May 31 – June 12, 2010

Wow, I’m behind.  I’m behind on everything.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.


26 thoughts on “May 31 – June 12, 2010

  1. I’m so far behind as well, that as Terry Pratchett has put it before, that I can see the back of my own head. Gah!

  2. So… If Barbara and Casey are graduating, does that mean they’ll leave campus and get actual lives?? What about the plot? We’ll never find out what the deal is with Ursula!

  3. I graduated. I did not leave and get an actual life.

    Technically, Barbara has been finished since just before Christmas, and Casey submitted a few months ago. Neither is really a student any more. Nonetheless, they still hang around Davies, just because they can.

  4. [deliberate misreading mode]
    Oh no! It’s Kari who’s behind everything! We’re doomed!
    [/deliberate misreading mode]

    I find it interesting (and, given the donation-based running of things here in Canada, useful) that people have such strong bonds with their colleges that they keep hanging out and identifying with them.

    As far as I’m aware, Dutch universities don’t have that kind of “personality.”

  5. Stefan: well, Massey is kind of special. People keep in touch with their undergrad colleges, albeit mainly because those colleges are always nagging them for donations, but Massey is so small and close-knit that a lot of people end up not having friends outside it (that happened to me, frankly). Suddenly having to stay away from the place where all your friends hang out is not really on. Most of my friends are now alumni, and I have drifted away from the college a bit–though I am still president of the Toronto chapter of the alumni association–but I still pop by occasionally. I also, you know, draw a comic about the place, and I feel it is a good idea to keep in touch. At any rate…I’m not the only alumna who needs to cut the apron strings. Some of us even have a habit of holding little parties in that basement nook in which Marie frequently sits.

  6. Okay I can see now why the term Convocation is being use. Don’t you wear any type of academic cap like a mortarboard or a bonnet? Or are they only require later on?

  7. The official U of T hat is a black mortar board with a red tassel; however, these hats do not come with the rented gowns. You can buy one if you like, but few do, and they are not worn during the ceremony.

  8. Well, there’s also the shirts, pants, hoodies, and god-knows-whats with the college or university name (I admit I have a hoodie with my old university’s name, but they started selling those only a year or two ago, and the design is thoroughly US-inspired).

  9. True story: My master’s graduation was the same ceremony as undergrad graduation. Although it was May, it was about 50 degrees and no one dressed properly. I was the third person to receive my diploma. The ceremony stretched over three hours long, possibly four. We’re not sure exactly how long it was, because approximately halfway through the ceremony my sister texted me to tell me they were headed to the car. That’s when I went “to the bathroom” because there was a gate nearby. There was a professor guarding the gate, but I made a break for it anyway. I figured they’d already given me the diploma; what could they really do?

    We had gone to a restaurant and finished lunch by the time we saw cars leaving graduation.

  10. I want to study at a US/Canadian/British university, for the hood. My parents tell me that’s not enough reason for them to fork over the money. Drat.

  11. Anna, what about the quality of education? I can’t speak for every university, but the one I’m at now has a much more intensive PhD program than the Dutch university I did mine at. Lots of graduate-level courses in a rather broad selection of subjects. Moreover, shouldn’t things like TA’ing pay for tuition and cost of living, more or less? Lots of foreign students around here, and I don’t think their parents pay significant parts of their education.

    Alternative: become full professor in the Netherlands and claim your gown 😉

    (Disclaimer: I’m in maths)

  12. Are you sure now? Cause there are some really strange looking characters in the background with some really weird eyes.

  13. Stefan: I am certainly going to try and get in an international program. Somewhere. Most of me thinks I’ll never be accepted, though. 🙂

    And I could always work somewhere and do a nice easy bachelor on the side, if the hood is everything 😉 full gowns are way too sweaty. Plus I don’t think the hat would look good on me. Thanks for the heads-up though!

    (I’m in physics and philosophy of science 🙂 )

  14. A message about a flute made by a “Casey Burns”? Something you’re not telling us?

  15. Are you referring to the post I made on the Phorums? I can’t think where else I said that. I admit that there are numerous people in the world named “Casey” and that sometimes, I do interact with these people. Well, actually…I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone named “Casey” before. Before I started Wobbing, I mostly associated the name with 1) the androgynous puppet child on Mr. Dressup and 2) the poem “Casey at the Bat,” the former of whom is kind of referenced in my Casey’s surname (the Mr. Dressup Casey had a dog named Finnegan; my Casey’s last name is Mulligan) and the latter of which gave one of the WoB plot arcs its title (see the Archive page). I do actually get excited now when I notice someone named Casey, possibly because the name is somewhat less common around here than Barbara or Marie or even Rahim. For instance, though I am profoundly annoyed by American Idol, I did notice that one of this year’s contestants–I think he came in something like third, even–was a blond hunk named Casey Something-or-Other.

    Long story short (too late): either the distribution of Caseys is entirely random or there is some sinister meaning behind it. The fact that I have bought a flute from a man named “Casey” may be further proof that nefarious deeds are afoot, though I actually cannot think why.

  16. It is well written that magical flute has the ability to bring inanimate object to life and we all know how much you want to bring certain inanimate object to life.

    So not only does Barbara has the “power to pull cookies out of alternate dimensions.” (and make little ducks with the power of her mind), she can also re-arrange atoms to form hammer. She seems like a worthy opponent for Casey.

  17. It’s either that or her pockets have been made with Time Lord technology (i.e., they’re bigger on the inside. And invisible).

  18. Does that mean that you won’t be able to use the line “Is that a flashlight in your pockets or are you just happy to see me?”?

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