Comic: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still no site.  The comic:


6 thoughts on “Comic: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

  1. Thanks, Preethi! That`s all very useful. It`s nice that someone has actually written all that information down in one place and provided links and everything.

  2. I’m glad my powers of procrastination came of use to you.
    Well more, my inability to sleep and the power of google. 🙂

    Speaking of which, during my 4a.m. search I found the following site by a competitor who doesn’t like lulu all that much:

    If you find a Canadian self publisher then you don’t have to worry about it but thought you might like to know what profits you can expect from Lulu.
    Good advice overall at the dogear site.

    preethi 🙂

  3. That’s an interesting article. Unfortunately, it does leave out a few essential details…such, for instance, as the fact that even if I went for the “Masterpiece” package at Dog Ear, for $3,999 American, I would only be allowed to have 100 interior images in my book, whereas Lulu has no limit and doesn’t charge anything upfront. (I will need to have something like 400 interior images in my book, as the images are, in fact, the point.) I understand the limitations of Lulu and am pretty leery of it, but at the moment, it does seem like my best option.

    I actually haven’t been able to find a Canadian Print on Demand company. I’ve tried. If one exists, it is well-hidden.

    Incidentally…I have discovered that the malware that has shut down the alumni site is actually not on the alumni site at all but on another branch of Various people are trying to deal with this today. I have absolutely no control over it. It is, unfortunately, possible that the alum site will soon have a completely different address, which is going to play havoc with links. Some friends of mine have recently given me the domain for my birthday, and once the new site is up, I’ll probably set it to redirect there (I haven’t done anything with it yet because I’m waiting to see what happens with the damn alum site). We’ll see. SIGH.

  4. Oh wow WoB is getting it’s own domain name, next thing you know it will be getting it’s own phorum (or should that be call a woborum or wobsite), I call dips on being the first SunshineRain.

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