December 27, 2010 – January 8, 2011

Here I am at home, and I’m STILL freaking tired all the time.

24 thoughts on “December 27, 2010 – January 8, 2011

  1. (Sending virtual chocolate and chocolate-coated coffee beans Your way – I really hope You get some rest soon. I mean, it’s supposed to be Christmas or something.)

  2. Was flipping through the bibliography of the Tricking the Devil segment of my brand new Jane Yolen Folktales Around the World (so, so pretty) and I’m pretty sure I discovered the tale you all were hinting at. I refuse to read it, though, because I don’t want to be spoiled.

  3. Earthgirl: I have that book, but I can’t check to see whether that particular story is in it (I suspect it is), since the book and I are currently on opposite sides of the country.

    Reading the story won’t “spoil” anything; it will just give you a hint about what MAY have been going on with Ursula (on the other hand, it could quite easily have been something completely logical and without any supernatural aspects whatsoever).

  4. Oh, dearly lamented late Phorum… I do so hope you return. I wanted to find out what happened with the girl who was thinking about moving to Adelaide.

  5. No, I’ve been lazy. Has pretty much everyone migrated over? I was assuming there were only a few people there.

    Also, I’ve been spelunking in the archives, and now I have a craving for maple doughnuts that I can’t satisfy. I hope you’re happy.

  6. There are quite a few people there, and the post rate is rather brisk. It’s actually a reasonable approximation of the Phorum. Stefan’s link (above) will take you there.

    I am always satisfied when I cause people to crave maple doughnuts, though I’m sorry you can’t satisfy your craving. What you need to do is get some maple butter and spread it on top of a plain doughnut.

  7. Sorry, I was distracted when I wrote the previous, hence the incoherence. What exactly is maple butter? As far as I know, we don’t have it. It is entirely possible that our local farm stand carries it, but they are closed for the season. Alas.

  8. It is probable that your local farm stand doesn’t carry maple butter unless it also carries maple syrup. Maple butter has nothing to do with actual butter. However, if you like the sound of it, you can buy it online via the link above.

  9. It’s pretty useful. It tells you how long things last. In fact, I’ll bet that…
    Actually, no. No betting. I’ll just tell you if I won or lost. If I remember, which is stretching it.

    And Hagrid is also much harrier. He even makes me look kinda baby-faced, though, so that’s not saying much.

  10. Oh, bleep, apparently I can’t spell at all. I wondered why spellcheck didn’t like harier, so I thought “Well, maybe another “r” will do it. I’m pretty sure I meant hairier. Although I suppose Hagrids dad could have also been part bird. He was on the small side.

  11. Happy new year!!
    How come there has been no post here since the start of the year? This will not do at all!

    /me offers everyone a mug of a beverage of their choice

  12. Well, I only have an internet connection a few times a week now, for one thing. The stuff to get me hooked up arrived today, but apparently in the old days phone jacks had four prongs, and although there are adapters, the internet will not condescend to be sent through such devices. Someone will come to install a new jack…on the 19th.

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