March 8 – 20, 2010

The comics are coming through late, but at least they’re coming through.  Also, there is no Rant this week.  I just don’t have time to write one.  I’ll probably do a great big one next week.  Now I need to go write lots and lots and lots of literary analysis.


20 thoughts on “March 8 – 20, 2010

  1. Thanks for the reminder that the comic was out, so is this why there was a lacking of text? Also thanks for your consideration into thinking that not everyone would automatically knew what “MacMillan Bloedel” was.

  2. Hmmm I could only find five of the six images on, one on registration, two on biography, one on Fiction and one more on calendar. So where is the last one? Is not the image of your web page on the Links (which incidentally link to your less than good looking comicgenesis one) page is it? And it can’t possibly be the ninja on the home page, hmm this is like an Easter egg hunt.

  3. Damn…everybody links to the comicgenesis one.

    It’s the ninja on the home page. Why can’t it be the ninja? I was asked for a ninja, and I provided one.

  4. Really? It’s the ninja one? I am impress, it look so much more realistic and better than your usual cr.. erm I mean crab.. no wait that’s not it, how can I put this in a more technically artistic term? Ninjery that’s the word I am looking for, it look more ninjery.

  5. Oh, stop. Your flattery is overwhelming. No, wait…it isn’t at all! Yay!

    I am actually capable of drawing in more than one style, so not everything I produce is–as you so delicately put it–cra…er…non-ninjery. Every once in a while, I even pay attention to human anatomy and the rules of perspective. It makes a change, I know.

  6. This comic is frighteningly similar to my life right now. Complete sentences? Pfft. I don’t need. Now I must. Bye

  7. Edward Norton has to blow a small hole through his cheek to get rid of his imaginary Brad Pitt…. just something to think about.

  8. I don’t know which hurt more from reading Saturday’s colour comic, my eyes or my brain.

  9. I love the way you did the handwriting in Saturdays comic. It really helps get the point across.:)

  10. Do students really write like that in exams? How do these people get into university? My head hurts….

  11. Ivy: Yep. I’m actually sort of toning down the horror. Admittedly, I haven’t run into many students who would use “u” for “you” in the body of an essay, but in a note at the end of the paper? Sure. The other qualities of the “writting” here are all more or less accurate; I’ve never received that exact note, but I’ve certainly seen students write like that…and not just in in-class essays, either. Here’s the first sentence of what I once dubbed the “Worst Essay Ever” (a term paper):

    “Society is made up of many different people in the society of The Watchmen By Allan Moore and The Indredibles By Brad Bird’s they have many things that are similar with the other.”

    Imagine five more pages of that.

  12. I don’t actually know, but I seem to recall that a major component of the google algorithm is how many other sites link to the site in question. More links might, therefore, bump the functional site up a way. In theory.

    And although I try to avoid talking in incomplete sentences like that, I think like it most of the time. Right now I’m trying to decide if I do that because I’m bad with names, or if I’m bad with names because I think like that, or if it’s just a meaningless coincidence.

  13. I thought I was imagining things but….. YOUR BANNER IS ON FIRE.. Your banner is on fire!!!

  14. Remember, SunshineRain, that Marie thought she was imagining things….. Interesting how your first three dots after the but look different from the last two. Or am I imagining things?

  15. Stefan: So do yours. I assume you did that on purpose. Yes? I think SunshineRain may simply be surrounding the words “YOUR BANNER IS ON FIRE” with bolded dots…for whatever reason.

    And yes: how’s it going, Erwaro?

  16. Of course I typed 5 dots on purpose! I just forgot to end the sentence with “but”. It looks like WordPress tries to be clever and automatically replaces three dots by some ellipsis symbol. Which then doesn’t fit with the rest of the font.






  17. How odd. It looks as if WordPress is aspiring to be just like Microsoft Word. If Word turns ONE MORE of my “s”s into a “z,” I shall SMITE it.

  18. I’m doing all right. I’ve become famous as a campus sports icon, I have one term with hard classes and one with easy classes until I can graduate, and I have learned that if I grow my beard long, it forks. How about you?

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