November 2 – 14, 2009

Damn it, I hate being this busy.  Damn it, damn it, damn it.


28 thoughts on “November 2 – 14, 2009

  1. What software do you use to create these comics? I’ve heard you mention that you use a tablet to draw the actual images – but I’m curious to know what you use to convert your sketches into the final .gif that we get to see.
    /me hands you some virtual chocolate

  2. Nuttycat: No, I draw and ink the comics by hand. I then scan them and use a tablet to clean them up in Photoshop Elements. I also do the colours in Photoshop.


  4. Stefan: Oh, yes, it’s a TOTAL cliche. It may even be the KING of total cliches. It can be fun to work with a total cliche every once in a while; there’s a certain comforting quality to it. I do admit that the only thing that really justifies this plotline is the fact that it may just be Casey’s (supernatural) fault.

  5. I am curious to know what DVD Casey has in his hand, can’t see the title because of his big fat hand.

  6. Interesting, is there a subtle hint of a message in there? House is known for its dramatic elevator scene, ohhhh maybe it’s not such a cliche after all.

  7. House also carries a cane, of course. You may think I have forgotten to draw Casey’s cane in the last two comics, and technically, you are perfectly right, but I shall simply claim that since Casey’s left hand is always out of sight (or almost), he must be holding the cane in it. Never mind that he usually holds it in his right hand. What? Nothing happened! *Whistles*

  8. Didn’t Casey start randomly running without his cane at one point? I’m willing to blame it on the randomness that is Casey.

  9. Casey has taken off running twice now. Marie even commented on the inconsistency once. He does, however, tend to take the cane with him when he leaves home. It does often seem to be more of a Security Cane than something he truly needs. He is certainly insecure about his missing foot.

  10. *Gasp* could it be that Casey is insecure about his missing foot because he store hallucinogenic drugs in his fake foot? That explain EVERYTHING, his weird conversation with his “mom” was merely the effect of getting high.

  11. Trufax: I was once at a Renn Faire, discussing shawls with a saleslady, when I stopped mid-sentence and said, “HEDGEHOG!” There was a picture of her pet hedgehog in the corner.

    Saleslady: “Nice attention span.”

  12. Regarding today’s Rant, why yes, I have tried to lecture to the accompaniment of a jackhammer. University decided to undertake Massive Building Renovation the day after classes started (why they didn’t do it over the summer break is anyone’s guess). So I go in for the first day of classes and start going over the syllabus, but every time I open my mouth, the jackhammer starts up, and I’m pretty sure my students can see my mouth moving, but hear nothing.

    The best part was that when I requested a room change, to a room in a building that wasn’t being renovated, the classroom scheduling lady said, “Well, can’t you just write everything on the board?” Um, in a second semester foreign language class, not so much. They need to be able to hear me, and I need to be able to hear them. Just sayin’.

    So I sympathize with you, truly I do.

  13. When Rahim say “year of pointless cruelty”, this is not literal right? Or has it be that long already?

    Oh and congratulation WOB on your 600th, so… when are you planning on getting marry?

  14. It’s been over a year. However, yes, Rahim is exaggerating a bit. Casey was pointlessly cruel to Marie between mid-September of 2008 and July 18th, 2009.

  15. Oh lord, has it been that long already?….. good grief it’s almost the end of 2009 already….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. What kind of cake is it going to be? Knowing Kari, I would say the answer to much of WOB mystery will all be dependant on the answer to that question.

    Regarding today’s comic: If Rahim and Casey were in a Zombie video game or movie, the elevator would actually represent the savespot/intermission where they will get ready for the final showdown. So….. are zombies going to make an appearance on WOB?

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