August 23 – September 4, 2010

Slowly but surely, I am catching up.  It has taken a month so far.  Incidentally, my computer is still in the shop.  I went in today to ask about it, and…well, perhaps I’ll save that story for next week’s Rant.  At any rate, it isn’t fixed yet.


54 thoughts on “August 23 – September 4, 2010

  1. Okay…seriously, Americans. It is not necessary to include bacon in everything you cook. Also, a single doughnut already contains about a million calories and 300% of the suggested daily fat allowance. Just looking at that picture is giving me chest pains.

  2. Honestly, I’ve never been that big on doughnuts. Still not sure why. It might have been the traumatic experience I had at a maple syrup festival. I was given a doughnut, in a bowl, floating -literally- in maple syrup. I managed one bite, and I managed not to throw it up.

  3. I haven’t tried those donuts (doughnuts?). I never got past the awfulness of their coffee. Yes, I repeat myself sometimes. Occasionally I repeat myself too.

  4. Timbit? I am certainly learning a lot of doughnut related term in the past few comics. The closest thing to that over here are “Doughnut holes”, which are made to look like they came from the middle of the doughnut (cinnamon).

    Although I did learn that we have this:
    World’s Largest Doughnut

    In Sydney, on December 05, 2007 Donut King oversaw construction of the World’s Largest Doughnut, in order to celebrate The Simpsons Movie’s DVD release. It was created from over 90,000 doughnuts, using half a tonne of pink icing and 30kg of sprinkles from Donut King. Taking 40 people over nine hours to build, the giant doughnut measured six meters and weighed a whopping 3.5 tonnes.

  5. Ah, Voodoo Donut. A car in my apartment building’s garage has a Voodoo Donut bumper sticker, so I already knew about the place (curiosity (the sticker mentions only VD) + google). I had never made it as far as their menu. Or suppressed the memory.

    I find it weird that Casey gets the jacket yet loses something. Intriguing…

  6. “voluble reader”? I am insulted by that comment, I am more of a salacious reader… no wait is that the word I am looking for? reader?

    By the way, I don’t know if it’s a country thing but I am getting an “Access forbidden!” from that Voodoo Doughnut menu link (or even from Maybe the menu is just too heart exploding for us Aussies.

    My new theory on the comic is that Casey and Ursula are in fact a couple and that they are slowly becoming each other, Casey takes the jacket, Ursula gain the love for doughnut etc.. And Casey need Marie there for when the eventuality that he loses himself.

  7. Regarding the menu: odd. I just checked, and it still works for me. I’m not sure why Australians would be barred and Canadians not, but ah well.

    I would actually like to have seen your reaction if I had described you as a “salacious reader” of my own accord.

  8. A bit of googling show that somebody in France also get that error, I am interested to know who else can access the site and who can’t.

  9. Yum! A bacon maple donut! Oh and the Voodoo site is accessible from down under in small town Texas.

  10. This time around, the Tim Hortons mystery has given me a huge donut craving. Which is weird because: 1) it did not do so the last three times; 2) I don’t really like donuts all that much.

  11. Oh, and I was thinking that maybe the jacket is some form of punishment? as in, the mystery girl had to go on wearing it for 7 years for some reason and now Casey will have to wear it. Though this explanation does not fit well with Casey’s remark that she can keep what she earned…

  12. Personally I can’t stand donuts of any sort, the very thought of a maple-bacon one is nauseating.

    but nuttycat – are you saying your in Texas Qld? or just that the site can be viewed from there (why you would know that I have no clue).

    I didn’t think anybody ever visited Texas.

  13. I can see it here, but I could bike to any of the shops in question. (It’d take me all day, but I could do it.) And I had no idea that we had such things here. Although it does fit. It’s a weird place, here. Strange things happen to food, even when I’m not involved.

  14. I think that my theory seems reasonable. Or would, if it explained everything. Or anything. Seems like the right time for it, though. Although, obviously, a precise estimate is impossible.

    What numbers are most significant to you? Seven obviously seems prominent. I personally like 18, and the primes surrounding it. Or perhaps 5. Primes seem disproportionately popular for this sort of thing, in fact. 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23?!?!?!

    On an unrelated note, it’s obviously nice, when grading papers for a class with lots of freshman, to come across a paper written by someone who has some notion of what they’re doing. Does the fact that the paper is competently written lead the grader to assign it properties that it does not, in fact, possess?

