisms in there — such as the butterscotch thing.

    I personally don’t like butterscotch, but I couldn’t say if that’s the norm for this country.

    Also, I have you to thank for knowing way too much about Funky Winkerbean now. Although I have to say that the Apartment 3G writer buying the What Would Margo Do? bracelet is pretty much the funniest thing this week.

  7. Yeah, I can’t watch that because I am a lowly Canadian.

    As far as Canada is concerned, all I know about butterscotch is that it’s supposed to be less common in the States…and Americans apparently sometimes confuse it with caramel, which isn’t quite the same thing (though it’s close; they use different kinds of sugar).

    Re. your comments on the Comics Curmudgeon: there are all sorts of awesome, awesome fans of the site, including the people responsible for Sally Forth, Pearls Before Swine, Shylock Fox, and Apartment 3G…not to mention the guy who draws the newspaper Archie strip (he has hidden more than one reference to CC in the comic). I would be amused to know how many newspaper cartoonists now own WWMD bracelets.

  8. I find the October 7th (Wednesday) comic to be absolutely brilliant. I burst into laughter and almost spilled coffee all over my desk reading it. 😀

    /me gives Kari a big box of chocolates and scampers off

  9. Ah, he has been living in her room illegally. This explains why he didn’t fly to his own room – he has none. And why nobody knows him. And why he didn’t have to go to lectures.

    But why, oh why, doesn’t Barbara use her skill to solve the Tim Hortons mystery?

  10. I see you have given up on drawing bricks, and I can’t really blame you. I would have stopped years ago.

  11. Nuh-uh. I still draw bricks. I may strategically set more scenes in the basement (which doesn’t have many bricks) now…but you can see some bricks in the strip from two Wednesdays ago…in the last colour strip (a lot of them, actually)…and in three of the six orientation strips. I may hate bricks, but as long as the comic is set at Davies, there will be brickage. Saturday’s strip is set in the basement hallways, which have white walls (or sometimes dun-coloured ones…or sometimes orange ones. The basement walls can be quite variable, actually), orange floors, and no bricks. Monday’s will be set in Marie’s favourite nook, which, again, has no bricks. However, the bricks will return. One can’t count on many things in this crazy, crazy world, but one can count on that.

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