Update on Silly Site Situation

1)  The WoB site’s address is now http://www.masseycollege.ca/alumni/westofbathurst.  If you tack on the “.html,” you’ll be redirected to the correct page.

2)  http://www.westofbathurst.com and http://www.westofbathurst.ca now both work.

3)  The old site is back, unfortunately, and I can`t get rid of it or edit it at all because the files have vanished.  They are somewhere; I just don`t know where.  People are working on it.  With great good luck, the files will eventually all be replaced with redirects (to the alumni site`s home page).

4)  The IT guys who caused all the problems in the first place (or, at least, neglected the hell out of them until they became intolerable) are gone now.  And there was great rejoicing.

5)  Thank you for your patience.  I have no patience, so it is good that you do.

19 thoughts on “Update on Silly Site Situation

  1. Are there any reason that phdcomic is copying the theme of WoB? Wasn’t L.C birth date last week?

  2. SunshineRain: Okay, that`s just freaky. I started my Alice arc on Monday (due mostly to the fact that the actual Winter Ball, which has an actual Alice theme, is this Saturday). I think the Coincidence Demons are at work again.

    However, I am not sure what an “LC birth date” is.

  3. L.C birth date as in born on the 27 January 1832, L.C, but I guess some people know him better as the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. I thought that it might had something to do with that but now it is just freaky.

  4. Ah, I see. The Ph.D. comic may have something to do with that, as it was apparently first published (in print, I`m assuming) on the 29th. The WoB Alice arc has nothing to do with Mr. Carroll`s birthday but IS tied to a real-life event. I am going to have to attribute this one to either coincidence or psychic powers. I expect that the former is the culprit in this case.

  5. Sorry…my mistake. I was looking at the date of the wrong comic; the Ph.D. Alice one was first published on the 2nd. I`m expecting it doesn`t relate to the birthday, then.

    Why do I keep posting here? It`s 3:15 a.m. I need to go to bed now.

  6. Maybe that’s what phdcomic is trying to do, make you lose sleep thinking about it so that you would produce subpar comic strip and thereby eliminating the competition. I guess they think that you are a threat now since you got a domain name (two actually) and are on track to publish.

  7. I am curious(er) to know if Rahim and Casey are wearing the same costume, or if they are even wearing a costume at all.

  8. They’re not; they’re in suits. Formal-wear is required at these things unless you want to dress up to acknowledge the theme. However, the latter isn’t necessary, and most people will probably just wear suits, tuxes, and evening gowns.

  9. I thought so too, I had a feeling of deja vu that I had ask that same question before. Upon checking on the Halloween comic, which they wore costume for, and last year’s ball, which was formal wear (well Casey was wearing the table that time), I get the feeling that maybe I imagine it.

  10. Thanks, Earthgirl. I’ve fixed that now. It must have happened when I was loading the last few files into the new folder. Oopsy.

  11. Earthgirl: for me it’d depend very much on the event.

    I’ve only ever worn a tux for my high school “prom” (they try to imitate the American thing, but it’s a far cry from that. Luckily) and for a few performances with my orchestra. Oh, and a white one for my PhD defense (along with one of those jackets with flaps down the back).

    Excluding those I’ve worn my suit only three times… I bought it in 2005.

  12. Yes. Yes, it is. The “T” and the “R” are right next to each other on the keyboard; my finger must have slipped.

    Thanks, nuttycat. Fixed.

  13. Ah, Kelowna the home of Jonas Quinn the would be stand in for Daniel Jackson, if the Canadian version is anything like Stargate, you would probably never hear about how many time it was close to being destroy.

  14. SG1! I knew there was a reference to the Canucks by Teal’c at some point, but I didn’t realize there were hidden shoutouts to BC.

    Incidentally, are you excited about the Olympics?

  15. Yes, I believe Teal’c calls the Canucks “the superior warriors” or some such. Yay, Teal’c.

    Langara is a neighbourhood in Vancouver, and Kelowna, as I said in the alt text, is a city. I’m sure a lot of non-BC viewers just think of the names as exotic made-up monikers, but to British Columbians, they’re frickin’ hilarious. Seriously…”We are aiming our missiles at Kelowna” will NEVER get old.

    An early SG-1 episode also features the Salish. To its credit, the show does acknowledge that this is a real Earth culture (though it’s otherwise kind of an…odd…episode).

    Another amusing aspect of the show: the Tollan homeworld is located at Simon Fraser University (which also features in [i]Battlestar Galactica[/i], by the way). Apparently, advanced humans will base their architecture on that of the university with the highest suicide rate in Canada.

    It is also worth noting that with the exception of the desert planets, nearly all the worlds SG-1 visits look suspiciously like BC. Apparently, there are evergreens all over the galaxy. And everybody speaks English, of course.

  16. Oh wow, that is some seriously interesting trivia there, I didn’t even know that Canadian speak English.

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