Unavoidable Delay

I am in Newfoundland at the moment.  As soon as I arrived, my computer went into extreme meltdown; I have thus been unable to complete Friday’s and Saturday’s comics.  A computer-savvy friend of mine says my computer is working again now, sort of; unfortunately, he has it at his house.  I have no idea when I am going to be able to post the comics.  I can’t even post a note on the website.  I apologise for the delay.  I hate computers.

Please watch this space for developments.


28 thoughts on “Unavoidable Delay

  1. I feel guilty for even posting this, so just remember that this is not a big deal. At all. Either fob it off on someone else or ignore it. Or both. That’s what I’d do. That being said, the alt text doesn’t automatically display when I visit the site with google chrome. So I have to right click and hit display element. So, like I said, not a big deal, or even a small deal, but if some computer literate person wants to fix it for you, let them. And good luck with getting things posted. Remember, we’re all rooting for you.

  2. Yes, I know, and I’m sorry about that, but I am NOT computer-literate, and I don’t have sixteen hours to fix it, which is how long it would take me. I realise someone else could fix it more quickly. I can’t. However, I’ll maybe eventually try to ask one of my friends for aid. I can’t do so now because my computer is a piece of crap and has self-destructed, and my computer-literate friends are helping me with THAT.

  3. Watches this space… intensely

    Seriously, I hope you’re enjoying your time in Newfoundland! It sounds like you could use a break (it IS a break, right?)

  4. It is technically a break, but the antics of my computer has turned it quite stressful. The damn thing is now booting up…and that is all. Once it is booted up, it just SITS there. I am way behind on the comic and on checking my e-mail. I managed to do the Photoshop editing on half a comic, and now it is trapped on a computer that will not work at all. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to save it, as I may have to take the computer into the shop without having a chance to rescue it. I. Hate. Computers.

  5. Is this a laptop or a PC? If it’s a laptop you can easily (on most laptop) take the hard drive out and buy a ~$20 external hard drive enclosure for it to rescue the data (slightly more complicated if it’s a PC), on the plus you will end up with the enclosure which you can use as, you know for backup.

  6. Well, like I said, not a big deal at all. I certainly wouldn’t spend 16 hours on it. Just ignore it.

    That being said, I wonder when we’ll get computers that do what you want simply and easily? We could probably have it now, but the big focus has been on capacity, not being easy to deal with. Maybe we’ll tell our grandkids about what a pain in the ass computers used to be. And they’ll go “Uh-huh” and continue playing their computer games, which will have reached new heights of addictiveness.

  7. SunshineRain: It’s a laptop, but it’s still under warranty, so I’m going to see what they say at the shop.

    Erwaro: Sorry…I was under a teeny bit of stress when I posted that reply. I really hate computers.

    I’m back now, but I got two hours of sleep last night, so I don’t have any idea when I’ll be able to finish last Friday’s comic. I hate computers so very, very much.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about the computer problems. I’m always happy to see the new strips whenever they appear.

  9. I’ve actually wanted a concertina for years, but a couple of days ago, I saw a guy playing one at a storytelling session, and it was just…so…excellent. Unfortunately, decent concertinas are really quite expensive. Ah well.

  10. Wow, so much red text. I am curious, why did you have to use Linux to retrieve the files? There seem to be an abundant of pretty good free boot up disk on the net that would do the job quite easily (support across numerous format as well), such as Hiren’s BootCD and Ultimate Boot CD, just to name the famous two.

  11. I dunno…my friend seemed to think it was the best option, possibly because the computer WAS booting up in Windows; it just wasn’t DOING anything once it had. Personally, I have no idea what the hell I am doing. I’ll be taking the computer to the shop later today. It’s still under warranty, so I’m going to let bloody Future Shop deal with its own idiotically dysfunctional machine.

  12. Well it’s something to consider if you find yourself in the same situation again (I get the feeling that the possibility is quite high), most computer tech use one or the other (or both). They have some excellent diagnosis software for both hardware and software problem, also some easy to use recovery software and even a “Mini-Windows XP” that you can run it off if the thing isn’t completely fried.

  13. Hope your computer problems get less frequent and less difficult. I’m totally with you in the hating of computers and definitely agree that Linux is not for the less than really computer-literate.

    Don’t worry about getting comics out late – we’ll read and enjoy them whenever you get them up.

  14. Oh my, Baldwin is getting the “We need to talk” conversation.

    Would it help if I try to set all your essays on fire with my mind from this end of the world?

  15. Someone’s got the hots for Satan, can’t really blame them though, I heard he is quite the charming devil.

  16. Don’t forget in this day and age, the choir for the battle music should also be accompany by an electric guitar. I am particular partial to “One Winged Angel” from the Final Fantasy VII (AC):

    The “Latin” starts at around 1:15.

  17. Does it have to be nonsense that sounds like Latin, or can it be Latin nonsense? It’s actually a pretty good tactic to scramble your opponents by singing nonsense at them. At least, it works for me.

  18. It can be Latin nonsense as well. It doesn’t even matter what it is. If you open the first volume of the Cambridge Latin Course, you will find that the text on the first page is, “Caecilius est pater. Metella est mater. Quintus est filius. Clemens est servus. Grumio est coquus. Cerberus est canis.” Sing this over and over on a single note with equal emphasis on all syllables, and you’ve got your epic battle music.

  19. Yes, that should work fine. I like the translation; exactly the sort of thing that will confuse people who know enough to translate. I find that it’s easier to outsmart people who are confused. I just wish that I could confuse my current opponent. The heat.

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