June 14 – 26, 2010

Still marking.  I shall go mad.


39 thoughts on “June 14 – 26, 2010

  1. When Baldwin first suggested vowels, I was actually thinking of “OMMMMM” or “MOOOOOO”.

    Congrats on almost catching up with the comic, I had thought we were going to have perpetual delay.

  2. Congratulation on catching up.
    Incidentally we don’t see much breadbox down this part of the world.

  3. It’s a very sensible thing to own, you know. When I arrived here I bought a set of tupperware containers (not the actual brand). The biggest one serves as my breadbox.

  4. I believe we own a bread box largely because of the cat. He has chewed through bread bags, knocked boxes of doughnuts off the top of the fridge (and eaten them), helped himself to hamburgers left on the counter… He’s essentially a walking vacuum.

    It never occurred to me to wonder whether other people own bread boxes.

  5. My family actually never owned a bread box, though several of our relatives had them. I think I even have a foggy memory of being fascinated by my aunt’s bread box. My parents keep their bread in a drawer. Mine is in a bag on the counter. I cannot believe we are discussing the culture of bread storage.

  6. What exactly are breadbox for? Apart from keeping critters who can chew through plastic bags, do they keep the bread fresh? It doesn’t look very airtight.

  7. And of course apart from providing us with the phrase: “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

  8. Ermmm, why is Frankie hugging her “chest” on the last panel while she is yelling out “STOP BUGGING ME.”? And it can’t simply be coincidence that the alt-text should read “He booby-trapped her bread box this morning, of course.”, what are you implying and what’s with the potty mouth?

  9. I’m not temporarily done with marking. I still have twelve essays and twenty billion discussion questions to go. I’m just caught up enough that I can work on my comics after midnight. I do not like my life right now.

  10. I cannot believe we are discussing the culture of bread storage.

    I can. It’s because we’re awesome.

  11. Oh, and added bonus detail: When I lived in an apartment of my own, I kept my bread on top of the fridge. Lack of counter space probably contributed to this.

  12. My in-laws own a breadbox, but they do not keep bread in it. I think it just stores random stuff. The bread is kept on the counter or in the fridge.

    At home we keep bread in the fridge for the most part, though the last few days my husbands home made bread has been on the counter.

  13. Bread in the fridge?! Ok, I have a few loaves of bread in the freezer, but they get taken out the night before I start eating them. I have a hard time thinking about bread at anything other than room temperature (or, on rare occasions, toast temperature).

    As for the earthquake: it’s not such a weird thing to blame. Naturally you spent at least an hour reading up on it on the internet, looking for damage reports, wondering if others felt it too.

  14. Oooh things that happen in real life happen on WoB too, just wow… wait a minute does that mean that the story of WoB hasn’t all been planned out?

  15. I’m nowhere near the protests; in fact, I’m currently at home, attempting to finish the comic I should have posted today. Two friends of mine did witness the beginning of the madness this afternoon. They saw all the cops changing into riot gear. I myself left the downtown area just before everyone went mad.

  16. Ah, thanks for keeping it spoiler-free! I’ve recently been slipping behind so I’m now on the actual Canadian schedule…

    I love your logo. I’m not sure about your Matt Smith. Doesn’t he have a whole lot more forehead?

  17. Matt Smith has an enormous forehead, but you actually can’t see much of it when you’re looking at him in profile from the right. He’s got that startlingly huge shock of hair he basically wears down over his right eye. However, you’ve got a point; I had a hard time drawing an Eleven who looked anything at all like Eleven. At least I got the clothes more or less right.

  18. I haven’t seen this season, but I still am experienced enough with the fandom to get the general gist. Ah, Who.

    I also find the concept of cold bread to be odd, Stefan.

  19. We kept our bread in the freezer or fridge when living places it was hot and humid – otherwise it never lasted. I think in cooler climates it was just freezer/benchtop. No bread boxes for us, but I quite like them myself – provided the weather is cool. We wouldn’t take the bread out of the freezer the night before though. Usually you’d make your lunch sandwich on frozen bread and it’d be defrosted by lunch time. Otherwise just leave it out for a little bit before hand – never took long to defrost at all.

  20. I thought you drew the Eleven Doctor quite well, I immediately recognised his hair. Except for his pant, I don’t remember them being flair, in fact don’t they sort of look like they are a bit rolled up on the bottom? I guess it can’t be helped, the pant will alway get you.

  21. When you say “It’s there; I promise.”, were you being sarcastic? The Previous link to the westofbathurst100625.html page, to get to the Saturday one again, I had to change it to westofbathurst100626.html.

  22. Heh heh…oopsy. Fixed. It was 4:00 a.m. when I posted that, and I guess I wasn’t paying proper attention when I checked the links.

  23. Yes, the frozen bread trick works well, and I apply it every now and then. Problem is that I also eat bread for breakfast (we Dutch are weird that way). Usually there are at least 2 slices left over from the previous loaf, so I can eat those and prepare 6 frozen slices for lunch. Additionally I keep some cereal around for the occasions on which I forget to get a bread out of the fridge in time… the alternative is to toast the frozen bread, but I’m not fond of whole-wheat toast.

  24. I’ve seen lots of different colours, though orange is certainly the most common. I just thought that in keeping with the prevailing colour scheme of the comic, I would make ’em in the colours of Holland’s flag.

    It has been an interesting experience to be sitting in my apartment and suddenly hear vuvuzelas everywhere (and thus know that a match has just ended). People used to honk their horns and scream, but the popularity of the vuvuzela seems to have changed the sound of football enthusiasm in Toronto forever.

  25. I heard the vuvuzela is actually quite addictive once you learn how to use it, plus if your eardrums do rupture you can always use it as a hearing aid.

  26. What exactly would a WoB vuvuzela be? A vuvuzela that look like it’s about to make a big noise and reveal to you everything, only to leave you daze and confuse? Or perhaps one with a brick pattern?

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