October 19 – 31, 2009

It is Hallowe’en Fortnight at WoB…and it ends on Hallowe’en.  I think I may have achieved perfect happiness.

I like Hallowe’en.  Sue me.


43 thoughts on “October 19 – 31, 2009

  1. I have just noticed the Halloween banner (perhaps it was just added?) and it is marvelous. I also greatly love Halloween. My costume for this year? Jedi Master of Science. I have not yet found a place to wear it, but I own a purple lightsaber, and therefore I am happy.

    Also: more Canadian goodness on How I Met Your Mother tonight. How I wish there weren’t stupid country restrictions.

  2. The Hallowe’en banner went up at the same time as the Monday comic. It allowed me to express my feelings about Twilight. For that, I thank it.

    I’ve started watching How I Met Your Mother</i; I'm halfway through season 2. I shall never understand why Americans are so baffled by the way Canadians pronounce "out."

  3. *Screams*

    I do not know what’s going on. The comic is not on the old dysfunctional server any more, and there seems no reason it should be down. Let me check the rest of the domain…

    Yep. Everything’s down. CURSES. I shall contact the computer guys, but you may have to wait until the other site (http://westofbathurst.comicgenesis.com) updates at midnight.

  4. I shall never understand why Americans are so baffled by the way Canadians pronounce “out.”

    Because it’s wrong, clearly.

    One thing from yesterday’s episode: Tim Horton’s is apparently the most Canadian place in the world. I had to laugh.

  5. Oh, really? And are ya gonna climb up onto the ruff in Warshington? Or maybe yer figgerin’ on tekkin’ a maghty fahn trip abowat the towan, awl y’awl?

    American dudes from various places, you sound at least as weird as we do, if not more so. The fact that you can’t hear the difference between a Canadian “about” and a Canadian “boat” baffles us. If we say “What about the boat,” do you think we’re rhyming?

    (The preceding comments are meant to be funny, not to start a war. I’m just saying.)

    Tim Hortons (which is, oddly, spelled without an apostrophe) may just be the most Canadian place in the world. It is our most popular franchise. Does it sell hamburgers and fries? Nope…it sells coffee, doughnuts, and relatively healthy sandwiches. Baffling, eh?

  6. That was the main difference that I noticed in Canada. Tim Hortons everywhere.

    And I spent some time at work ranting to coworkers and individual air molecules about how, although I haven’t read, watched, or generally been involved with Twilight in any way shape, or form, am pissed off about it. Mostly because they sparkle. Do these people know who vampires are based off of? Guy by the name of Vlad the Impaler. He got that nickname because he liked torturing people to death with spikes. He liked it so much that when they finally locked him up and deprived him of people to slowly kill, he killed animals slowly instead. I mean, sparkle? Sparkle? Do the werewolves wear tutus?

  7. It’s back, it’s back, it’s back.

    I found it funny that an American should comment about the pronunciation of English, although being Australian myself make the point moot.

  8. As a complement to your atistic ability, you did a good job with the drawing the the twilight characters. I have not been swept up in the twilight mania, and really have no exposure to the series at all. I remember thinking “should I know thoes characters? maybe something about that new vampire stuff?” but I didn’t make a solid connection.
    I popped onto the itunes store just now and saw a banner about Twilight. Immediately I recognized the 2 lead characters as “oh! that’s who Kari was drawing. Its the Twilight characters!”

    disclaimer: I may in fact live under a rock. Or I’m just not at all interested in vampires…Unless Casey turns out to be a vampire instead of the devil, in which case I am moderately interested in his story as a vampire.

  9. Kari: Yeah, yeah, I know. My grandmother asked me to get the warshcloth so she could sop up the wooder. (I don’t really know how a Canadian says boat, really.)

    Mmm… Tim Hortons.

    Erwaro, there is one reason to watch Twilight, and that reason can be summed up in two words: drinking game.

    You’re welcome.

