April 5 – 17, 2010

At last, I am almost back on schedule.  I do somehow feel that I never ever want to draw Wendy and Wolfgang again, though.  I can’t imagine why.


11 thoughts on “April 5 – 17, 2010

  1. I had thought that any conversation held near a construction site automatically becomes an argument.

  2. Yesterday I happened to wander into Baldwin Street. As streets go it was quite a pleasant one! (Even though there was a serious amount of rain falling down) Does its name have anything to do with the character in the comic?

  3. Yes, Baldwin Street is rather nice (and unexpectedly so; it’s in the middle of a slightly grimy area). I don’t think I was consciously considering it when I named Baldwin, but a subconscious association is a possibility. I do tend to associate Baldwin Street with dodgy dining experiences. Some Masseyites saw cockroaches in one of the restaurants once, and in another, a friend of mine found a staple in her pasta (I witnessed this. I can also confirm that this was the [i]second[/i] staple this particular friend had discovered in her food in the course of about a year). However, I’ve also had some very [i]good[/i] dining experiences on Baldwin Street. Like Baldwin himself, the street is unpredictable.

  4. Oops…I am using the wrong sorts of tags for my italics. Damn you, Phorums, for misleading me. (I do know the difference. I just get absent-minded sometimes.) Here we go.

  5. Nothing was wrong; I was just editing someone’s MBA thesis, and I had to finish it by Sunday. Also, I had made the foolish decision to draw a comic with about thirty-nine million characters in it, many of them in costume.

    Monday’s comic is on its way. I may or may not finish it before midnight, but it will definitely be up before I go to bed, and unlike “yesterday,” I do not plan to go to bed at 5:00 a.m.

  6. MBA th*sis? You know you could have save yourself a lot of trouble if you had just posted that up instead of a comic, I mean don’t they usually just have lots of pretty little pictures?

  7. I was actually trying to belittle the MBA th*sis (thereby imbuing my superiority) by making a comparison of it to a picture/colouring book. Lots of tables you say? I guess you could say that it would make an excellent coffee table book then? Heh.

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