March 22 – April 3, 2010

We start this week with the big 666.  It can only get weirder from here.


45 thoughts on “March 22 – April 3, 2010

  1. I can’t believe you’re at number 666.
    Very appropriate strip as well.

  2. I can’t wait to see where you go with these strips with the interaction of Casey and evil Marie:)

  3. I am so confused…

    I really do hope that this won’t just turn out to be a dream or something…

  4. Well I don’t want to spoil it if my assumption are correct but I mention Edward Norton before and the situation might be similar.

  5. I really enjoy the banner. It caught me off guard at first, and I thought I had imagined it, but it is very good.

  6. On the second panel when Marie say “I asked you who let you in.”, should there be a question mark at the end of that? Or there isn’t one because it’s considered a statement.

  7. SunshineRain: It’s a statement. It would need a question mark only if it were written as follows: “I asked you, ‘Who let you in?'”

  8. Okay thanks, not that I am doubting your grammar prowess (I have seen you flex those muscle before), but I was just curious since somebody has use a similar statement before (although in a more annoying situation).

  9. Regarding your injuries: I managed to scrape off a bit of skin near my wrist on two occasions in the last weeks: first on opening the balcony door, then while erasing a whiteboard.

    Nothing quite so spectacular as a bruise on my skin though… that takes talent!

  10. The real talent lies in the fact that the bruise, which is quite spectacular, is actually UNDER my chin. It is hardly visible unless I tilt my head up; many people have expressed doubt at its existence, only to recoil in horror when it comes into view.

    I also have a nice blue bruise on my knee, but the chin one is more exciting.

    Oh…and another stupid injury I give myself all the time is a shredded knuckle, which I gain by grating my own flesh instead of, you know, cheese.

  11. I had a legitimate “ooh shiny” moment while talking to my boss last week. I was completely distracted by her necklace. I think she’s concerned about me now.

  12. I am enjoying the current exchange between Marie and Casey. I am also looking forward to what Kari might have her sleeve for tomorrow. Not that tomorrow is special or anything 😉

  13. I suspect that glorious injuries are actually pretty rare. We simply don’t live in a world where you can solve problems doing the sort of things that result in large bruises. And at least you can remember getting the injuries. I managed to give myself a very lovely bruise a while back, but I obtained it while sleeping, and don’t even know how it happened, although a combination of unfamiliar bunk bed and unstable ladder seems likely. More recently I managed to mess my eye up pretty good, and of course I have no idea how it happened. I’m not even 100% sure that I actually hurt it physically, although a sleepwalking injury seems most likely.

  14. Eeep! You are breaking the fourth wall, the 4TH WALL!!! I hope we don’t have to pay for the repair.

  15. Oh? What’s so special about April 2nd? Heh, I heard that November 9th is usually a good day to break down walls.

  16. Hussein: If I cannot satirise the impatience of my readers TODAY, when CAN I satirise it?

    (I expect I could just continue asking variants of this question until midnight and still make perfect sense.)

  17. A clue! She capitalise CAN twice and Kari never ever capitalise word, not to say the least twice in one day. This must be a very important clue, *goes off to the WoB archive and search for any references to CAN*

  18. Well done, Kari.

    In other April Fools news, have you all been to xkcd today? It made me squee. (Make sure you try everything he suggests.)

  19. The xkcd guy is basically the king of April Fools’ Day. He has absolutely outdone himself this year. *Applauds*

  20. The xkcd thing has been the talk of the phorum, although I don’t quite understand what Earthgirl meant by “(Make sure you try everything he suggests.)”.

  21. Is it just me or do some of the previous comic’s layout seem a bit hrmmm off? Weird.
    Oh look at me, I have made so much comments in such a short amount of time, I do believe I would celebrate by saying that I have just notice that “The Man in Black” Marie dress a lot like the “The Man in Black” from Lost.

