May 30 – June 11, 2011


(Hey…they haven’t made the Stanley Cup finals since 1994.  This is exciting.  I wonder if there will be another riot…)


16 thoughts on “May 30 – June 11, 2011

  1. (May 30 strip) I know too many people who would have almost that exact conversation. Not on the phone. I don’t tend to go to those kinds of parties. 🙂

  2. Marie’s room is number 2407… I wonder how much thought went into the choice of that number. Sadly, I don’t have any theories. It is 29 * 83, but that is not any more enlightening. The first two digits read “42” when reversed.

    Anyone with more skills in numerology, perhaps?

  3. Hey – there is an important difference between imaginary and invisible, at least with the first you aren’t under the delusion that they are real

  4. Regarding getting arrested for playing the uke: it wasn’t precisely the most innocuous location she picked (in any case, many municipalities have local laws regulating street artists – you need a permit first. Petty, perhaps, but that’s the Netherlands for you). Then again, I think she would’ve been fine in, say, the Vondelpark.

  5. Stefan: yes, I know. I made my statement of solidarity on the day she was arrested; at the time, all anyone knew was that Amanda Palmer had been arrested in Amsterdam for playing her uke in public. The details about the problems with the location emerged later. Another detail that didn’t become apparent in the first wave of Internet gossip was that Palmer was actually arrested for drinking in public (someone handed her an open bottle of beer), not for PLAYING in public. At any rate, I was nervous and trying to be funny about ukuleles. I didn’t expect the shocked gasps from the audience.

  6. With all those shiny objects floating around it’s a good thing Toronto doesn’t have magpies!

  7. It’s got crows. They like shiny objects too.

    The first time I saw magpies was during the summer I spent in Calgary. I could NEVER resist going through the whole “One for sorrow” thing. I did it EVERY FREAKING TIME.

  8. I like the definiteness of the red text above the comic!

    Oooh, and the comment box in the blog has changed!

  9. Oh, weird…the comment box HAS changed. I decided to sign in from Twitter, just for fun. It worked. I have a little picture now. I never had a little picture before. How bizarre.

  10. What about your breakfast and lunch, Marie? How did you do that with a mug and a fork? Eating cereals out of the mug with the fork?

  11. So Marie is an alumn and has her own appartment, but gets breakfast at Davies? Weird. But with those imaginary flatmates, it’s probably safer to eat elsewhere.

  12. Actually, I suspect she doesn’t eat breakfast at all. I almost never do. Back when I was a non-res Junior Fellow, I would eat lunch and dinner and the College but skip breakfast entirely.

  13. Oh…and she’s only just become an alum. She was planning on cooking her own meals as of August, the month in which Massey/Davies usually shuts down its kitchen for a month. As of September, she will no longer eat at the college (it will be quite a bit more expensive for her to do so).

  14. Well, you can always just eat cereal for dinner. Or get those cheap frozen pizzas. I mean, hey, I cooked my own dinner a lot of the time, it’s not that hard. Unless you care about nutrition at all. That would be somewhat more difficult.

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