May 3 – 15, 2010

Last night, I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. for no reason at all.  I think I need a life.


36 thoughts on “May 3 – 15, 2010

  1. Isn’t it usually the case that party animal stay up at that time and people who don’t have a life usually sleep at 6 pm?

  2. That was my first guitar. I can’t just throw it out. Maybe I’ll try to get it fixed someday. And throwing out a guitar is like throwing out a book. It may even be worse.

  3. Casey can’t be the physical incarnation of chaos. I’m the physical incarnation of chaos. (Those who doubt this claim should take a look at my hair.)

  4. Interesting, so it’s perfectly okay for Casey to tell Marie that he can’t tell her the reason why he can’t tell her.

  5. Hmmm, intriguing. In spite of the spontaneous combustion of papers and hallucinations talking back to Marie, I had always worked on the premise that the world in which the comic is set is pretty much like our world, so without any (unambiguously) supernatural things occurring.

    But you are making it awfully hard to provide rational explanations for all this stuff! Unless… perhaps his bet or agreement or whatever with Ursula is behind his inability to talk? If so, the consequences of breaking that agreement must be extremely awful, judging from what Casey is willing to go through for it.

    And that still leaves the hallucinations. Aaah!

  6. No. No it is not. It is mine. I even have business cards.

    (OK, the cards actually identify me as a Metal/Punk director, but the first rule of being a chaos elemental is that you don’t follow any of the rules. Including the rule that you never follow the rules, and the rule that you don’t always not follow the rules, and on and on. Also, none of the contact information on the cards is accurate.)

  7. Yes confession! From the author herself, stating that the “story is going to end with rainbows and puppies”, I am abuzz with excitement.

  8. “Blood may be stronger than water”? Is that like a Canadian saying? Cause I have always thought it was “Blood is thicker than water”, both metaphorically and literally.

  9. Why puppies and not kittens? This is unfair discrimination against cats! You should atleast give people the option for kittens in place of puppies. 😉

  10. But how did she get out? Evil Marie digging a tunnel? Or leaving her body and entering a spare one outside?
    Small wonder that she got suspected of lighting the fire, her account her of movements being so unbelievable.
    Let’s see – perhaps Casey is her (fallen?) guardian angel who got her out, but mustn’t tell her. And is forbidden to get too close to her.
    Endless speculation …

  11. Or Casey will now take his Tardis, park it so the door is exactly in the closet, and let Marie crawl through it, the materialization accidentally triggering the fire…

  12. I just have to say that Marie is one mess up chick. Although by the comments here, she doesn’t seem to be the only one.

  13. Stefan: It means that SR thinks that you are a chick – or something completely different…

    As to Marie, there is no mystery at all: If she can light fires with her mind, why not build tunnels, too?

  14. That comic just brings up more questions, as far as explaining thing is concern this is just slightly above Lost explanation of the magical cave of light.

  15. Would it be rude of me to say hurry up and draw your comics so I know what’s happening?

    This is the huge advantage of comics that have already been finished – you don’t have to keep waiting for the next instalment.

    I never imagined that Marie was there when her parents died.

  16. SunshineRain: Just what I wanted to write. We got no explanations (Marie’s being upset didn’t need one) and a new mystery.
    If Kari continues like that, we’ll only get more and more mysteries, till she will abandon the comic, having became a famous author – leaving all its mysteries unsolved till the world’s end.

    Mer: Marie was suspected to have lit the fire, don’t you remember? (Some “nice” people dug that up some hundred comics ago.) So of course she would have been near or on the spot.

  17. Actually, this fortnight`s strips did give you a rather huge revelation (it may not seem that way, but they did). Marie has spent years worrying about her friends potentially thinking she was crazy if they found out the full truth about what happened on July 18th. This comic deals with that issue. She has now told Casey as much of the truth as she knows.

  18. You people have been nagging me for a year and a half to get Casey and Marie to reconcile, and now that I finally have, you are complaining about the hugging? If you weren’t SunshineRain and thus devoted to pushing all my buttons one by one, I would turn into a HUGE MONSTER OF FIERY RAGE!

    And then I would give you a hug.

  19. “HUGE MONSTER OF FIERY RAGE”? Is that another obscene reference that show your age and that nobody will get?

  20. Ohh… look at that! we learned something! actually, we learned quite a bit! and they are hugging! I like!

    I like that there was a revelation and the shape of the mystery has changed somewhat but that a mystery remains. It helps maintain the tension and pull the comic along.

    SR just does not appreciate teasing. Teasing is all the fun in a plot.

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