  22. Specifically, I wanted you to type in “cat” — I didn’t want to give it away, because I was just typing all of the things he suggested (cat, ls, prev, next, etc.) and found something fun. You might still be able to try because he gave a link to the unixkcd, but I wasn’t getting it to work.

    What did he do for April fool last year?

  23. Yes, I did “cat,” as well as a lot of other fun words. There’s a nice list of commands here (scroll down the page until you reach the huge spoiler field).

    I don’t actually remember what he did last year; I just remember him always doing something good. Maybe I’m remembering wrong. Ah well.

  24. There’s this time when a bunch of webcomics got interchanged, so would get you to dinosaur comics, etc. Was that last year, or longer ago?

  25. Yes I do believe Kari is correct, the comic switching thing was 2008, and for some reason I also don’t remember what the 2009 one was either…… alright this is going to annoy me all day so “up, up and away”.

    After some research, apparently they either did nothing or they did something to the xkcd forum (that it was moving), here’s the comic on that day, maybe it will bring back some memory:

  26. Odd…I could have sworn there was something. I must have been imagining things. I did discover in my own researches that in 2007, according to the site April Fools’ Day on the Web, xkcd pretended to be a “syndicated, unfunny strip with [a] hillarious [sic] list of now banned topics.”

  27. Kari, thank you for showing me the list on the phorum! I tried all those things. See, I know just enough linux to frustrate myself on my advisor’s computers. She told me to work through the Linux in a Week book and I got stuck halfway through Monday. So I didn’t think of most of the things posted there.

    I especially liked “find kitten”.

  28. I just checked the characters page, and realized what Casey is reading. Surely he can’t be the devil if he has such taste in books?

  29. (Ste)fan: Very nice! You’re the first person who has ever mentioned noticing that. (The thumbnail is actually taken from a colour comic, so people have had a good long chance.)

    However, I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if Satan had an excellent taste in literature. I can certainly see him chuckling knowingly at Pratchett.

  30. I am going to take a guess here and say the delay was due to bringing Wendy and her pinkness alive. I am sure that everybody remember my previous comment about “Is it just me or do some of the previous comic’s layout seem a bit hrmmm off? Weird.”, I have figure out what it was, all the previous comics are missing the links under the banner, so Archive, Characters, FAQ, Contact ,Links etc…

  31. SunshineRain: Yep. That’s deliberate laziness on my part. I knew that if I included the links on every page, I would have to go back and adjust all 600-odd files every time I decided to add an item to the menu. Then I would have to re-upload these 600-odd files. I know there are people out there who find stuff like this quite easy to do, but alas, I am not one of them.

  32. Hrmm well I am not going to make you go and do all that extra work, that would be for your husband to decide hehehe, but were they alway missing? Cause I seem to have just notice them being gone, or maybe it’s something else that is out of place, odd.

  33. They were always missing. It would be just as detrimental to my laziness for me to have to go back and remove elements from 600-odd files as it would be for me to have to go back and add elements to 600-odd files.

    Note to Anyone Taken Aback by the Husband Comment: SunshineRain is referring to a discussion on the forums dedicated to the comic Piled Higher and Deeper. A certain poster has declared that she would like to belong to a Taken in Hand relationship (warning: visiting this site may be hazardous to your blood pressure). Certain other posters have launched into a passionate discussion of the issue. SunshineRain is being impish, as is his wont. Carry on.

  34. Well I am not accusing you of removing them just to annoy me, that would be crazy… or would it? No, no definitely would be a bit over the top, I was merely thinking that it might be the web gremlin (heh, or imp) again, as things of this nature has happened before. Gah! This is going to bug the heck out of me *sigh* I guess I will just have to learn to drop it.

  35. Dude, seriously…the pages have always looked like that. Seriously. I swear.

    Of course, I would not be particularly surprised if the Internet were infested with imps.

  36. The internet is not infested by imps. Them interweb tubez are however crawling with lots of cats!

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