May 17 – 29, 2010

Well, at least something has been resolved.  Right, Jen?  Right?


22 thoughts on “May 17 – 29, 2010

  1. Who is this Jen person? Another one of those “standing just outside the frame”?

  2. Jen is my friend. It is possible she has occasionally tormented me about getting Marie and Casey to reconcile.

  3. You know, Mount Doom is definitely where Word is NOT from. I mean, those ring things were easy to use, weren’t they? Just slip them on, and poof, you’ve vanished!

  4. But they did lure you in by seeming to provide easy solutions to difficult problems, and then, when they had you good and hooked, you would find that you couldn’t get rid of them.

  5. Holy Raccoon! I haven’t heard the use of the word “Murgatroyd” since I was a kid watching that questionable pink mountain lion. Brings back some strange memories and also Weird Beard is back, haven’t seen him for awhile.
    *Exit, stage right!*

  6. If it’s your opinion on Doctor Who that you put in Marie’s mouth, I thoroughly approve! So far this has been a great season!

  7. I don’t know, the current series has had its ups and downs for me. Karen Gillan is consistently very good though, and I really liked the episodes with the weeping angels.

    A question, though: how well-known is Dr. Who in Canada (or the Netherlands for that matter)? It’s one of the most popular TV shows full stop in the UK, but here in Germany I’ve probably only met one or two people who’ve even heard of it (as opposed to US shows, which seem to fill even *more* of the TV schedule here than they do in the UK).

  8. Well, no, it’s not all good. Case in point: colour-coded Daleks. I mean…why change the design now (except for the rather cynical purpose of selling little coloured Dalek action figures)? And I’m not entirely convinced that Matt Smith has more than three major modes (insane/excited, distracted/dotty, and angry/shouty), but I’m willing to give him a chance to grow into the role. I do really like his zaniness. Ten became very serious at the end there.

    The show is moderately well known in Canada. I mean, it’s not huge, but people have at least heard of it, and the TV station Space has lately been airing the new season, albeit a couple of weeks behind Britain. I believe it’s thought of as a show that is supposed to be good but that isn’t all that easy to access legally and without bankrupting yourself (the DVDs are pretty expensive, especially considering that each one contains only about thirteen episodes). I’ve only recently got into it, and now I’m a complete convert, though admittedly, I’ve only seen the new stuff (2005 and onward).

  9. It’s not very well-known in the Netherlands. I believe Dutch TV picked up the first series of the reboot, but stopped after that. In the past they broadcast some 4th doctor stories, or so I heard. The new series does appear on DVD, but is very hard to find in stores. However, BBC 1 and 2 are on cable in the Netherlands (the real thing, not some international variant), so that’s ok for me.

    My first exposure to Doctor Who was this 2003 Lego animation: I guess a forum of Lego animators, with a fair number of participants from the UK, brought me into it. I watched all of the 5th, 6th, and 7th doctor, the movie *shudder*, some of the first, and of course all of the new series.

  10. Interesting what a difference an hour and a half’s drive can make… in Waterloo we haven’t had snow since February!

  11. Well, we haven’t had real snow since February. There were just these two days in early May where we sort of got flurries, or hints of flurries, mixed in with our rain. The temperature had dropped to around 0. It was bizarre.

  12. Wow, Wednesday’s comic arrived quite early today, although I have always been bother by one thing (okay there are many things but this is one of them) what or who exactly are summer residents? Are they like migratory birds journeying from one uni to another seeking shelter and warmth (and sometime things that ain’t bolted down)?

  13. In the summer, the College turns into a cheap hotel. Summer residents are non-Fellows who rent the rooms, sometimes by the night and sometimes by the month.

  14. So it’s just random people? Eh, how exciting, I don’t think we have that here. Does this practise apply throughout Canada or is it just the lucky few?

  15. …Does what practice apply throughout Canada? The practice of university residences renting out rooms in the summer? Yes. Yes, it does.

  16. Yowza! That “Fear of Kari” sure is one scary image… yet at the same time it’s sort of erotic.

  17. Some American universities do it, although I don’t think it’s commonly taken up by people other than academics. When I was doing research in Alaska we stayed one night each in the dorms at University of Alaska in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

  18. Clearly, Barbara has not yet mastered the art of computer intimidation. It only takes a glare from a certain person for my computer to start behaving. I am working on acquiring the skill myself; oddly, it seems correlated with the ability to use the command line.

    And the blue screen of death definitely still exists. I achieved it about a year ago on an ordinarily very stable machine (running XP). Apparently, using up all the real and virtual memory with a calculation while at the same time trying to store results of said calculation to a directory automatically archived on-line by Dropbox was a bad idea… who knew?

  19. All I have to do to get the Blue Screen of Death is type. Sometimes, I don’t even have to do that. I expect there is something very wrong with my computer, but this is not an unusual situation for me.

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