November 29 – December 11, 2010

I’ m all tired again.ย  I shall never ever ever finish this marking.


52 thoughts on “November 29 – December 11, 2010

  1. Yay! Back to the Casey mystery!

    Charging rent would be a good idea – either she’ll get some money, or the wraiths will vanish (to their rent-free homes in Mordor).

    About Saturday’s comic’s alt-text: So your word count is including foot-notes?

  2. Looks like the phorum has official gone down for longer than the last time.

    Not to add more to the spooky atmosphere in here, but have anybody else notice that the last 3 comment sections all end in 1? 121, 81 and 71, and only in one of them that I was the last poster (just so that nobody start pointing finger) OooOOOooOOOooOO.

  3. You know how I feel about tea. Or maybe you don’t.

    And I wouldn’t charge Caid rent. He’s really not taking up that much space, certainly less space than a desk, although you’d also have a hard time putting much on him. Maybe you could hang clothes from his chains?

  4. Hang *more* clothes on him? With the chain on, I was looking forward to seeing him in a princess Leia outfit any day now.

  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one that saw stripy top and immediately thought Marie was in jail – I even hit previous to see if I’d somehow missed a comic and hence part of the story before I realised I was wrong.

  6. In case anyone from the phorum is interested:


    This is the Phorums 2.0, a site being set up by rickf of the old phdforums. As you know, Jorge had to nix the forums there this summer due to a huge spam attack, at which point we no longer had a way to gripe, whine, or socialise about things academic. Ergo, after a few months of awkward silence, a few old-timer phorummers decided to launch this as a surrogate until if/when Jorge brings back the main phorums on his site.


  7. As a reaction to a post on that phorum Rin linked to: don’t worry, Kari, just like before the big Phorum’s disappearance I shall haunt both WoB and the other place! There’s no escaping the plastic smile ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Marie (or Casey or Caid) wouldn’t happen to have access to one of them Harry Potter style Time Turner thingies would they? If they do, any possibility of my borrowing it for a day or so?

  9. SunshineRain: technically, yes. Actually, however, the reference is more directly to A Very Potter Musical, an affectionate parody of the HP books. The musical is technically set during Harry’s second year but borrows elements from most of the novels. Quirrell starts as the main villain; he has Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head (by virtue of two actors standing back to back under a single set of wizard robes), and they have a bit of an odd-couple relationship. One thing Quirrell has a hard time remembering is that he doesn’t have to keep explaining the plot to Voldemort, who can hear everything he hears. Incidentally, the musical is worth checking out. Quirrell and Voldemort are both very good, as are Malfoy and Snape. The guy who plays Harry currently has a recurring role on Glee.

  10. Mmm, so I spent the last hour or two watching that musical. I’m not through yet, but too tired to continue ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It is pretty good indeed, although the sound quality of the recording is mediocre…

  11. So, I know you explained it, but I still can’t figure out where the heck that alt-text thing is in Firefox (or Safari, for that matter). I even googled “show alt text firefox”, and installed this add-on

    …but the only text it displays is “comic”. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Roeslein: yep. I don’t know how to do alt-text at all on the Comic Genesis site.

    Stefan: yeah, the sound isn’t great. I recommend either headphones or really good speakers. Also, if you go to the Team Starkid website, you can download the soundtrack. If you want to hear the lyrics of “Back the Hogwarts,” you may consider doing so.

  13. I’ve finished! Exploring the Quirrell-Voldemort bond was a brilliant (and, rightfully, rather disturbing) idea.

    I must say I rather liked the Bellatrix role, even if it was relatively minor.

  14. Stefan: interestingly, most people hate that portrayal of Bellatrix. I can’t say I’m hugely fond of it myself, but I don’t think it’s a huge problem.

    You realise there’s a sequel, right? It’s not as good as the original. The guy who plays Voldemort is Umbridge in the sequel, and he really just manages to make her intensely irritating. However, there are certainly some very clever bits (including the whole premise, which I won’t give away), plus some more catchy tunes. It’s worth watching.

  15. Roselein, If you are using Firefox (all operating systems), right click on the comic image and select “View Image Info”. The alt text will show up in that box.

  16. Heh. Yes. You can access it via the same YouTube channel. There’s also another musical there called Me and My Dick. It is…somewhat odd…but it features some catchy music.

  17. Thanks for the link Roeslein – now I can see alt-text too ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the down side I’ll probably spend all too much time going through the archives catching up – but that’s a minor issue.

  18. Ohhhh so the non-existent of facial hair growth (or pretty much any kind of growth) on WoB characters is part of the plot, and here I thought it was just a lack of commitment from the author to spend every waking hours doting the characters’ facial features.

