June 13 – 25, 2011

I’m finished my marking, and I’m still tired.  Go figure.


13 thoughts on “June 13 – 25, 2011

  1. For a while I thought I had an idea where this was going. Suddenly… suddenly I’m not sure after Friday (17 June). Well done.

  2. When comparing today’s comic with your rant, I can’t help noticing that your wisdom exceeds Marie’s. Take care!

  3. Should it be concerning to me that I relate very well to Baldwin in this particular comic? In fact, I did something that others consider ridiculously stupid just this weekend. And it probably was ridiculously stupid, but man was it fun!

  4. Stefan: Interestingly, I wrote the Marie-has-a-breakdown comics before my own week took a nosedive. Maybe I am psychic.

    Plantita: I sometimes wish I had the courage to do something ridiculously stupid for fun.

  5. I want that courage too… I can’t even get ridiculously drunk – I have the alcohol, but doing so alone is sad and a recipe for disaster. Disaster is not fun.

    Involving Baldwin is, incidentally, also a recipe for disaster. Oh, Marie…

  6. Hope things get better soon, Kari. *hands her a piece of chocolate cake*

    If it was a bit later in the year, I’d assume that Marie is going to lead Baldwin to Casey as a replacement. Which would be a stupid thing to do for Baldwin indeed.

  7. I don’t know if it takes courage so much as a distinct lack of self preservation. And my mother would say a lack of common sense as well. Kari, come hang out with me and let the chaos surround you – you’ll find yourself doing something ridiculously stupid yet fun in no time!

  8. A “just a little” wooden moose would be the most awesome thing ever. If you were selling T-shirts, I would recommend that you make a shirt based off that line.

    Your line. Not mine. Or both. A shirt about small wooden moose. What’s the plural there, anyway?

  9. Well, I AM selling T-shirts, but nobody ever buys them. Admittedly, they’re a little old. Perhaps there’s room for a new one with a little wooden moose on it.

    The plural of “moose” is “moose.” It’s one of THOSE words.

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