    SR: Clearly the Americans are right.

  10. Rin: Heh…yeah, I copied the characters from one particular poster. I did deliberately give them even bigger lips than they already had. Even if I knew nothing else about Twilight, those pouty posters would make me hate it forever.

    Earthgirl: Which Americans are right? You guys do not have one uniform accent, dude. Accept it…you talk just as oddly as we do. Oh, and by the way: I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother, and I dunno if the directors think Canadian accents are really like that or if they’re just trying to be funny, but damn. Whenever Canadian Robin turns up, I think I’ve been transported to some bizarre colony of Ireland. I grew up in Vancouver, where Robin is supposed to be from, and Vancouverites don’t speak with the stereotypical “Canadian” accent, which actually turns up only in certain regions of the country.

    Yes, I know it’s just a TV show, but Canadian characters don’t appear very often on American TV, and we must defend our image, eh?

    Canadians say “boat” to rhyme with “wrote” (and technically “note”…but when I was trying the words out, I noticed that I said “note” a little differently. Weird). “About” does not rhyme with “wrote.” It doesn’t rhyme with “loot,” either.

  11. You know what I hate about Americans? I mean this must be the worst crime that they have committed in their whole history, so bad that generation after generation must be punished:
    Melbourne is pronounce Mel-bun not Mel-born.

  12. The problem, SunshineRain, is that North Americans pronounce “r”s that Brits and Australians don’t. An American saying “Melbun” would sound as if she were trying to fake a British accent…or as if she had a speech impediment. On the other hand, Canadians seem to pronounce “Melbourne” “Melburn,” not “Melborn.” Our accents are to blame; it’s not malice aforethought. We would find your pronunciation of “Alberta” just as weird.

  13. Well, that’s the problem; it’s hard to represent words phonetically when you’re a Canadian and the people reading are Australians. I guess…we pronounce the “r.” You guys would probably go, “Al-buh-ta.” We would go, “Al-burr-ta.” Well, actually, we would go, “Al-burr-da.” Canadians tend to soften their “t”s to “d”s. Though people who actually understand what rhyming is would never say that “getting” and “wedding” rhyme, the fact is that the way we say the words, they sort of do.

  14. Yeah, we’ve got different accents here. My family travelled from Washington to Wisconsin, and my mom had a fun incident in which a shopkeeper told her she had a wierd accent, to which she responded that she thought he had a wierd accent.

    “Melbun”? Ok, I’ll take your word for it. I should also point out that east-coasters, for some reason, pronounce it Ore-eh-gone. It’s Ore-eh-gun. Oregon.

  15. I think I just need to find a Canadian and ask them to say Alberta to figure this out properly. Or – if I ever make it back to Canada I’ll have to remember to ask someone how to pronounce it properly.

  16. Is there any significance to Casey being the only one looking away from the vampires in the banner?

  17. Yes, conspiracies are fun. Kari is secretly a superhero who likes to wear spandex tights and goes around saving the world from the stupidity of undergrads.

    Also, if you don’t pronounce the ‘r’ then why even bother putting it in there? Silly Australians… 😛

  18. Apart from the obvious Dr. Horrible (or is that a cheapo mad scientist?) and Marie dressing up as Snow White (or is that a maid?), what are the other people dressing up as?

  19. Oh Mer, don’t you know that all and every single American knows how to pronounce the names that WE created for our city and states. In fact all and every single American knows how to pronounce all and every single word, even one that are not in English (yes even those Asian one with the strange exotic symbol), they are truly an amazing lot.

  20. SR: Damn straight.

    I love how this turned into an epic discussion of pronunciation.

    Kem: It’s funny that you say Canadian!Robin sounds like she’s Irish. I’ve met some people from the Plains provinces who I thought sounded rather Irish. However, I cede to your expert knowledge if you say that Vancouverites do not speak like that.

