February 22 – March 6, 2010

The old site is STILL THERE.  Tomorrow, I am going to be e-mailing a certain computer guy who has clearly forgotten all about it.  I am still getting hits from people who are assumingly checking the old site every day in hopes that a new comic will appear; these people don’t seem to have realised yet that they can click on “Comments” and find out what is happening (probably because they’re not psychic.  It’s really too bad when people aren’t psychic).  Just in case some of them do eventually turn up here:  hi, frustrated people.  Due to both machine and human error, I now have absolutely no way of editing the old site and have thus set up a NEW site.  With luck, the old site will eventually be replaced by redirects.  For now, though, I really hope you see this message and follow it to http://www.westofbathurst.com, http://www.westofbathurst.ca, or http://www.masseycollege.ca/alumni/westofbathurst (you pick).


15 thoughts on “February 22 – March 6, 2010

  1. Hey…this one isn’t my fault either. I do a Murder Game plot every year, and I try to time it to coincide with the actual Massey Murder Game (which this year ran from February 23-26). I do not have psychic powers. I cannot set things on fire with my mind.

    Besides, xkcd does feature some major stick-person violence every once in a while (in between the impenetrable physics jokes, that is). It’s awesome that way.

  2. That remind me, you know I haven’t seen Casey set things on fire with his “mind” for awhile now.

  3. You can’t set things on fire with your mind?! Aw, you disappoint me, Kari.

    I am not very well-informed when it comes to hockey, but that game was exciting!

  4. Like many Canadians, I am quite well informed when it comes to hockey, and that game was fantastic. Yes, the late goal hurt, but it made victory all that much sweeter when it came. Unlike many NHL games, this one didn’t rely solely on what is called the “neutral-zone trap,” a boring defensive strategy that generally results in a lot of puck-dumping and very little else. Every four years, I watch Olympic hockey and find myself wishing that NHL games would take a few clues from it.

  5. I did not understand a single word in that third sentence. Although congrat to both the men and women team for taking gold.

  6. The colour scheme of the first two panel of the comic remind me of the duality of the Yin and yang, interesting.

  7. Don’t worry too much about the comic, try to get yourself well again Kari. After all if anything were to happen we would get zero comic and that would be bad, although on the other hand the comics will soar in values, hmmm tough choice.

  8. SunshineRain, that’s not much use to us until they’re available in print!

    Take care, Kari, and may all your deadlines be met!

  9. The comics WILL come; they just won’t come YET. The colour comics take an awfully long time to produce, and this has not been a great week. However, all will eventually be well.

    It is good to see that people are looking forward to my death. Er…maybe “good” is not the right word here.

  10. I’ll be happy with the new strips whenever they appear. I’m certainly not ungrateful enough to complain that something so enjoyable (and free!) is a little late. Taking care of the author of the comic is the top priority, that’s what I say. Without a healthy tree, there is no fruit:-).

  11. Well, her name is only one letter away from the great New Zealand Kauri. But that tree doesn’t bear fruit (it has seed cones, Wikipedia informs me), so now I’m all confused.

    And regarding the comic: that *was* good!

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