March 7 – 19, 2011

You see, everyone?  I’m still doing the Ursula storyline.  Plot is happening.  It’s even Casey-related plot.  Take that, Internet.


45 thoughts on “March 7 – 19, 2011

  1. Wow! Marie. Ursula. Barbara! And a whole bunch of Casey-related stuff to look forward to. You made my day.

  2. When I was a little kid, our TV was a black-and-white model (in the 1970s, this was not unusual). However, I was utterly convinced that Big Bird (the character from Sesame Street) was bright yellow. I don’t mean I was convinced that he was bright yellow in real life; I was convinced that I could see the yellow on the black-and-white screen. My parents must have thought I was crazy.

  3. @nuttycat – in case you can’t tell I’m make rude faces at you at the moment. I’d put the appropriate smiley in but that requires way too much expertise.

    I can’t see a jacket that would be green if it were not for the B&W nature of the strip.

    Is that correctly written now?

    and now I need to go figure out why I think Ursula should have a green jacket – was it a colour comic, mentioned somewhere or totally my imagination? If not for the fact that I’ve been Ping all day I’d blame you for this loss of productivity.

  4. Mer: you really only need to go back to the last block of strips, in which Marie mentions the green jacket. You might also check out the character page.

  5. Random wobby thoughts: Casey once said that he hurt “one too many people”. Whom? And why did Marie never smell that Ursula wasn’t allowed to wash? And between which two parties was the original contract made? (As Casey’s hair is growing now, he’s also on this side of the contract. Which means that he isn’t the devil. But he might end up as the devil, if somebody tears out all his golden hairs but three.)

  6. What makes you think the terms of Ursula’s bargain are identical to those of the guy in the folk tale? The “no washing” thing may not be an issue here. Deals with the devil have to roll with the times.

    At any rate, I do so enjoy it when people speculate in fairy-tale language.

    Regarding the golden hairs: in many stories, these come from the devil’s beard. Casey doesn’t have a beard. Hmm…

  7. Right, the post-modern equivalent of “not washing” is probably “not using a mobile phone”.
    I always imagined an almost bald devil. But now as you say it … Good bye, cherished images of my childhood! Ah well, and remember not to take anything from the ferryman. And you know how to fix the well, I suppose.

  8. And why the tree is dying. And watch out for your father-in-law, the king; he doesn’t mean well.

    (Hello, everyone else. Nobilis and I are speaking in code. You can join in fairly easily. Just read all the folk tales in the world first. Have fun with that.)

  9. And remember the special circumstances of your birth. And make sure to meet the right sort of robbers.

    (Hey, it’s not as bad as that, we quite loudly alluded to the title of the fairy tale in question. (Which means that we ought to continue with a new one.))

  10. You also have to make sure that the robbers can read. I mean, imagine if they couldn’t; that would be the end of the story right there.

    If you do happen to stray into a different story and maybe run into another version of the devil, you could always defeat him by threatening to sic your wife on him. This almost invariably works.

  11. Don’t forget your bag and your chair. But after you die, don’t be surprised if you get turned away from both Heaven and Hell.

  12. I’ll get my Grimm out again tomorrow. Meanwhile, can I echo Ursula and ask how on earth we can make Barbara stop doing that? We only had a single panel of information!

  13. Don’t fret, Stefan. Barbara is doing that because I kind of loathe soap strips that end without punchlines, instead offering a dramatic statement that is meant to make the reader gasp, not laugh. It’s the equivalent of the daytime-soap pre-commercial zoom-in and freeze-frame. If you’re doing a three- or four-panel newspaper-style comic, ending without a punchline is kind of disappointing (or always has been for me). However, Ursula will be giving you plenty of information on Monday.

  14. What happened to Casey’s dog Cthulhu? Has it run away with something? Well, you know, the dog might carry part of Casey’s soul, or have swallowed his wings, or whatever. So Marie has to find (or the create) a replacement for a soul particle, or a pair of shiny wings. Or steal Weird Beard’s weird beard, because Casey obviously lost his beard. Or his time. Like Peter Pan. You know … I don’t try making sense anymore, you know. And don’t forget the mouse!