    Also, I have recently acquired the Twilight audiobook due to my need to listen to stuff while working, and am afraid it may eat my soul. Eleven disks, people. ELEVEN. (Also, for posterity’s sake: did not pay for it. Thank you, local library.)

  21. Yes, Baldwin is Dr. Horrible. Marie is Alice in Wonderland, Stella is some random Renaissance lady, and Paul is, well, Waldo.

    Canadian Robin sounds as if she’s imitating an Irish accent very badly. I actually heard a guy who did the “aboot” thing today, and it was closer to “aboot” than “aboat.” The “Canadians” on HIMYM always seem to be trying a little too hard to imitate an accent they’ve never heard. It’s cool, though. I mean, come on: the show features a pub called The Hoser Hut, and we quite recently got to “see” (figuratively speaking) Barney get beaten up by a bunch of angry Tim Hortons customers. I can forgive the accents for that.

  22. The only thing that I hate more than the Twilight books are the Twilight audio book (at a level below that is the Twilight text to speech book), I got them for my sister and hearing that Chapter 1: Bella annoys the heck out of me, not to mention having the same voice for every character.

    It’s funny but I never notice Robin’s “accent” until they found the Robin Sparkles video: “C’mon Jessica, C’mon Tori, Let’s go to the mall, you won’t be sore-ee.”

    Anyway back to the comic, I thought it was strange that Marie would dress up as Snow White (thought that it might be a symbolism for something, what? I don’t). So it’s good to have that cleared up, now to find the symbolism as to why she is dressing as Alice.

  23. Kem: Angry Tim Hortons customers with hockey sticks, no less. I do love that show.

    What does Hoser mean, exactly? I have a friend who uses it as a pseudonym for “loser” but I think she might have made that up.

  24. Er… I meant synonym. It was a long day.

    Are those the guys from the Red Green Show?

    Also, who is Casey there as?

    And will there be a riot when the lack of beer is discovered?

  25. Earthgirl: No, those are the guys from SCTV.

    Casey is there as Mr. Incredible. You never see him from the front, so the “i” in the circle is only partially visible.

    Baldwin has already discovered the lack of beer and tried to start a riot (see Monday’s comic).

  26. Ah yes, of course… I’m just surprised it didn’t catch. I figure he’s still wandering around in the back, trying to stir up dissent.

  27. So, I just had a thought while reading Comics Curmudgeon.

    There is one, and only one, Canadian comic strip widely read in the US. And that is Foob. (And at this point, Zombie!Foob, no less.)

    I’m sorry.

  28. Earthgirl: Yes, that’s true, though there are a few other moderately popular Canadian strips, including Betty and Between Friends. Here’s Wikipedia’s list of Canadian comic strips (it’s missing at least one, Tina’s Groove) and also its list of Canadian webcomics. Interestingly, only a few of the comics on the former list are truly execrable (Backbench, for instance, deserves to be flung into the fiery pits of Hell), whereas I can think of many American comics I would like to drop-kick to the moon. In fact, there are probably more reprehensible American comics than there are Canadian comics, period. Oh, how I wish the syndicates would come to their senses and drop the legacy strips.

    The list of webcomics is interesting too. It’s not comprehensive–I can think of several, including a pretty popular medieval-themed one, that don’t appear–but at least a third of the comics listed are ones I have heard described as “really good.” Go, Canadian webtoonists!

  29. That list of webcomics is missing a ton of them. Including one in particular in the W field. 🙂 I didn’t know Dinosaur comics and User friendly were Canadian though!

  30. Yeah, Ryan North (the Dinosaur Comics guy) actually lives in Toronto. He attends every comics-related event held in the city; I’ve seen him on several webcomics panels. He’s also friends with one of my friends, weirdly.

    I believe the list only contains comics that have their own Wikipedia articles, which is why many are missing.

  31. So does that mean that Baldwin is super confident since he was wearing a Dr. Manhattan costume last time? He sure does love his Dr. costume.

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