May 2 – 14, 2011

It feels odd to be finished my marking.  Sort of…floaty.

Of course, my next course starts on Saturday.  I currently have 136 students in two classes.


11 thoughts on “May 2 – 14, 2011

  1. As much as your personal life may suffer from excessive marking, your comics don’t. Today’s was particularly good, I find.

  2. …please tell me that no one has actually done that.

    Dammit. That really happened? Really?



  3. Let’s just say that it is not unheard of. I can’t actually give you any examples or even tell you whether or not I am writing from experience here, but I can confirm that this sort of thing does happen. The comic is an exaggeration–communication with a parent would generally take place via phone or e-mail, not in person–but it is based on more than one true story.

  4. Aw, jeez. I think my faith in humanity took a ding. Oh, well. Maybe I can find some more somewhere.

  5. No one gives evil robots a chance! All they need is some support and understanding.

  6. Nuttycat: yes, the stairs method is tried and true (and I’ve even seen that website before).

    Poor evil robots…they just want to be loved.

  7. Hey – we now have a “parents and partners day” where they gently explain to parents (and partners) the reality of uni and that at the end of the day, legally, they actually cannot discuss a student’s results/work/progress with a parent even if they wanted to (unless said student is present and asks you to).

    Thankfully I’m far enough down the food chain that I’ve not had this happen to me, but I have heard about it. I knew someone who trusted their mother’s opinion of their work above their supervisor’s and since mummy said it was good then why listen to supervisor who says it isn’t?

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