March 21 – April 2, 2011

We are now entering week 5 of the Ursula story…you know, the one you guys were pessimistically predicting I would end after a single strip.


33 thoughts on “March 21 – April 2, 2011

  1. New comic! 😀 Marie sounds quite blood-thirsty in that last panel. Also, you had to leave us hanging for Wednesday right? 😛 Evil!
    In other news, I’m now registered on this WordPress platform. Whether I’ll remember to login everytime, that I don’t know. Time will tell.

    /me hands out chocolate

  2. What? We don’t care about the colour comics? But we do. Or *I* do – as long as Barbara is in.

  3. That’s not how you threaten someone. You’ve got to threaten to kill them slowly and painfully. I mean, the guillotine was invented on the principle that it would be more humane. One of my personal favorites is threatening to bludgeon someone to death with their own severed arm. Although, honestly, that’s not very practical. I mean, have you ever tried to bludgeon using an arm? Once they’re detached, they get all floppy. They’d probably bleed to death, first. Alternatively, you can threaten to stab them to death with a golf pencil.

  4. I also like the colour comics. We wouldn’t normally get comics on Saturday, so a non-Ursula strip is better than no strip.

    However, I’m getting bored with this Ursula story. When are we going to get to the elections? Don’t they normally happen around this time?

  5. Clearly, I can’t win. Some people are bored with the Ursula story; some would kill me if I abandoned it on Wednesday. Alas.

  6. Kari, it’s the other was round: You can’t lose. Either you make Mike happy – or the rest of us. I’m burnig to hear Ursula’s theories.

  7. Wow. So it’s been almost a year since Casey has disappeared. Somehow I thought it was less.

    What will Marie do? find a desperate person for Casey to ‘prey’ on? It seems to have worked out rather well for Ursula, so maybe it’s not such a bad deal after all? or perhaps Marie herself will become the next ‘victim’?

    I am staying tuned.

  8. It depends on how much resolution Kari wants right now. If I had to guess, I’d say that Marie is certainly going to do the deal someday, but not necessarily this time around. If Marie is like me, she’s going to be very nervous about this whole thing, and find someone for whom this would be a reasonable risk, to help Casey while she tries to figure out how to undo this whole thing.

    Now that I reflect on how the comic follows these things in realtime, though, I’m guessing that Marie will do this herself. And she has proven herself fairly rash in this manner.

  9. Rin: I prefer to be vague about this, since it is currently taking me six weeks to get through two or three days’ worth of comic time, but let’s say it’s happening around now.

  10. The comic is happening around now? Uh oh…
    You aren’t going to be evil to us and forget this storyline until August at a close point in the near future right? 😉

  11. Well, no, I’m not going to “forget” this storyline, but obviously, other things are going to be happening in the interim. Much as I would like to spend five months drawing Marie sitting in her apartment angsting, I think I’d better not.

  12. Clearly it was wishful thinking that this storyline would be at least partially resolved before my internet access goes intermittent again.

    Oh well – I’ll have lots of comics to come back to at least 🙂

  13. So what did we learn? Casey is not the devil after all, as he is not the one woh makes the rules (as the folkloric devil would).

    But then, all this might be staged between Casey and Ursula for a reason of their own; perhaps Casey, being handsome and super-intelligent, fears that any woman would love him only for that, and wants to test Marie – which would make him no less diabolical.

    Or perhaps Marie is created by the author to withstand the manipulating (rich, handsome, dominating) guy – even if he is not called Edward. At this point, please allow me to express my approval of Charlotte Bronte’s properly punishing her Edward for being a manipulative and dominating macho by blinding and crippling him.

    And now I imagine Kari howling with laughter at my theories …

  14. You guys are funny.

    I’m not sure you can count out the devil theory. The devil isn’t always quite as in control as he might like people to think.

  15. I just found out that “bloink” is a shape. Such as, a pineapple is bloink shaped. 😀 This makes me happy. What is your favourite shape?

  16. able to keep tI’m going to have to go with bloink myself. A wonderful word.

    And you have read the Salmon of Doubt, right Kari? I will be disappointed in you if you have not. It is a wonderful book. I even have some theories as to what would have happened next, although most are fairly obvious. And, of course, given the author, it seems reasonable to suppose that twelve billion things I would have never thought of will happen as well. Suffice it to say that Dave is a kangaroo, and that Dirk really did hear himself on the phone. I’ll also bet that he won’t end up keeping much of the money.

  17. Yes, I have read The Salmon of Doubt, though not for years. It was neat to see all Douglas Adams’s strange little thoughts bundled up together like that.

  18. Huh. I wondered what happened to that blurb of text I was trying to delete. Apparently it wound up at the start of the post.

  19. You had me going there for a second before I realized the date. You’d think I’d know better; I spent about an hour before this harvesting ghost pickles.

  20. Dude…you’re too lazy to find the comics, so you want the rest of us to go running around linking them for you? SHAME, QUASIHUMANIST. SHAME.

    Luckily, all you actually have to do is go to the Miscellaneous page and scroll down past the banners to the “Out-of-Sequence Strips” section. All the April Fools’ gags are accessible there. The 2007 one is profoundly lame, but I attempted to exercise at least some creativity for the others.

  21. I think Casey was setting Marie up as his backup. But then he discovered that he really cared for her, so he pushed (shoved?) her away so that she would be less likely to play into his hands. hmmm… no, wait, that does not quite hold up – if that were true, he would have stopped taking her with him to the annual meetings at Tim Hortons. OK, I’ve got nothing. I’m going to go with the ‘Casey is the devil’ theory. That means he does not have to be logical (in human terms).

  22. I disagree. If Casey behaved illogically, that would make it more likely for him to be human. At least, it doesn’t count as evidence against the claim “Casey is human.”

  23. Saturday strip: you almost make me feel bad for not being able to go to Ad Astra next weekend… someone might do exactly that.

  24. Niall: it would be even better if someone turned up as a centaur, and someone else initiated a sorcerers’ duel in the main lobby. In fact, it will be a crying shame if there are no Deep Secret references next weekend.

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