    Hmm the last panel of the latest comic has Marie wearing the stripy clothes again even though she has changed in the other panels, is this because those clothing are imaginary? Or does she just like to get dress up when talking to her “special” friends? Or maybe it’s the simplest reason of them all: Reusing old footage.

  19. As far as I’m concerned, you’re allowed to make Watchmen references any time of day. I might not get them immediately (I only read the thing once), but don’t let that stop you!

    Good luck with all the work…

  20. Yes, I’ve given Rahim stubble at least twice. I made a conscious decision never to give Casey stubble, even when I showed him just waking up (here, for instance). Admittedly, Rahim has black hair, and stubble is therefore much more visible on him than it would be on Casey. You might think of Casey’s lack of facial hair a sort of Stealth Detail that has been lurking beneath the storyline for four and a half years.

  21. Yes, I was making fun of the fact that unless character growth/changes has something to do with the storyline, it usually doesn’t happen in the world of fiction. Unless, of course, if the author is some sort of obsessive fusspot that derive pleasure from meaningless task and vision of grandeur.

    Anyway, here is a completely unsanctioned comparison between a penguin and Marie:

  22. Monday’s comic made me think for a moment that evil Marie was going around talking to people rather than the real (regular? / normal? / good?) Marie. Then the last panel made me even more confused before I got it all figured out in my head.

  23. SunshineRain: In revenge, I have posted your penguin comparison on the Fan Stuff page. Yes, ’tis true: I have characterised you as a fan. Mwa-ha-ha.

    Nuttycat: Yeah…the problem is that it’s cold enough here at the moment that Marie needs to be wearing her winter coat, and Marie’s winter coat (which I have drawn several times) is black. I know it’s a bit confusing, alas.

  24. Evil Marie always wears black glasses, so there’s still a visible difference.

    But why should Casey’s hair grow if he doesn’t change at all otherwise?

  25. @Kari: I don’t recall being ask for permission for that entirely original piece of art (which shall later be refer to as The Masterpiece).

    @nobilis: As Evil Marie suggested, Caid’s hair growth might be a hint from Marie’s subconsciousness (which is also Evil Marie, so it’s like a double hint really) as to what’s happening.

    @Roeslein: I assume it’s because Marie has only ever met her at Tim Horton(? I am so confuse by these place name, why must Canadian use such archaic languages, what’s wrong with going with something simple and modern like Woolloomooloo?), so it’s going to be as difficult to track her down as it is to track Casey down.

  26. SunshineRain: I feel comfortable with appropriating appropriated images without asking permission from the original appropriator.

    Nobilis: Marie is wondering the same thing. See Friday’s comic (on Friday, obviously). And yes, subconscious hints are happening all over the place.

    Roeslein: As SunshineRain has observed, it’s not easy to track someone down when all you know about her is her first name and that she is probably not wearing a green jacket any more. It would be difficult to know where to start.

  27. Forgot to mention that Caid might do well working as a ghost, if only other people can hear him… and that he can actually move from places to places… come to think of it, he is as useful as the One Ring in a room full of Nazgรปl.

  28. Oh! Have you heard of a podcast called Made of Fail? It’s available on iTunes. It’s about geekdom, and Mark (of Mark Reads) was their guest on the November show. The December show is going to be about Doctor Who.

  29. @nobilis: No she doesn’t. See the strips on Dec-1 and Dec-3. Evil Marie doesn’t have dark glasses on her in those two strips. But that’s a good point, she does seem to wear dark glasses more often than not.

    That was Ursula right? (at the donut shop) Didn’t she give Casey her jacket in their last meeting? So presuming she didn’t go out and buy another one, she doesn’t have her green jacket any more.

  30. Frankly, I suspect the “Next” is capitalised because I was really tired when I made the link.

    Nuttycat: Evil Marie IS wearing dark glasses there; you just can’t tell because you see her only in profile. However, it’s true that it’s not always possible to TELL the glasses are dark. Also, SunshineRain is right about the jacket; I said she WASN’T wearing it any more.

  31. Are you sure it wasn’t that one time when you marked for 96 hours straight and you thought you were a hummingbird of some kind and was using your beak (not a real beak of course, one that you probably fashion out of objects that you found) to type? Cause it’s common knowledge that hummingbird always type in capital, since they hum so loud.

  32. With respect to the jacket, I was agreeing with you. Or at least that’s what I thought I typed when I posted that previous message. However, obviously that’s not what I typed, because that’s not what’s posted above. This is all very confusing.

    Maybe I need to go get some more sleep or perhaps stop posting in between doing a dozen other things.

    *ze kitty goes to get some tea to wake himself up*
    /me offers others around him tea too

    /me tried to drum up some enthusiasm in himself for reading a dozen project reports

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