    In my case, I was told that I was reaching interesting conclusions in my papers. Which struck me as odd, since I had flunked the first by being off topic, so I was working to make these papers as dull and predictable as possible.

    Either I’m so creative (weird) that it’s obvious when I’m trying to be dull (normal), or else these were really incompetent freshmen I was competing against. Especially since I did all of these papers at the last physically possible minute.

    -This moment of randomness brought to you by sleepwalking induced bladder damage-

  15. Seven is a number that turns up in a lot of folk tales. At this point, that is all I’m willing to say about it. However, I’ve always been rather partial to 88.

    Regarding frosh essays: there have been times I have had to struggle against the impulse to give a good mark to someone who writes beautifully but has nothing to say. It’s so rare to find a student who can write that it’s sometimes a bit too easy to overlook lack of content. However, I usually manage to harden my heart. I didn’t quite manage to do so for one student who recently handed me a paper that just parroted my own argument in one of the course modules, though she had dressed that argument up in critical theory. I gave her a 76 (B)…and she complained that it was way too low and she had never been punished for drawing from the lecture before. I tell them and tell them that they may draw from the lecture as long as they take the damn argument further or in a different direction, but they don’t freaking listen.

    Incidentally, you shouldn’t be making your papers dull and predictable. Writing off topic is bad; writing creatively on-topic is good.

  16. Now where is this going to? Casey leaving for – hell? Or whatever? Hope Marie does follow him and find out.

    However, as I know Kari, the next comic will show some completely everyday scenes, just without Casey, and no explanation will be given within the next three years or so. Just building up mysteries, isn’t she?

  17. I decided, in the nick of time, to sample the Canadian Maple donut from Timmy’s, to kill the waiting time at the gate at Pearson International. And it is good. The wad of butter in the center came as a bit of a surprise, though. I assume it’s supposed to be there? It tasted fine, so I assume it is.

  18. …The wad of BUTTER? What wad of butter? Do you mean the custard? Basically, a Canadian Maple is a Boston Cream, only with maple instead of chocolate icing.

    Good old Pearson. You’re sort of forced to eat at Timmy’s there if you want to spend under $10 on a sandwich.

  19. I make it my personal mission to be so weird that no one who knew me would even notice if I started talking to my invisible evil twin in public.

  20. Is Elisa and Athar twin? They look very much alike in the comic and it would explain why they are so diabolically evil… Come play with us, forever and ever and ever…

  21. Er…no. They’re a couple. Clearly, I need drawing lessons. (Yes, SunshineRain, this is an opportunity for you to point out that you knew that already.)

  22. Well I thought it was either they were twins or a cutesy couple, but since they don’t seem to be on fire or are suffering any sort of painful death, I can only assume it was the former.

    Hey, I wouldn’t be reading WoB if I wanted beautiful backdrop or bricks that seem to come alive or even characters that actually look like people or consistence in drawing or… wait what were we talking about again?

  23. I like puppies. And kittens. I like them very much. They’re so cute, and cuddly, and they make me nervous because I think I’ll smush them. But other than that, I like them.

    Incidentally, how do you spell smush? Smoosh? Smoush?

    Now pronounce Yachats. And Willamette.

  24. SunshineRain, you always know exactly what to say to make me feel bad about myself. You have a real gift. Hurrah!

    Erwaro, I think it is permissible to vary the spelling of “smush” depending on how you would like people to pronounce it. I suppose you might use “smoush” if you were feeling mildly French.

  25. I am just proof-reading a Masters thesis.
    I want to cry.
    It’s written in Portuguese and I swear barely speaking the language I could have written it better.

    Incidentally, voodoodoughnut is also access forbidden from Portugal and Germany.
    (I’m starting to have the feeling it’s only accessible in the US & Canada.)

  26. I expect Voodoo Doughnut makes its site available to Canadians in case any hungry British Columbians just happen to get the munchies for NO CONCEIVABLE REASON RELATING TO ANY PREVAILING STEREOTYPES ABOUT MY HOME PROVINCE NO NO NO and decide to drive for several hours to find doughnuts shaped like the male organ and decorated with curly icing bits.

    Regarding Master’s Thesis Editing: I’ve been there. I did some MBA stuff last year. I actually didn’t find it bad, possibly because I spend seventy percent of my time marking papers written by eighteen-year-olds who do not know what verbs are.