    Perhaps I should add that I spent the weekend rereading the entire archive. Unfortunately, that didn’t help me to unravel the mystery – or any of the mysteries. I just found out that I’m a big fan of Barbara.

  15. Nobilis: oddly, your latest comment made me miss SunshineRain. I do wonder what has happened to him.

    I am always glad when someone becomes a big fan of Barbara. I always feel as if people don’t quite like her, and that makes me sad.

  16. I’d already noticed SR’s absence. In his most recent post here, on December 13th, he actually wrote about being away for some time: “I will be going overseas today (in exactly 1 hour actually) so I probably won’t be around here to point out all your blatantly obvious faults until at least next year…”

  17. I believe it’s Casey. In fact I think I can see his cane. Doesn’t have a beard either, even though you wouldn’t exactly expect a guy who looks homeless to shave everyday.

    PS: Casey has/had a dog names Cthulhu? How could I miss that?

  18. Roeslein: The dog is never seen, but mentioned by Barbara on August 14, 2006. But as it’s Barbara talking, I’m not sure the dog exists in a world not seen from Barbara’s perspective.

    Seems that Casey ist neither male nor female, but sexless angel-like. Whether he is a fallen angel, remains to be seen. Or perhaps a semi-fallen angel. Or a hemi-demi-semi-fallen angel.

  19. Nuttycat: so it is. And tomorrow, we hit the ides of March (which is also my niece’s birthday). Now I want pie.

    Nobilis and Roeslein: yes, Casey’s dog has so far been mentioned only by Barbara. It may or may not actually exist.

  20. I hope that Ursula didn’t promise to hand her future kids over to the stranger. (Sometimes this is part of the contract, and if the kids are handed over to a woman, they will return to their mother, but if they are handed over to a man, they won’t.)

    And I sincerely hope that Marie won’t have to use stinging nettles to knit a green jacket for Casey (who just now spends his days as a swan).

  21. I’ll have you know that there are eleven sentences in the bit of the story told on Wednesday. There were ten on Monday. The sentences are happening, man. They’re happening!

  22. Ok, ok, so I am too tired to count. Or remember. Sue me. Or, better, don’t. I shall post a correction:
    “I think waiting until Wed for the next eleven sentences in the story might just kill me…”
    Either way, you will be guilty of my premature demise.

    The real problem is that right after I get the eleven sentences on Wednesday, I will be dying for the x sentences on Friday (where the expectation value of x is 10.5).

  23. *peeps in*
    *Walks around the room looking for new comic.*
    *Curls up in a corner and waits for Kari to post new comic.*

  24. Uh-oh. What does Ursula mean by “isn’t denial fun?” – if Marie is in denial… then it means it’s true?

  25. Oooh.. new comic! : D Looks like I fell asleep in that corner just before you posted this one. Thank you.
    Darn it, I am looking forward to hearing Barbara speak. People keep cutting her off!.

  26. Another new comic, and this time I caught it being posted too! 😀
    Now, then, in the last panel, am I imagining something or does Marie actually have a tear running down her eye?

  27. No, that’s not a tear; it’s an anxiety line. I’m not sure what else to call it. Characters get them when they’re anxious or worried or tired or sick or upset. It’s kind of a multi-purpose line, actually.

  28. Ha! A multi-purpose line! I like that term.
    I think I shall try to use it in conversation. I wonder how that would go down with a random acquaintance. Poor Marie though. This is just getting more and more weird for her.

  29. Love the Saturday comic, it is scarily true! Having just marked huge bundles of assignments I’m amazed at how much they could write to say so little. Some of these are about 30 pages, yet the 2 groups that got 100% did it in about 6 – 8 pages.

    I’ve never hit pink ink, mostly because most of the stuff I read is hand written, but I personally hate gel pens. They are horrible to read and really should be consigned to hell. I don’t care what silly colours people use themselves, but if they are giving it to me they need to hide anything shiny or glittery and use boring black or blue.

  30. I’m guilty of the “when you don’t know the answer, write a whole lot” approach during highschool and UG. I don’t separate out assignments any longer, mostly because they are all submitted electronically.

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