May 16 – 28, 2011

Hello?  Anybody out there?  Helloooooooooooo?


23 thoughts on “May 16 – 28, 2011

  1. Funny how the alt-text sounds like “A deep voice, that sounds like a seven-foot-tall man, who has been smoking cigarettes since childhood.”

  2. I’m out here – at least I think I am. Very happy to see we are back to the Marie-Casey stuff.

    Is it wrong that I am happy that I might have extra marking?

  3. Not only am I here, but I have wonderful news:


    As a dishwasher, not exactly glamorous, but damn did I need that. Now I can pay medical bills! And it’s a nice place, they’ve got this wonderful sounding desert. Although people here will probably deride it. It’s a waffle sandwich with ice cream, bacon, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon. I will be trying this delicious monstrosity soon.

  4. Yes, I know. But bacon on a maple bar was actually pretty good, so I have high hopes for this as well. Although I suspect that a lot of people don’t order it. I shall be one of the few.

  5. Congrats on getting the job erwaro – but I have to say I’m with the others on that dessert. I do not understand why you would want bacon on dessert, nor why you would ruin something so tasty sounding with peanut butter.

  6. I should be trying it tonight, so I’ll report back on how it works. I suspect that it only works for the sort of people who think that it sounds brilliant rather than disgusting. I mean, people probably thought chocolate and peanut butter sounded nasty at one point, right?

  7. Yes. That does sound nasty. Though I know people who have peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles on their sandwiches… simultaneously! I like either by itself, but both?!

  8. I’m not entirely sure why anybody would put sprinkles on a sandwich, but I do like the chocolate/peanut butter combination. However, what is with the American obsession with putting bacon on everything, to the extent that it is even occasionally treated as a dessert food? I’m genuinely curious.

  9. Does yavrukedi ever post here? She just linked the weekend comic to Neil Gaiman on twitter, who replied with “hilarious”

  10. Moose: that is kind of entirely awesome. I think yavrukedi HAS posted here, though I’m not sure I am able to prove it.

    Since @neilhimself has not retweeted the link (probably a good thing, as I would rather not be responsible for the total destruction of the entire Massey website), I’ve had only a few Twitter visitors, plus some from Facebook, as someone has apparently linked the comic there as well. Hello, Twitter and Facebook visitors. The Doctor’s Wife is fantastic. That is all.

  11. It is a wonderful abomination, that is all I can say. It tastes awesome, to me, and the ingredients actually work really well together. My only potential complaints are that it is tricky to eat and very sticky. And not quite as big as I was expecting.

    And I feel obligated to point out that this is Portland. We pride ourselves on strangeness, and putting bacon on desserts is an excellent way to do that. That’s probably where most of the “bacon-as-a-dessert” thing is coming from (Voodoo Doughnuts is also here). There may be other instances, though.

  12. Are you sure that Marie has just one brain? Anyway, she should just make Evil Marie hug Caid, those two illusions should be able to touch in some illusionist way. Not sure whether this might not trigger the apocalypse, though.

  13. Does anyone know where my towel is? I would also appreciate having a nice gadget with “Don’t panic” written on it, to remind me while I’m studying for my exams …

    @Kari: Hope your other musical instruments don’t panic.

  14. I do so very much love Towel Day. It’s sad to think that Douglas Adams has now been dead for ten years.

    You can actually get yourself a towel with “Don’t panic” written on it. Check it out.

    I also hope my other musical instruments don’t panic. I heard back from the guy who made the ukulele, and he was panicking. Poor panicking exploding uke.

  15. Non-rhetorical question: Is it normal for things to be floating in one’s maple butter? I suspect it may be fungal in origin, but it doesn’t look obvious, like the white fungus you get on strawberries or the blue mold you get on cheese. It’s kind of wispy and brown, and seems rather widespread throughout the container.

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