  27. I should hope so, especially since I’m a math/econ kind of guy, and I hate memorizing names of things. Verbs I actually know, because of Calvin and Hobbes: Verbing weirds language. I’m still working on prepositions. I have a sword that helps me with that one.

  28. Ah…the mighty Sword of Prepositions, forged in eldritch flame and burnished with the blood of the unwary. I wish more undergraduates would learn to wield that thing.

  29. It refers to itself as the Sword behind Inappropriate Prepositions.

    And some idiot very high in the search results thinks that you can get 10 adventures a day by dual wielding them, despite the fact that it is very clearly marked as a two-handed weapon.

  30. The Voodoo Doughnut menu is accessible from the Netherlands. Whether this is because my laptop was bought in Canada, and/or accessed the site from there first, is open to speculation. It certainly looked as if it was redownloading rather than rehashing from the cache.

    I recognize the name of that sword…

  31. Marie still doesn’t seem to be as fast as Master Ramsay, although since I am the one reading it, maybe I am the one who is not as fast.

    In regard to the updated Characters page, there does seem to be a large increase in the amount of text. You should be careful though, at this rate there might just be way too much to read in about 100 years time.

  32. Is it me or does Alix seem happy on the last panel? Does she like being crowded by strangers who are Def co-chair? (of which I have no idea what it is or any of those terms used in the alt-text)

  33. The DEF is the social committee. Marie was a co-chair last year. The LMF is the real-world (Massey) version of the DEF. Alix is supposed to look as if she is gritting her teeth, but she has turned out so tiny in the final version that her expression is unclear.

  34. Reading over the characters’ page made me realize how many broken bones we have seen so far. It’s a relatively small social circle – does not 3 broken limbs in two or three years sound a bit extreme? maybe it’s Casey’s fault.

  35. I’m sure Rahim will find some way of blaming Casey.

    It IS worth noting that the year Rahim broke his leg, three real-life Masseyites suffered, respectively, a sprained ankle, a broken leg, and a broken ankle. The broken leg and the broken ankle both belonged to friends of mine. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  36. Indeed. The Staircase Method of marking is well documented. I prefer to drop essays into a pit of molten lava and see which one is consumed by flame first, but we all have our little preferences.

  37. What is written on the poster in the background for today’s comic? I can make out:
    “2010 CBC Davies Lecture
    Slayer Fun
    What is ** ****
    A **** ** *** ****
    Couples *****(Druglord?)”

  38. It’s a spoof of this book cover:

    The middle lines are not really meant to be readable, but I guess what the poster says is:

    2010 CBC Davies Lecture


    What is to Become of Us

    A Novel in Five Parts

    Couplas Dougland

    I.e., it’s a bunch of lame puns directed towards this year’s CBC Massey Lecture, which is being given by Douglas Coupland and is, for the first time ever, a novel rather than prose non-fiction. Every Massey Lecture is published in book form before the lecture is given. The Massey Lecture is, incidentally, a weirdly big deal in Canada. The speaker/writer gives five lectures in various Canadian cities, and they’re all broadcast on the CBC. A couple of years ago, Margaret Atwood gave the lecture (I did a comic on it, only I called her Peggy Engrove, as usual), which happened to be on economics; she effectively predicted the global economic meltdown shortly before it happened, and the lecture itself was given right in the middle of it. Go, Massey Lecture!

  39. I dunno, from my experience with economics and probability, I’d say that for any economic downturn (or upturn, or anything, really) you’re going to have people predicting it. Not to say that the proper research wasn’t done, but my gut feeling is that we’re still in the dark with economics. We’re getting pretty good at explaining what just happened, but predicting/altering what’s about to happen? Forget it. Predict something, and you’ll be right, sooner or later.

  40. Oh, I know. All I meant was that her book on economics (Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth) happened to come out at an appropriate time. I don’t pretend that this was really anything but a happy (or unhappy) coincidence.

  41. Broken Telephone? Haven’t heard that one before (no pun intended), I think I have always known it as “Chinese whispers”. Although I guess that might be considered as offensive to some people.

  42. I had hoped to finish undergrad a year early. At least, I did when I first got here. Then I changed my mind and decided to double major. So I’m here for an extra term. Which is just as well, I still don’t have any real leads on a job.

  43. Yes, yes. I’ll put up a new thread now. I keep forgetting because I tend to finish Monday comics at 3:00 a.m., at which point I just want to go to bed.

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