February 7 – 19, 2011

Yet again, I say:  Mondays are TERRIBLE.  They are TERRIBLE.  At least I eventually did finish the comic.


14 thoughts on “February 7 – 19, 2011

  1. Even more metal, you mean.

    And don’t worry, we understand what it’s like not to have time to do anything. That is, sadly, an increasingly distant memory to me. I now have so much free time that I should do things, except that I don’t.

  2. I can no longer participate in half-price chocolate day, not that I normally did anyway. Apparently chocolate is very high in oxalates. And the spell-check has issues with how I pluralized that, for some reason.

  3. Also, Kari, you’re evil. First you tease us with some more Caid, and in the next comic you distract us with the murder game! This is just plain cruel. Not in the least to Caid, who will have to sit in chains for even longer now!

  4. Why, from your rant, I would suspect that you might be holding in some level of dislike for valentines day. Now, now, let it out. It’s not healthy to hold that sort of thing in.

    And I don’t have any figures to back this up, but I think that more women than men complain about valentines day, which seems strange, since a consistent point is that it coerces men into buying worthless crap. Maybe it’s because our society seems to think that there is a lot more wrong with you if you’re a single woman than if you’re a single man. Or maybe the brainwashers have done a really good job on the men, and they’re thinking “YesthisisridiculousbutifIcomplainIwon’tgetlaidsoshutupandbuyflowersandchocolateandOHMYGODisthatachocolate-covereddiamond-studdedrose?”

  5. Has Baldwin ever worn paperclips in his beard because he felt a need to wear bling? No? Then I guess I’m still more chaotic than him. And do you have any idea how hard it is to make use of half a car? The towing people like to deal with things that can balance on their own. Or does he mean front half or back half? That could actually work.

    In fact, it does work. You’ve gotta go with the front half, which is kinda awkward because then it’ll be moving “backward” but whatever, people will be more confused by that. You use the rubber bands to create a harness for the cow, and hook it up to the beetle. The cow will tow the beetle half around campus, fleeing from the sounds of the TVs mounted on the beetle and hanging from the rubber band harness. You’ve given him a lot of TV’s to work with, so he’s also giving them out to people to improve the public opinion of his stunt. And the pizza is for convincing the farmer to let him borrow the cow. I mean, have you ever tried to get pizza delivered out in the countryside? And cheese, of course, is the only pizza you can really count on to work.

    Incidently, you forgot about the moped and the shopping carts, for Baldwin to follow the cow-driven rubber-band beetle around in while hauling spare televisions. But he’s probably already got one, and shopping carts aren’t hard to find, either.

  6. And we both forgot about the generator and the computer with media-managing software. Because, as we all know, it just doesn’t work if the the TVs are all playing the same thing.

  7. Yeah, some tiny trace of Casey again!

    I’m afraid we will only hear some screams through the phone, and then have to spend two weeks on elections or Baldwin’s drop of self-confidence or something else totally un-Casey-y …

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